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Video Rewind: Hidden Gems at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

On your next visit to Disneyland park, I encourage you to slow down and take a look at all the details and hidden surprises that await you in the most unexpected places. Here is a look back at some of the hidden gems we have uncovered and shared with you here on the Disney Parks Blog over the years.

Did you know the Main Street Magic Shop houses a large collection of Houdini memorabilia?

Speaking of magic, across the street in the Penny Arcade sits Esmeralda the fortune teller!

And if you need some good advice, venture over to Adventureland to see Shrunken Ned.

Which is your favorite hidden gem at Disneyland park? Tell us in the comments … if you don’t mind letting others in on the secret!


  • What about the little man house hidden in the tree near the entrance of Indiana Jones. It’s fun to look for it and others are always curious at what your looking at.

  • I make it a point to visit Ned on every single trip – even the 1 hour snack stops! Right nearby, though, is Aladdin’s Other Lamp – where that Genie (and his kind of helpful wife) dole out the corniest wishes I’ve heard anywhere. And don’t forget Fortune Red – the fortune telling Pirate in New Orleans Square (between Pieces of Eight and Port Royal (he’s been telling fortunes since 1967!). Finally – who can forget the old hag’s cackle when you touch the Golden Apple at Snow White’s Scary Adventures! Oooh Scary!

  • Wow, I didn’t know about Shrunken Ned. And I’ve been going to the park for 50 years. Always learning something new at Disneyland!

  • The entirety of Disneyland Resort is chock-full o’ hidden gems and (what I refer to as) “little kisses of magic” everywhere you go, in almost every corner. For those of us who appreciate clever details, there is no shortage of them. Some of the hidden gems are not even exactly hidden, per se, but more just… overlooked. I have been going to Disneyland for decades, and I still see something new — which may have been there all along — every time I go. Every trip is a wonderful and sweet surprise.

    Now all of that said, it’s hard to pick a favorite gem in Disneyland park. I like the horseshoe imprints in the ground in Frontierland. I like the topiaries, and the theme-appropriate flowers and plants around the park. I like all of the hidden Mickeys. I like the themed restroom signs and trashcans! I like the little homes along the creek/river at the exit of the Pooh ride in Critter Country. I like the cameo appearances in the Pooh ride by Max, Buff and Melvin from Country Bear Jamboree. I can’t choose only one thing!

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