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R2-D2, Do You Copy?

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Last week, Erin showed you that BB-8 had discovered something new, and you all took guesses. Before we discover what BB-8 found, it looks like R2-D2 found something else interesting. What do you think he’s up to? Leave a comment below!


  • Looks like R2 found the industrial sized claw from Toy Story. Perhaps it is ready to pluck some toys out of Hollywood Studios?

  • Star Wars Construction?

  • This must be the droid bay we’re looking for!

  • Star Wars Land construction beginning at Hollywood Studios!

  • They are starting to brake ground on the new star wars land. I HOPE!!

  • Looks like R2 is looking around the old Streets of America where he will soon find a new home!

  • The Claw from Toy Story Land? Oooooooooooo!

  • Star Wars Construction! Perhaps another Droid!

  • A very large C-3P0 performing yoga?

  • He’s scanning for life-forms! and finding several busy workers!

  • I’m guessing Star Wars construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (While BB-8 was looking at the construction for Star wars in Disneyland.)

  • He wants to make sure his statue is bigger than BB-8’s.

  • Star Wars Land and another droid who built it??

  • R2-D2 is peeking around the corner of Scenic 101 and Gillespie Street in Streets of America at Hollywood Studios wondering where the San Francisco skyline at the end of the street went. The Courthouse that is in front of where LMA used to be can be seen to the right. Is this the new Star Wars land location???

  • The thermocapsulary dehousing assister, R2-D2, is contemplating why he couldn’t be exiled with Luke since that cute little BB-8 stole the last show.

  • If it’s not construction of the new Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios, then somebody better call Mr. Iger and let him know that there is a rogue droid overseeing unauthorized demolition

  • C-3PO….were home.

  • My guess is he’s wondering how, in a reality with hyperspace and planet-destroying space stations, a 60+-year-old robot is still not obsolete.

  • If you loosen the restraining bolt, I will play you the message.

  • BB-8, where are you? Peekaboo, I don’t see you!

  • R2-D2 is checking on the progress of a secret mission in Disneyland. From what I gather, he beeped twice, followed by a long beep, and then 3 short beeps, Apparantly, he also was after the iconic Mickey Head ice cream after a conversation with C-3PO. I do speak droid, but I was sworn to secrecy not to tell….

  • Perhaps he saw that Lights, motors, Action! show taken down for the New Star wars land. To infinity and beyond!!

  • R2 is watching Wall E’s cousin work

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