May 2016 Disneyland Resort Merchandise Event Snapshot

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

The Disney Theme Park Merchandise event team has some very special artist appearances scheduled for the month of May. Here are a few you do not want to miss!

Meet Precious Moments Doll Designer Linda Rick May 6–8 at Disney's California Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park

May 6–8: Precious Moments Doll Designer Linda Rick will be on hand for the release of some of her newest dolls, among other fan favorites, from noon – 10 p.m. each day, at Off the Page in Hollywood Land. Learn more here.

Meet Jerrod Maruyama May 7 at WonderGround Gallery

Downtown Disney District

May 7: Meet artist Jerrod Maruyama, who will be on hand to showcase some of his latest works at WonderGround Gallery from 3-5 p.m. Learn more here.

May 7–8 and May 28-29: Don’t miss the chance to meet Leilani Joy during a special artist showcase, May 7 from 5–9 p.m., and May 8, 28 & 29 from 2-5 p.m., each day, at WonderGround Gallery. Learn more here.

Harvey Combined Forces with SHAG on Their New Collection

May 21: Artist SHAG will appear May 21, 2016, at WonderGround Gallery as we celebrate the release of his latest work, titled “A Wretched Hive” inspired by Star Wars. The art will be featured on an array of items including apparel, home décor, D-Tech on Demand and more. Also appearing are Dana and Melanie Harvey who have combined forces with SHAG on their new collection. SHAG and the Harveys will appear from 3–5 p.m. Learn more here.

Artist in Residence: Appearing at WonderGround Gallery throughout the month is artist Gregg Visintainer. Look for artist showcases on the following dates: May 13–14, 20–21 and 27–28 from 6–10 p.m. each day. Learn more here.

Which event or artist showcase are you the most excited to attend?


  • Hello! Can you clear up some confusion? The blog says the limit for the Harveys purchase is 5 of each item (which would mean 15 items total) per person, but I’ve told it’s only 5 TOTAL per person, which is correct? Also, where will parking be available for the early queue lineup? Thanks in advance!

  • Michelle, I read through the previous comments and am wondering if there has been a change to where you can purchase the Harvey bags/billfold. Will those be sold at the WonderGround Gallery or Vault 28 (where my wife has normally bought her Harvey bags). Thanks!

  • what r the sizes on the 900 500 and 125 dollar pieces

  • are images of the other merch going to be released

  • thanks for the prompt response any pricing on shirts or glassware

  • Update: Guests planning to attend the product release and signing will be asked to queue up behind Rainforest Café in the Downtown Disney District area. Please note, we ask that Guests do not queue up prior to 6a.m.

  • Will there be a SHAG Hawaiian style shirt with this print on it for purchase like they did previously with the haunted mansion?

    • Hi Steven, there will in fact be a Camp Shirt featuring the artwork. Sizes will range from Small to 2X.

  • any updates on pricing for the prints or images ?

    • Actually I was able to get details just yesterday. Prints will be as follows: Limited Edition 95 Wrap will retail for around $895, or so. The Limited Edition 195 framed piece will be around $495; the Collectors Wrap around $125 and the Deluxe Prints, which will be $39.99 each. There are two deluxe prints due to the size of the actual piece, so you can select either the left side, right side, or both. There will also be postcards, shirts, buttons and glassware.

  • Hi Michelle – What is the earliest we can line up for the 8am opening?

    • Hi Sandie! They typically ask that no one queue’s up before 6 a.m. but it’s always hard to say when items tend to be popular.

      Update for you Sandie! The will actually be queuing everyone up near Rainforest Café, so that’s where all guests should be directed to. They are still asking that no one arrive before 6a.m.

  • Hi Michelle! I (and several of my friends and family) are very excited about the new Shag/Star Wars artwork “A Wretched Hive”! Could you please provide pricing on on the prints and also what formats will be available? Will this be sold as a giclee? Thanks for your time, -Dan

    • Hi Dan! I apologize. I don’t have all the details just yet, but as soon as I do I will try to update this for you.

      Update: There will in fact be a handful of formats, including the Original, a LE 95 wrap, an LE 195 framed piece, a LE 295 Collectors Wrap, Deluxe Print and postcards.

  • Hello, Can you please give a price of the Shag print! I can not find it anywhere! Thanks

    • Hi Andrea, I’m actually going to be posting it on shortly. But in the meantime, please see the responses to some of our fans above.

  • Can you please tell me the cost of the Harvey’s tote, hipster and wallet please? I love them!

    • Here you go!
      Tote: $168.00
      Hip Pack: $108.00
      Billfold: $68.00

  • When will Wonderground Gallery make their items available online? We love that store and the things it offers. Would be nice to have a way to purchase some of their great stuff ifwe are not able to visit Downtown Disney

    • Hi Mike! I absolutely understand. If you like the “A Wretched Hive” collection I would recommend reaching out to Merchandise Guest Services following the event to inquire about remaining items that would be available to purchase.

  • Will the full Shag print wrap around on all of the Harvey’s styles?

    • If space on the bags allow for the size of the print, yes.

  • This artwork is so inspiring!!! I can’t wait to get a print of Shag’s Star Wars print!

  • Will ‘A Wretched Hive’ be available as a print? It’s really wonderful!

    • Hi Virginia! Yes, the piece will be available in a variety of print formats, including canvas, deluxe prints, etc.

  • Will Shag/Harvey’s bags only be available at Wonderground Gallery or will they be available online as well?

    • Hello Lisa! As of right now, they will be available in store at WonderGround Gallery at the Disneyland Resort and if quantities remain through Merchandise Guest Services. There is no online date of availability as of yet.

  • What is the cost of each bag?

    • The retails are as follows:
      Tote: $168.00
      Hip Pack: $108.00
      Billfold: $68.00

  • Are this bags Limited Edition or normal release?

    • They will be open edition

  • Michelle, is there a photo anywhere of the “Disney Day” artwork released by Mr. Peraza just recently??

    • Hey Jonathan! Unfortunately not that we posted. It was a fantastic piece. I believe prints are still available.

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