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This Week in Disney Parks Photos: ‘Zootopia’ Experiences Unleashed at Disney Parks

This is the opening weekend of the new Disney film “Zootopia” featuring Judy Hopps, the first bunny to join the police force and Nick Wilde, a con artist fox.

So, This Week In Disney Parks Photos, I’ve corralled some of the ways you can experience “Zootopia” when you visit Disney Parks.

First, you’ll have a chance to see Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde at Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort and Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort this spring.

This Week in Disney Parks Photos: ‘Zootopia’ Experiences Unleashed at Disney Parks

You’ll go wild over tastes inspired by the movie at Disney California Adventure

This Week in Disney Parks Photos: ‘Zootopia’ Experiences Unleashed at Disney Parks

And you can sketch your own Judy Hopps, with the help of this tutorial.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so tell me: what was your favorite character and movie moment?


  • Nope, still see the ShareYourEars stuff. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding how the link works??

  • Sometimes you walk out of a movie wanting to see more and this is one of those movie.

    What a wonderful movie, the story, the characters and the visuals amazing.

    Zootopia is one of those places that you wish existed. I would not mind seeing a recreation of the rainforest district in a Disney park. Seeing those gondolas and the tree houses lush green landscape and amazing water features made me think of Disney animal kingdom right away.

    I’m hoping Disney brings out more of those characters out for meet and greet besides the two main ones

  • Very cute movie. Loved the “ice them” godfather, flash the sloth, and the twists and unexpected scenes that i wont give away.

  • I wish that Walt Disney World would have a meet and greet with these characters.

  • The Zootopia banana corndogs are so AWESOME! I know they’ve been announced as a temporary menu item, but just know that you have several people who want this to be a permanent menu item! SOOOOO good!

  • When I click on the link to see Disney Parks Photos, I don’t see any images related to experiencing Zootopia – I see the Share Your Ears photos from February. Obviously, I’m excited to learn how to experience Zootopia at the parks! 🙂 Any chance we can get that link corrected?

    • Hi Staci – sorry you had that problem. Can you see the story and photos now?

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