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First Look at Commemorative Products for Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side in April 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

The first-ever Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side will take place at Walt Disney World Resort on April 14-17, 2016. Today, I’m excited to share a first look at some commemorative merchandise created especially for this inaugural event.

First Look at Commemorative Products for Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side in April 2016

Participants will find several different programs designed for the various races taking place throughout the weekend.

There will be an overall Marathon Weekend logo program that includes a silhouette of Darth Vader and an image of a Stormtrooper running. This logo will be used on apparel, home goods and a commemorative banner.

We will also have an assortment for those guests running in the Star Wars Half Marathon. I particularly like the tagline on the back of the jacket. Other items will include pins, car magnets, hats, and apparel for both women and men.

First Look at Commemorative Products for Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side in April 2016

There will be an entire assortment similar to the Half Marathon product for those guests participating in the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge, the ultimate test combining the Star Wars 10K and Half Marathon.

Guests should also look for smaller assortments created for the Star Wars 10K, Star Wars 5K and the runDisney Kids Races.

First Look at 'I Did It' Products for Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side in April 2016

In addition to shirts for the 5K and 10K races, “I Did It” shirts will be offered for the Half Marathon and Dark Side Challenge races.

Two shirts and a limited release pin will celebrate those guests earning the Kessel Run Commemorative Medal. I love the Millennium Falcon-inspired design for these items.

First Look at New Dooney & Bourke Handbags for Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side in April 2016

Finally, we’re releasing three new Dooney & Bourke handbags for this event. The tote and Crossbody bag will have a leather hang tag that includes the event logo and an image of Darth Vader.

Look for these commemorative items and more during runDisney Health & Fitness Expo at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. The Expo will be open during the following times:

  • Thursday, April 14 – 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Friday, April 15 – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, April 16 – 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


  • Will add my comment to that of others regarding lack of merchandise. I completed the kessel run, and when i ran the first race in anaheim i didn’t buy a kessel run shirt (there was plenty of merchandise in anaheim up until the last minute of the expo), when i was luck enough to be able to sign up for the florida race I was really excited to get to the expo and buy kessel run merchandise and was so bummed when there was nothing! I was looking for magnets, pins, kessel run shirt, but found nothing, I was really shocked. I later saw a kessel run shirt on ebay but couldn’t bring myself to pay over $100 for it. I really would have liked commemorative merchandise for the first race, really disappointed. I wish they could have had a second run of some of this merchandise for the online store or something. Really bummed as I doubt i’l be able to do this again (coast to coast) challenge, and it won’t be the inaugural…..super bummed 🙁 But at least I completed the challenge and got the medal! 🙂

  • Highly disappointed with the lack of Star Wars Dark Side merchandise at the races. I was at the expo the first day and there was barely anything. Was hoping maybe at the tent after the races, but again, very little. My biggest disappointment was that for every race I do in Disney I get a car magnet with that race design. My first time doing a challenge so I wanted a 10K, 1/2 marathon and 19.3 magnet. NONE Looked on ebay and they are selling them for $60+ dollars. Very disappointed.

  • I find your lack of merchandise disturbing.

    Apparently there was no chance of getting the Kessel Run shirt or pin unless you were one of the very first people into the expo at opening on Thursday. Unfortunately I had to work so I could pay for this trip. I was at least hoping for a half marathon magnet, but no go with that either.

  • Although I managed to get a few of the items I was interested in, I was disappointed I wasn’t able to get the one thing most important to me…. the magnet. And I was there around 1:00pm the first day of the Expo too. I am not new to the Disney exclusive merchandise hunts as I am a faithful participant to Star Wars Weekends for the last 12+ years. I’ve experience the changes they have done over the many years to ensure fairness in exclusives and can only hope changes will be made to this event next year. I do understand that Disney has to keep a balance between ordering too much merchandise and having not enough, ie for a event lasting only one weekend. I did preorder the event pins at the time of my registration, but a expanded list of preorder items would go very far to ensure every participant gets their desired merchandise. In addition, it would give Disney a good gauge of how much merchandise should be ordered.

  • I may be adding to the din of others who have already expressed their disappointment in the lack of runDisney merchandise but here I go anyway. This was my first half-marathon and my first Disney run. All I really wanted to take home was a car magnet with the Dark Side logo and 13.1 in the shape of Mickey’s head. They were sold out. I had planned on spending money at the expo for the runDisney items only to find anything even close to what I wanted either sold out or not in my size/gender. I refuse to buy a magnet from ebay or any other third party vendor. This is just reinforcing that person’s shady business practice of buying out items that those who earned them want only to sell them at an inflated price to make a profit. Additionally, all of the photos that were supposed to be available on the PhotoPass site were also unavailable. The PhotoPass site apparently went down immediately after the run was completed and has not come back since. I get that there were upwards of 19K participants in the Inaugural Run, and those people went to the site to look at their photos as well as all of the other Disney guests (all going to the same site for the same thing) and, presumably, crashed the system. But, the site has been down for multiple days now. Disney does a lot of things right. I feel they have dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully, there will be lessons learned and the next time around it will go more smoothly.

  • I fully agree with all the above comments. I was disappointed in this race due to how inaccessibility of race merchandise and how cumbersome the course was. We arrived mid Friday to find most items we wanted sold out. I frequently race large events and am accustomed to the flow and sale at expos but this was very disappointing especially for such an experienced company. The new runner I had with me didn’t get one item they wanted. Also, was very surprised with the number of walkers in fast corrals. Made actually trying to run the course very very hard. I know this is hard to regulate but it really deceased the experience by trying to avoid the herds of walkers in early corrals while trying to squeeze through course areas that could only hold 3-4 abreast rather than getting to enjoy the experience around me. Look forward to following years where kinks are worked out.

  • Very disappointed I was unable to get the magnet at least. I was there on the first day, but not until later in the afternoon and by 4pm there were no more to be found. For the basic car magnets, a staple for many runners, to be completely gone on all the races is crazy. I really hope Disney adds some to the store site to accommodate the majority of participants who got shut out of a memento of this otherwise great event.

  • I just want to add my thought, hopefully there is power in numbers, about the lack of merchandise available this past weekend for the dark side half marathon. Like so many others, I agree that Run Disney should add more merchandise to the website for those of us who were unable to get there the first day of the expo.For this inaugural eveny Disney could have at least thrown in a car magnet corresponding to the race/races that people signed up for price that everyone paid to be a part of this.

  • More merchandise needs to be added to the runDisney online store. My mom, sister, and I ran the 1/2 marathon this weekend and we were bummed that everything we wanted was sold out. I found some of the stuff we wanted on ebay, but they were going for outrageous prices.

  • I ran the Dark Side Challenge this past weekend, and I really wanted a “19.3 DSC” magnet for my car and a DSC coffee mug… Where can I purchase these?

  • I didn’t see the majority of these items displayed in the blog. I arrived Friday morning shortly after the Expo opened. There were specific Start Wars items in the area where you pick up pre-orders. I picked up my pins. I never saw any of the Star Wars magnets or inaugural T-shirts for the challenge in pink/black/grey shown above. They had a lot of the yellow shirts left and general RunDisney merchandise. Please add these items to the Disney Parks Merchandise offers post race.

  • Where if any place specifically will the rundisney merchandise be available? I went to the expo of Friday and waffle about buying a tank top I wanted. I don’t think it sold out, if it’s not, there should be a place to purchase it, right? Where would that be?

  • My husband and best friend both ran the half this morning. All they wanted to take home with them was the car magnet which, they were told, sold out. They said they heard lots of grumbling about it & others really seem to want one. Seems like Disney could sell many more of these if they opened up ordering for only those with bib numbers.

  • Are they going to sale the purse at the park after the race like the star wars weekend dooney & bourke?

  • I’m excited to run the half this weekend, but so disappointed that the Star Wars merchandise sold out so quickly. My two friends are here to run their first RunDisney race and bummed that we couldn’t even get the Star Wars half marathon magnet to put on their cars. I agree with the idea of asking RunDisney to re-release all the items and only allow those who ran these races to purchase them. When I ran the Disney World Marathon in 2015, there was plenty of inventory. Run Disney, is there anything that you can do?

  • Were the car magnets even made? On Thursday afternoon I only saw a Star Wars magnet for the kids race, and when I asked at the register they told me that Disney didn’t make Star Wars specific car magnets. And, as much as I’d rather give my business to Disney, I have checked eBay and I’m not seeing the pictured 13.1 Star Wars car magnet there either. Would really love to find one – this is my first half marathon!

  • We went to the packet pick up today, at 1pm, 3 hours after it opened on day one only to find so much already sold out, and for then for sale on ebay by the time we got home. Why can it not be limited, at least initially to those taking part in the races? There was so little left to choose from for the 10K participants. I know you can order some of it in advance, but not everything. Thank goodness we ordered a pin in advance.

  • Apparently they have already run out of almost everything… Not a good setup for those of us who have jobs and can’t take a week off work for every runDisney event.

  • Thank you Stephanie and Justin! You both wrote what I was told by RunDisney.

  • I would like to pre-order some merchandise. How do I do that?

  • Hello! This is my first race. Could you please tell me how I can pre-order items? Thanks!

  • I agree with the others about the items selling out before people actually participating in the event can buy them. either don’t put a limit on pre-order items ( i do under stand a time limit and cutting it off the same day as proof of time would be good). Or at least limit it to people with race bibs the first two days of the expo.

    • @Julie – Thank you for the feedback. I’ve shared your comments with the events team.

  • Which jacket is the commemorative design? Or is it not pictured?

    • @Melissa – I’m guessing you mean the jacket that was available for pre-purchase? If so, I did not show that item in this article.

  • is pricing available for the purses and the banner?

    • @Jeffrey – Here are retails for the Dooney & Bourke handbags. Please note all retails are subject to change without notice.

      Wristlet – $108
      Letter Carrier – $198
      Shopper – $268

      The banner has a retail of $49.99.

  • For all those who are confused about the Coast to Coast and then the Kessel Challenge Medals. This is what I was told by RunDisney… Coast to Coast is running a half marathon at Disneyland & Disney World in the same calendar year. The Kessel Challenge is new this year and in order to get the medal for the Kessel Challenge is you needed to have signed up and ran the Rebel Challenge in January and then the Dark Side Challenge in April. It was a bit confusing for myself so I had called RunDisney for some clarification. Hope this helps for those who were confused like me.

    • @Stephanie – Thank you for sharing.

  • I believe you now get both the Coast to Coast and Kessel Run medals. On the runDisney site for 2016, they posted this (pay attention to the 2nd paragraph):


    Do you want the ultimate test in endurance with a Disney twist? Then join the runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge! If you complete a runDisney half marathon or marathon at the Walt Disney World® Resort and a half marathon at the Disneyland® Resort in the same calendar year, then you will receive a Coast to Coast Race Challenge medal commemorating your achievement!

    Plus, for the first time, the same race can be used for multiple challenges! Do you have what it takes to face the Challenge? Run one challenge — or run them all — the choice is yours! All races must be completed in the same calendar year.

    If I’m reading this right, then those who ran the Star Wars 1/2 in Anaheim and then are running the SW 1/2 – The Dark Side will receive both the Kessel Run and Coast to Coast. I could be reading it wrong, but that’s what it look like as a new option this year.

  • I was told SEVERAL times that I would get C2C and Kessel for running the Light and Dark races.

  • @Kristine you either get one or the other, depending on which one you signed up for, I believe. I had the option of getting C2C but went for Kessel instead!

  • I agree with the others. PLEASE limit the number of items a person can purchase. We don’t arrive in Orlando until Friday morning and am a repeat RunDisney participant. It’s infuriating to want something that sold out and then find it on Ebay the next day. I think you should only allow race merchandise be sold to registered runners with a limit of 1 or 2 of any item and then open it up to collectors and non registered people at the end of the last day.

  • The Dooney bags are leather correct? Not coated cotton or nylon and the leather isn’t just the trim or handles ? Just making sure as I’ve been told otherwise. Thank you !

    • @Nicole – I confirmed with the accessories team that the bags are nylon with leather trim.

  • I am eligible for the Kessel run medal. Do I get a coast to coast medal as well?

  • Curious about the Kessel Run medal. My daughter and I did the Star Wars half in Disneyland a few months ago and signed up for Disneyworld half for the coast to coast. Do we get the coast to coast and the Kessel run medal?

  • Ditto the question about limiting items. Sales should be restricted to one per bib. It’s unfair to arrive at a sold out show, only to see dozens of the items on eBay. You do it with pin releases, why not runDisney merch!

    • @Kelly – Thank you for your comment. I’ve shared your feedback with the events team.

  • Merch looks great! LOVE the design for the Kessel Run shirt but we won’t be doing that challenge until 2017, so please keep that design for next year!

  • Have there been any talk from the Run Disney folks of limiting items one person can buy at time? By the time I arrived at the expo (Friday afternoon) for the Princess Half Marathon weekend almost all the merchandise was sold out. I heard that one person was seen leaving the Princess Expo after he purchased a whole case of wine glasses. Again I wont be at the Dark Side expo till later in the day on Friday and I fear a lot of these items will not be available.

    • @Allison – I’ve shared your feedback with the events team.

  • Are the purses made from the heavier material or the lighter nylon material?

    • @Carla – The handbags are nylon with leather trim.

  • Is the gear only available on the event days or will some (like the purses) be available afterwards?

    • @Keith – Items will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo. It’s difficult to say if any items will be available following the event. It will depend upon popularity of items with guests.

  • absolutely loving the gear being featured. can’t wait to get some stuff at the expo!

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