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First Look at Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Artwork

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

This October, Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort will celebrate its 45th anniversary. Today, I have a first look at artwork created for commemorative merchandise being released this fall. I caught up with Cody Reynolds, Creative Manager with Disney Design Group, to learn more about the inspiration behind this program.

First Look at Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Artwork

“We wanted the artwork to celebrate Magic Kingdom’s entire history since 1971 yet have an overall vintage feeling,” explained Cody. “Artist Jeff Granito provided much of the artwork for this program. The attraction logos became a big focus for us as they each have such unique and iconic designs. We included opening year attractions like ‘it’s a small world,’ and other more recent additions such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.”

Cody mentioned the main merchandise logo shown above features each of the themed lands found in Magic Kingdom Park. There are two different color versions of this logo that can be applied to various products. This is particularly helpful when creating complementary apparel items or other goods like drinkware.

For the pastel color artwork, the team added Tinker Bell to several designs. You’ll also spot a vintage-looking Mickey Mouse which adds to the retro vibe.

First Look at Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Artwork

Artwork was pulled together in a style guide used by all categories at Disney Theme Park Merchandise. The style guide includes logos, character artwork, color callouts, patterns and more that can be applied to various products.

First Look at Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary Merchandise Artwork

One of my favorite details is seen in the background of the above image – the classic Disney “World” logo from the 1970s.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a Disney Parks Blog Unboxed video about this new collection. I’ll be sharing a first look at how this artwork was used on actual products.


  • Hopefully merchandise will be available when I arrive on Halloween. I would love to get the collector pins.

  • How long will this anniversary celebration last? Starts in October 2016 and when does it end?

  • Steven is it possible to have identical Disneyland NBC Halloween merchandise available at WDW?
    We here have to buy that merchandise at inflated prices online and the shipping costs are an extra expense that we could use to purchase MORE merchandise at WDW.
    Will there be an extra special popcorn container available just for the 45th anniversary?
    Thank you for all your and your cast members work.

  • Fantastic – Exciting – A pin collectors dream. I want to buy everything 45th, Yipee! Only I’m missing seeing something with Jack Skellington or the NBC gang our favorite characters.

  • Hello from the Netherlands

    When Disneyworld was 40 years old I luckely bought a lot of stuff online
    Between june-october.
    When I arrived the week AFTER the 2th october 2011
    Everything was sold out and totally no celebration every day…
    Boy was I mad/angry…..
    All the way from the netherlands for…..nothing….
    I have been in wdw with 15 years, 25 years,35 years,40 years
    So if I want to come next january 2017
    Will there be a celebration with merchandise??????

  • My wife and I try to attend wdw twice a year and Disney banner years are always special to us because we were married in 1971. So we’re looking forward to see what’s in store for 45, when vacationing this November. See you in November.

  • Any news on if the purple attractions logos art will become a new phone wallpaper?

  • The designs are very nice but it would be even better if we had a real anniversary celebration like the Tencennial year was back in 1982 or like the one Tokyo DisneySea is about to start this month, or like Disneyland 60th.
    It’s a shame that WDW brags about how immensely popular it is with world visitors, yet this resorts doesn’t get the respect and admiration it should get from their own

  • I guess I’ll have to drown my tears on missing out on the Ghost Post by buying some of this stuff

  • Will the celebration actually begin in October? We were planning a road trip for mid September but now we’re going to push it out a bit so as not to miss anything.

    • @JoAnne – The merchandise will begin to arrive in September leading up to the actual anniversary on October 1. I’m not aware at this time of any “celebration” as my role is involved with merchandise product development.

  • Love the designs.
    We will definitely have to pick some up when over there in the Autumn.
    Thanks for the info.

  • I hope to see the print on merchandise bags and food service cups like Disneyland 60th

  • The artwork is terrific! Looking forward to seeing the merchandise that will be released.

  • Will the merchandise definitely not be available in late June then?

    Can you give any indication on product assortment? (Nike polo???)

    Would you have any idea if Arribas will have glassware for WDW 45th as they do for DL 60th?

  • I hope we see a Limited Edition or Limited Release MagicBand with this 45th Magic Kingdom Anniversary design on it. I think that would be really cool. Looking forward to the unboxing video!

  • This artwork is just gorgeous. I love it.

  • Hi Steven! Are there any plans for a 45th Dooney bag? Thanks for your help, as always!

  • Hey sorry for my typo 45th not 49th my bad

  • Will there be other fun and exciting things happening specifically for the 45th Anniversary, or will there just be special merch?!

    • @Zack – I’m really only involved with Disney Parks Merchandise, so I’ve not heard of plans from other divisions.

  • James’ wife here- so awesome! I have a D&B Disney 49th anniversary bag, I wonder if a commutative 45th bag will be in the offing? ?? ?
    I love the nostalgia and memories that these evoke! Any wallpapers in the works too? I just noticed someone else asked that as I typed that request….
    Thanks Steve, keep these posts coming!

  • When will merchandise be available?

    • @Ann – Look for items in fall. I don’t have an exact release date at this time.

  • Looks like my Disney Visa will be getting another workout! I know the opening day was October 1, will these items be available prior to that date to guests at the parks? On line?

    • @Carol – Glad you liked the artwork. I don’t have confirmation when the commemorative products will be released. I know they are planned for fall. Stay tuned in the coming months as I’ll have additional stories.

  • Can you post the attrations logo art work as new wallpapers? I especially like the purple/bright colored one!!

    • @Jade – Great question. I’ll have to talk with the team about that option.

  • But Pirates didn’t open in 1971, did it? Also, the official name is Magic Kingdom, not The Magic Kingdom, right? Isn’t the word Ride part of the Seven Dwarfs name? Maybe I’m being too picky.

    • @Matt – The artwork celebrates the entire 45 year history of Magic Kingdom Park, which opened in 1971. The “Since ’71” button is not meant to imply that Pirates of the Caribbean opened in 1971 (the opening was actually in 1973). The button is more related to the fact that Magic Kingdom has been open since 1971.

  • I can’t wait for your Unboxed video Steven! I’m so excited for the anniversary!

  • Love the print work!

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