Tips for Creating the Perfect Rainy Day Outfit from DisneyBound Creator Leslie Kay

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Rainy days here in Southern California can be few, but little black rain clouds are no reason not to be stylish! As we’ve shared, a bit of rain can make for a lot of fun at the Disneyland Resort, and the perfect outfit can make the day even more special. So we called on Disney fashion expert Leslie Kay – creator of the Tumblr blog, DisneyBound – to share her tips and ideas for rainy day fashion.

How is DisneyBounding for a rainy day different than for a sunny day?

Leslie: You don’t have to let rain ruin your day. DisneyBounding in the rain is a whole new level of fun! You’re allowed to play around with accessories that would otherwise be irrelevant to your outfit – such as raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas!

What is an easy way to convert a sunny day look for a rainy day?

Leslie: Raincoats come in all sorts of fun colors – which is perfect for creating your Disney-inspired look. Find one that matches what your character might wear, and you’re ready to hit Disney Parks, DisneyBound style!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Rainy Day Outfit from DisneyBound Creator Leslie Kay

Are you inspired by a specific rainy day accessory – maybe a raincoat or an umbrella – or do you look for rainy day pieces to supplement a look you already have in mind?

Leslie: I think umbrellas add an entirely new level to DisneyBounding. Some characters, like Mary Poppins and Jiminy Cricket, for instance, already rock the umbrella. So by adding an umbrella to your DisneyBound, you’re actually completing the look. For other characters, you can find umbrellas that match their personal story, or an item they may come into contact with in their movie. Winnie the Pooh is a perfect example of that! With a bumble bee umbrella, you’ll certainly put a smile on the faces of several park-goers, when they realize who you’re dressed as.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Rainy Day Outfit from DisneyBound Creator Leslie Kay

What are your rainy day essentials for a day in a Disney park?

Leslie: Making sure you’re warm and dry is essential. Water resistant shoes and a raincoat or a rain poncho will ensure that your clothes remain dry. There is nothing worse than having wet clothes when you’re sitting in an air-conditioned restaurant.


  • Love, Love, Love Leslie Kay’s ideas! It’s fun to put Disney Bounding outfits together and even more fun to see other Disney Bounders in the parks. Having some trouble with the link for Disney Bounding….can’t get it to work.

    • Thanks for the heads up, April! The link is fixed now.

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