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Vote for Your Favorite Disney Attraction as ‘March Magic’ Returns for 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

The annual March Magic Tournament is back this year with Disney attractions competing for the title of ultimate Disney attraction. We need your help in deciding which of the 32 attraction-inspired teams will continue through each round of the tournament.

Here’s a look at this year’s roster:

March Magic 2016 West Coast Teams March Magic 2016 East Coast Teams

Artwork for this year’s March Magic teams was created by the Disney Design Group at Disney Theme Park Merchandise. You’ll notice a few returning teams including 2015 champions, the Gracey Manor Ghouls.

We also have several new teams including the Future World Phoenicians at Walt Disney World Resort or the Buena Vista Red Car Trolleys at Disneyland Resort.

Starting March 15, you can vote for your favorite Disney attraction at either at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or Disneyland Resort in California. Follow Walt Disney World and Disneyland on Facebook and Twitter to learn how to cast your vote for each match up within that channel.

The final matchup between the top two attractions will take place on April 4.

March Magic 2016 Bracket

To get started, download the printable bracket above to keep track of your choices. Be sure to read the terms of use about using the sheet before you download it.

Stay tuned for additional details about unique graphic t-shirts and posters featuring March Magic 2016 teams coming soon to the Disney Parks online store.

Go Disney Parks!


  • Could you post a bracket with winners so far? Would be great to be able to follow!

  • When are these shirts expected to ship?

  • @ Gina:

    It’s on the WDW and DLR Facebook pages. You don’t need to have an account on Facebook to view the page and see the results.

  • How/where do I keep track of the winners and update my bracket? Thank you! This is so much fun!

  • Why no youth sizes?!!! Youth sizes please!!! These are so much better on design style than other youth designs. YOUTH SIZES!!!!

  • Certainly wish they would make mention of Indiana Jones.. it’s not something that is readily available at the disney store website or anywhere else unless your at the park. Go Indy, especially with the new movie coming out. Therese are icon features at both parks

  • Is there any chance that these shirts will be available in Women’s Cuts?

  • The Bellhops have 13. I’m not sure if there is significance in the backstory (1913?) or if it’s just because of the unlucky # / 13th floor thing.

    A lot do seem to be the year, with at least a few original attractions therefore corresponding to the park opening year.

  • I *thought* it was the attraction opening year, but Star Tours had 1987…I was being World-centric, not thinking it could be Disneyland’s opening year 🙂

  • OMG these are great!! I love that the numbers on the back of the shirts for the year the attractions opened!! 🙂

  • What do the numbers on the back of the shirts mean?

  • Go Engineers!

  • Go Bellhops!!

  • How do I vote?

    • @Deborah – Please follow or like the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Walt Disney World Resort and for Disneyland Resort. On Facebook, guests are prompted to comment a particular team name when match-ups are posted. On Twitter, you can vote using a Twitter poll.


  • I’ve been so impatiently waiting for this. Crossing my fingers for my Adventureland teams.

  • Do you have a link to bigger/better views of the team logos?

  • Goats with a tough draw!

  • The Staff of the Country Bear a Collector Show is squarely behind the Grizzly Hall Players! We have a soft spot for the Phoenicians though as well.

    • @Grant – Glad to hear you are a fan of the Grizzly Hall Players. Make sure you vote for them starting tomorrow. Of course, you should also thank the Phoenicians. 🙂

  • There was a Parks Blog post a few months ago about blind bag pins with these designs. Are these still going to be available?

  • Our Family enjoyed this last year, glad to see it back!

  • Lowriders to beat the troopers in finals

  • Go Goats!!!

  • Mayhem v Ghouls in the finals!

  • Go EXPLORERS !!! Beat those Phoenicians …. !!!

    Go PLAYERS !! #5Bearband

    • @Brendan – But without the Phoenicians, you couldn’t type those words. So thank you. Ha! 🙂

  • Go Players!

  • Are you able to upload a larger photo?

  • GRIZZLY HALL PLAYERS for the win!

  • Steven, thanks for posting this. These shirts are pretty sweet. Of all the shirts in my Disney t-shirt repertoire, these shirts garner the most praise….even when I am not sporting them in the parks!

    • @Jana – You’re welcome! Happy voting.

  • Where are the Carsoli Cousins?! #luigisrollickinroadsters #presentedbyalamo

  • DREAMFINDERS for the win.

  • I love these, especially the Tea Cups. Do you know what the biggest shirt size these will come in?

  • This is by far my favorite thing on the Parks Blog all year long!!

    • @Andy – I’m glad it’s back too 🙂

  • Ghouls

  • Troopers

  • Looks like the Hatbox Ghost is on the Gracey Manor Ghouls which represents the Walt Disney World side(East coast) . Sad that the Hatbox Ghost is only in Disneyland (West Coast).

    Should only have the Hitchhiking Ghosts if its the GHOULS of WDW. Just my opinion.

    Unless Hatty is hiking EAST?????

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