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Sailing the British Isles with Disney Cruise Line: Adventures in Greenock, Scotland

Greenock, Scotland, is one of our brand-new destinations, which we’ll visit during this summer’s inaugural British Isles cruise. It is the gateway to many of Scotland’s most popular destinations, including the scenic countryside, the culturally rich city of Glasgow, the capital city of Edinburgh, and much more. There’s no shortage of family-friendly Port Adventures that offer one-of-a-kind experiences, and today I’ll tell you about a few that are sure to leave a grand impression.

Princess Merida at Edinburgh Castle Port Adventure with Disney Cruise Line

Be “Brave” at Edinburgh Castle – One of the European Port Adventures I’m most excited about this summer is the opportunity to meet Merida from “Brave” at Edinburgh Castle. On this Disney-exclusive excursion, families will tour the medieval castle that has been home to many Scottish kings and queens through the centuries. Kids can also take part in a fun shield-decorating activity with Disney Cruise Line youth counselors, learning about family coats of arms and their symbolism. Your adventure at the castle concludes with the chance to spend time with courageous Disney royalty, posing with Merida for the perfect photo opp at this iconic landmark.

Panoramic Scottish Locks Port Adventure with Disney Cruise Line

Panoramic Scottish Lochs – On this scenic tour, you’ll see four of Scotland’s lochs, including the most well known, Loch Lomond. Your adventure begins with free time in the picturesque village of Luss, followed by a stop at one of Scotland’s most famous beauty spots and a ferry ride across River Clyde. Along the way, you’ll enjoy stunning views of high mountains, old valley roads and deep blue waters. For a more active way to experience Britain’s largest lake, try our Loch Lomond Canoeing Adventure or West Highland Way – Along the Shores of Loch Lomond excursions.

Gourmet Glasgow Port Adventure with Disney Cruise Line

Gourmet Glasgow – This culinary journey allows you to experience Glasgow’s amazing foodie culture while learning the fascinating connections between the city’s colorful history and Scottish foods. You’ll indulge in native delicacies, from the deep-fried Mars Bar to the Scots-Italian “milk ice” and the Scottish nation’s favorite soda, Irn Bru. Highlights of this tour include visits to the historic “Merchant City” to sample rare seafood treats and to one of the preferred Scot-Italian cafés of TV host Anthony Bourdain —known for its old-fashioned ice cream. You’re sure to leave with a sweet taste for Scotland!

Up next, we’ll journey to Invergordon, Scotland, your gateway to the Highlands, Scottish castles, distillery tours and Loch Ness. Remember, when the ship’s in port, venture ashore!


  • I had the pleasure of visiting Scotland last year and visiting many of these places. All I have to say to anyone who is considering this particular Disney Cruise… DO IT. The views of Scotland are worth it on their own, as is the history you’ll find in Edinburgh, one of the oldest cities in Scotland, but you’ll also be getting the world renowned Disney service. How can you pass that up?

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