Autopia Reopens at Disneyland Park, Powered by Honda

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Are you ready to get behind the wheel again at Autopia? When the classic Disneyland park attraction returns tomorrow, April 29, it will be powered by Honda! This alliance brings a whole new look to this longtime guest favorite, with freshly painted cars and more. Check out the video below as we go behind-the-scenes to see how the cars have gotten a new look for their big return to the road.

The updates to Autopia will continue throughout the year, so be sure to visit again and again to see what’s developing along the journey!


  • Tesla should have sponsored Autopia at Disneyland!

  • I love Autopia and I can’t wait to head back to try it out again! I couldn’t careless about how the cars are powered.

  • They just put paint and spackle on the old cars. That means I still can’t get in one. Autopia cars are smaller than Tomorrowland Speedway ones.

  • Well, that’s a shame. I love that ride for the charm, and now it has completely lost it.

  • This is my speculation but I’m wondering if they are not electric yet because of an anticipated tomorrowland reboot once Star Wars Land is complete. Maybe not doing a huge investment yet until they are done mapping out what will becoming in the somewhat near future.

  • Like others here, I would have hoped that, with this major refurbishment, Autopia would have actually moved into the future by either becoming electric or hybrid. This is Tomorrowland, yet using gas cars. I’ve never really enjoyed Autopia because the overwhelming smell of gas and the loud motor.

  • I agree we are falling behind by not having them electric or the roadway solar panel! The monorail was ahead of its time so let’s get to it! It’s sunny in California 95% of the time I think we can serve up enough energy for solo panel road! That would be a real Tomorrowland!!!!!!

  • It’s very cool to that all of the cars have gotten spiffed up.

    Add me to the list of people who would like to see Disneyland’s Autopia cars be electric.

  • My kids love Autopia!! A family favorite!! Can’t wait to see this in June!!

  • Autopia in Hong Kong Disneyland (also sponsored by Honda) is already electric and the one in Disneyland Paris is, I believe, hybrid.

    I hope either of those options eventually makes it to the original in California.

  • The cars are not electric.

  • I think electric would be hard to do in Autopia. Electric cars require recharging, which means being out of service for a set amount of time, and that amount of time is much longer than the time spent refueling a gas engine. Cars out of service means longer wait times for the ride, which would be a disaster.

    As battery technology improves, though, I’d expect this to change. But until we can get a long range battery in a small enough package for an Autopia car. Each lap of the track is nearly half a mile; I’m not sure how many times around each car goes on average per day, but that would tell us the minimum range needed for a battery, and remember it has to be small enough to fit into the car.

  • Nice that the cars have been freshly painted. It is somewhat ironic that this attraction is in “Tomorrowland” and the cars are still gas powered. I was hoping they would have been replaced with electric vehicles.

  • I was hoping for electric upgrades so the gas pollution smell wasn’t so bad.
    Any word on that??
    They look great, though!

  • Seems odd that the cars aren’t electric by now considering the attraction is in Tomorrowland. ?

  • Erin,
    I have been asked and the video doesn’t say. Are the vehicles still gas or are they electric now?

  • So…not electric?

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