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#DisneyFamilia: Enjoy Deliciosa South American Cuisine at Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Sarah Domenech

by , Public Relations Manager

If you haven’t eaten at the new Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen restaurant, located in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park, you are missing out on delicious dishes inspired by South American cuisine.

Arepas, carne mechada, tostones and chimichurri can all be found at the Jungle Skipper Canteen restaurant. Inspired by the diverse cuisine of the continents represented in the nearby Jungle Cruise attraction, the menu features flavors from Asia, South America and Africa.

Amazon Annie’s House-Made Arepas are served with slow-cooked beef, black beans, tostones (fried green plantains) and queso fresco. The kid’s version of the dish comes with yucca planks instead of the tostones.

Disney Familia: Enjoy deliciosa South American cuisine at Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen

And meat lovers will love Dr. Falls’ Signature Grilled Steak, featuring a strip loin marinated in sofrito and served with house-made chimichurri, avocado and yucca planks.

If you and your familia want to enjoy Jungle Skipper Canteen, be sure to make reservations the day of your visit. The Disney Dining Plan is accepted at the restaurant.


  • I enjoyed a lunch there about 3 weeks ago. The steak was terrific, but the falafel appetizer was very hummus-y (and I don’t like hummus!) My waiter was very much into the schtick of the Jungle Cruise. It was a little odd, though, as I tried to respond to him in kind. He would just stare at me, and then go on to his next piece of schtick. He eventually learned that I was a Disney nerd just like him, and we had a good time chatting Disney stuff for the rest of the meal.

    All in all, a really nice option for dining in the MK.

  • I went in Feb., we just walked in. There were no lines and the place was nearly empty. I’m sure it has changed since then. But I can tell you the service was great, and the food was awesome!! I loved how the hostess let us know there was an elephant in the room. Look around you’ll find it.

  • I thought that they just announced this week they are going to be doing a total overhaul on the menu.

  • I think if this restaurant did allow advance reservations from 180 days like other table service it would definitely be busier. I don’t want to take a chance with same day reservation& have to wait a long time for a table, or not get a suitable time that works with my plans in terms of fastpasses & events. We are encouraged by Disney to plan so same days resrervations fly in the face of this. Please open adr’s for this restaurant.

  • Be sure to make reservations in advance…only same-day reservations are available 🙁

  • Are you now able to make advance reservations as stated in the article??? I have been waiting for this to happen please tell me it is so. I have checked all 21 days that I am at wdw & I can’t get any available time for lunch or dinner.

  • You cannot make reservations in advance according to the Disney Dining Website–“Please note: only same-day reservations are available. “

  • Awesome you can now make reservations in advance!

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