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Disney Parks Fans Select March Magic 2016 Champion

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Congratulations to the Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhops from Walt Disney World Resort for being selected as the ultimate Disney attraction during the March Magic 2016 challenge. The Bellhops defeated the Caribbean Cannonballs from Disneyland Resort in the championship match-up on April 5. The March Magic 2016 challenge began in mid-March with a mix of 32 Disney attraction-inspired teams from Disney Parks. Disney fans voted for favorite teams on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney Parks Fans Select March Magic 2016 Champion

To celebrate this year’s March Magic 2016 champion, we’ll have a specially designed winning attraction shirt and sports bag on our Disney Parks online store. These limited release items will be offered from April 8-10 at

March Magic Commemorative Pennants Available on the the Shop Disney Parks Mobile App Starting Friday, April 8

We’ll also be offering a set of pennants stickers featuring all the teams from this year’s challenge on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app starting Friday, April 8. To download the app, please visit

Thank you to the many Disney fans who participated in March Magic this year. It was fun reading the comments and watching the voting take place these past few weeks.


  • Love March Magic and the t-shirts, but was disappointed that the pennants were stickers not real pennants. Also, I think they should of made pins for each team, especially the winner.

    • @Howard – Thank you for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. I’ll share your comments with the development team.

  • I’m still really disappointed that the shirts wouldn’t be shipped internationally. To make it worse, I’m at wdw at the moment and can’t even buy the shirts in the parks!

  • Still bummed my pirates lost when they were so close.

    I really like the winning bag for the bellhops maybe that could be available to all teams next year. Also think magnets, pins, actual felt pennants (like the stickers above but real) or those foam can holders would be cool if you are looking for ideas for next season. Look forward to playing again thanks

  • The Grizzly Hall Players were robbed! But, after a short hibernation, they will be back and ready to lead a hoedown to victory! (And hopefully, they’ll have a new name. The only ‘player’ on the Grizzly Hall team is Ernest.)

  • I just checked the app- the pennants are a set of stickers but are listed as 9″x4″…is that each pennant or the size sheet all the stickers are on (so each sticker is a little bigger than quarter sized?)

    • @Jessica – You are correct. They are stickers of pennants and each sticker measures 9-inches by 4-inches. My apologies for any confusion.

  • I wish these could be bought by people living outside the USA. Would love to buy my boyfriend one of these shirts!!

  • I wish there had a been a poster after the tournament showing the entire tournament bracket and winner. I would have loved to have that displayed.

  • My daughter Sara picked the Bellhops as her shirt this year, so congrats to her on winning #MarchMagic. (I really thought the Phoenicians would finally receive the ‘thanks’ they so rightly deserve) Lots of fun. Can’t wait for next year.

    • @Ari – How cool! Congrats to her. I agree with you, I was hoping the Future World Phoenicians would end up as champions. Excited that they made it that far in the challenge. At least I’ll have a shirt I can wear during my next “Thank You” visit to Spaceship Earth. 🙂

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