Frozen Ever After Attraction Set to Open at Epcot in June

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

We have an exciting update for all of you “Frozen” fans today. The Frozen Ever After attraction that’s currently being constructed in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot is set to open in June.

Frozen Ever After will take guests on an adventurous boat tour through the kingdom of Arendelle. Once inside, guests will be transported to the “Winter in Summer” Celebration where Queen Elsa embraces her magical powers and creates a winter-in-summer day for the entire kingdom. Guests will pass Troll Valley on their way up the icy North Mountain to Queen Elsa’s Ice Palace, and later on return to the Bay of Arendelle.

After disembarking, guests can top off their “Frozen” experience by meeting the royal sisters in their new Royal Sommerhus greeting location. Inspired by a Norwegian countryside cabin, Anna and Elsa have opened their summer home for visitors.

To bring this attraction to life, the original voice talent of the original “Frozen” film returned to record new dialogue and songs penned by composers Bobby and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Walt Disney Imagineers traveled to Norway for architecture and design research, specifically visiting the Detli House in Sverresborg and the Open Air Museum of Cultural History in Trondheim.


  • Are there separate FP for the ride and the meet & greet? Do you know which tier they are? Hoping to get one for each… 8 days until my FP opens up!

  • Hi! Does anyone know if there will be a soft opening for the Frozen Ever After ride? If there was that would be nice!! Thanks!!

  • FYI everyone. The ride is set to officially open June 21st according to FastPass. When I was checking my fast pass selections for Epcot for that day, I noticed Frozen Ever after listed as officially opening that day, but ‘no times available’. June 22nd had no times available either, but I was able to book fast pass for the ride on both June 23rd and June 24th.

  • Do this comments and questions ever get responded?

  • Any news on an opening date yet? It is now close to the end of May, I would think you have some sort of idea by now?

  • Hello, I’m not looking for info about the debut date but about the queue(s). Namely, will there be one line for the attraction that turns into a queue for the meet and greet? Much in the way the Maelstrom dropped you off into the theater for the travel film? Or will there be one line for the attraction and a separate line (with perhaps a separate FP) for the meet-and-greet?

    Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Like most everyone who has already posted on this feed, I too am curious about the exact date the new “Frozen Ever After” attraction will open in June. Also, when exactly we will be able to book a FastPass for this ride? If anyone has any news/updates I would be very grateful. Thanks.

  • Does anyone know which day exactly the ride will open? My family and I will be in Epcot on June 3rd and would love to ride this ride!!

  • Crying because I’ll be there from May 21 through the 30th. And Frozen is my favorite.

  • When is available FP+ for this ride?

  • Also wondering when FP+ begins on Frozen Ever After. Coming to WDW June 27. I booked FP+s at midnight on my day 60, and want to be sure to get this one!

  • do you have a date when the new ride will be opening? hopefully early june as that’s when our visit is. how do we g about the fp also carnt wait to come n visit with my 3 years old

  • Is there a update on when if indeed opening in June we will be able to select fast passes for these in the “My disney experience” app and online?

  • The new Royal Sommerhus is a replica of my family’s ancestral home in Norway so we are so excited to see it! I was wondering, is there anyplace to purchase prints of the artists rendering? It would be so fun for us to be able to display it our homes!

  • When available the fastpass? We visit in June 14 to 23, do you know FP+ available to request in wich days? Thanks a lot

  • Are they ever going to have dining with frozen characters.?.?

  • Back in 2008 when toy story mania opened we were there and they had a soft opening about 10 days before the official opening.

  • Will we be able to book a fast pass for the Frozen ride 30 days before when it seems unclear when it will be open?

  • Hello! While we would be very sad to miss the ride on our trip, my daughter would be most upset not to meet Elsa and Anna (and Rapunzel). Will meet and greets take place at the Magic Kingdom if Sommerhus isn’t open yet? Pretty please with a cherry on top. This is what she wants to do most out of the entire trip.

  • I agree with the last posting. When we were checking on times to go to Disney this summer, we were told the Frozen ride would be open in April. My daughters have been waiting for a couple of years for this ride. Now I’m finding out it may not be until after we go in early June. I have around and to tell them about Soarin’ not being open until after our trip. Now I’m going to have to tell them Frozen probably will not be open either. Disney you’re killing the parents! They are to ones having to tell their kids the bad news. How can you plan when you keep changing? We can’t change our plans now because we have plane tickets and housing already paid for.

  • I think all these announcements mean nothing without opening dates. I would hold back getting everyone excited (especially with kids) until you have a real opening date. Thanks! Hope it’s better than little mermaid ride.

  • Any word on a Passholder preview?

  • ugh. all these push backs are making for a lame upcoming trip.

  • Mark Lopa – in October, the polar bear was at Central Shops (near Magic Kingdom cast parking, huge workshops where they fix and repaint ride props and vehicles). I saw it (and touched it) while on the Backstage Magic tour!

  • Going from5/30-6/8. Oh please have at least a soft opening!

  • Really hoping it’s opened by the 7th! But totally understand if it’s not, safety first!

  • …And by that I mean, a ride. 🙂

  • Very cool!

    I’m really hoping that Disneyland in California will receive a Frozen attraction sometime.

  • Will wheelchairs be able to board the ride?

  • I was hoping this would be open May 30th. Please open by Memorial Day!!!!!

  • The last blog said it was scheduled to open in April. So we made our trip May 21-29. This is SO DISAPPOINTING!

  • I can’t wait for Frozen Ever After Attraction in November 2016! I hope that Attraction will have Fast Pass+

  • Since a trip to Disney World is s major commitment, it would be much better to make these announcements when you can offer a real opening date. We would love to see this new attraction, but planning is impossible without this info. Thanks!

  • Is Royal Sommerhus expected to open at the same time?

  • When does Disney typically do soft openings?

  • Oh no! We’re there from May 30 – June 1st! I wish it were opening 6/1 but it would probably be a madhouse anyway! 🙁 I guess we’ll have to catch this and the new AK stuff in October, everything opens up after our trip. I know, no matter what date, it will always fall immediately after *someone’s* trip, so I won’t take it personally. 🙂

  • Any chance for a soft open before Silver Passport Blackouts begin? If not when is the first day we can start booking FP+ to ride in Aug cause I have a feeling this will be Epcot’s equivalent to Mine Train

  • Jennifer,

    Do you know when Disney will announce the opening day for this ride? Are we looking at mid may for the announcement?

  • So upsetting that we planned our big trip last fall for the end of May knowing Frozen Ever After was scheduled to open in Spring, to now find out it will not be open. One would think such a company as Disney could meet time frames, especially knowing how so many save up for so long to go to the parks, and bank on attractions being open as Disney scheduled.

  • we will be there frome June 3ed -12th i hope it opens when we are there.

  • Will be there in June. When will FP be available? Also when will FP Anna and Elsa be available?

    • As soon as we have an exact date, we’ll share it here.

  • Do you know when Fastpass selection will become available for The Frozen attractions?

  • So exciting! We will be there June 11-19, hoping we will be able to ride it then?. When will the dates open up on FastPass+?

  • Do we have an official June date yet or “just sometime in June”? We arrive 6/4 and would like to know if this will be open at that time and if FP+ will be available to book beforehand.

  • It sounds like they kept the original track and overall layout from Maelstrom, and the boats, too. If they found a place for the polar bear, even tucked away in a corner somewhere, that would be kind of cool.

  • Hopefully early June! We can’t wait!!

    • I can’t wait either! Should be amazing.

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