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Soarin’ Around the World Takes Flight at Disney Parks This Summer

Imagine a wind-through-your-hair flight above The Great Wall of China, a bird’s-eye view of the Sydney Harbor in Australia, gliding around the Matterhorn in Switzerland …

These are among more than a dozen breathtaking ways you’ll be able to experience the wonders of the world when Soarin’ Around the World makes its groundbreaking debut across the globe this summer. The next generation of the popular Soarin’ attraction makes its premiere at the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland this summer as Soaring Over the Horizon.

The next day on June 17, guests at Disney California Adventure park at the Disneyland Resort and Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort will be able to board the exhilarating aerial adventure that immerses you in a multi-sensory experience, complete with stunning sights, spectacular sounds and even subtle scents. Fastpass+ will be an option for Soarin’ beginning Thursday, April 21.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see on Soarin’ Around the World:

Could you feel the mist from the harbor? What a view!

In addition to the new film, the Epcot attraction also added a third theater and reimagined its interactive queue. What destination are you looking forward to flying over in Soarin’ Around the World?


  • With FP+ being an option to book starting April 21st, does that mean for guest arriving 6/17 ongoing, or will Soarin open earlier with the old version and guests visiting before that day be able to experience the old version of the ride with FP+ ?

  • Excited! but wondering if they will keep the amazing soundtrack…

  • Looking forward to the new SOARIN’ film, but hope that the California version (or a new CA one) returns to DCA at some point. The World version is a good fit for EPCOT but doesn’t match the theming of DCA for the long-term.

  • Oh please say that Patrick Warburton will still be part of the pre-show. He is awesome.

  • Victoria,
    Is Soarin’ going to open earlier showing the old film in the new third theater? We are traveling to WDW from June 4-11 and we would love to ride Soarin’. I haven’t been to WDW in 15 years and I’m traveling with family who has never visited.

  • Soarin’ is my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World – I’m so excited to experience this updated version in August! I do have a burning question however; are you keeping the phenomenal soundtrack that accompanied the original film? I can’t imagine Soarin’ without it!

  • I was going to ask: is Disney willing to reveal who the composer is for the score (if it is new) before opening? And how soon will it make it to an updated Parks soundtrack CD. 🙂 I figure between this and the opening of the Frozen ride, they should have an updated CD this year for all the changes EPCOT is getting as well as the new rides already at Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland extension.

  • Will miss the old soaring and it’s amazing soundtrack but I am also very excited for the new one. Can’t wait to try it in August.

  • This seams like a great idea however California Adventure is losing its Calif touch little by little. The golden gate bridge and now soarin over California to soarin’ over the world ? Maybe there is a way to have soarin over the world at Disneyland or maybe they can switch back and forth so we dont’t lose the integrity of Cali Adv. just an observation. ?

  • What time will we be able to make fast passes?

  • Krista Ames-Cook speaks the truth in her comment. I agree 100%! ☺️

  • As others have stated, I too feel that Soarin at DCA should remain strictly California. The name after all is California Adventure. The world adventure is in Epcot. Sorin is always one of the fjrst rides we go on when we visit DCA. Putting in Soarin Around The World does not fit in DCA especially with the theaming in that area. Please leave it as it is

  • I agree with the other commenters — Soarin’ in DCA should remain a flight over California!

    An updated version of the film would be nice, but the attraction should still focus on California; after all that theme is right there in the title of the park!

  • Cannot wait to see it in Shanghai this summer, as well as at DCA! While I will miss the old California film, it does make sense to make it more international for all the parks.

  • I’m glad to see the change. Remember what Walt Disney said: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

  • I am confused as to the start, too. FastPass Options start on April 21st for June dates, or sooner? “The next day June 17” is hard to follow. SO excited for this, but will you clarify, please:) Heading there in May and would love for our first-timers to try this!

  • I believe it means April 21 can begin making fast passes for June. It is still scheduled to be closed in May.

  • I understand using the world for Disney World and Shanghai, but taking out California in CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE? It’s one of the only California things we have left in the park. Maybe one side could do the world and the other California? Personally, I think DCA’s version should be left alone.

  • This looks amazing! Will the DCA Fastpass machines for this ride be up and running in June? These aging legs would really appreciate the privilege.

  • Bruce Broughton has scored the new film. He told me he was using and adapting Jerry Goldsmith’s themes. Maestro Broughton is a great choice, having written several notable scored for various attractions.

  • Ummm, what about California Adventure?!?! That should stay “soarin’ over California”! I could see the other parks, but really? Why change that?

  • Soarin’ Around the World makes total sense for Epcot, because it has World Showcase. But keeping Soarin’ Over California makes the most sense for California Adventure. I know the date has been announced, but maybe that decision will be rethought at some point.

  • Please say it has the same soundtrack, it’s one of the reasons I love this attraction, will be absolutely gutted if it has changed.

  • Like everyone else said, keep the DCA soaring over California! The park is called Disney’s California adventure! Not Disney’s world wide adventure! Or do it for a limited time. Or change the park name. Personally, I’m not a fan of California adventure (I wish it was still a parking lot. It was nice to be able to walk out of the gates and walk to your car in 5 minutes. Now it takes forever with the shuttles and bus), but it’s a nice way for visitors see what California is all about. San Diego needs more love. Anyways, please keep it soaring over California!
    – end of rant.

  • I for one am glad this is also coming to DCA! I have been anxiously waiting this change since it was announced a few years ago. It would be a shame to have announced it and not made the change in CA. I respectively disagree with many of the posters here. I think Soarin’ Around the World is a great fit in DCA and I glad that it will get the update as well.

  • I’m excited to see it. I like to hold off any judgment of an attraction until I’ve had the chance to experience what the Imagineers have designed for the guests. However I do agree, Soarin’ Over California does make more sense to keep in DCA

  • Will there be a soft opening, or preview the week before? We leave WDW on 6/8. ??

  • How long will the Around the World scenery stay? I’m unfortunately not going this summer (sad, I know) but I hopefully will next year and would love to see Around the World

  • For those of you commenting about the soundtrack of the original Soarin’, it’s making my husband very happy. He felt like most people just liked the ride and didn’t notice the music. Jerry Goldsmith is his favorite film score composer. However, he is also a big fan of Bruce Broughton and is looking forward to hearing the new music.

    Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait awhile since our annual passes are blocked out during the summer.

  • I have no problem Disney California Adventure’s attraction getting updates.

    Keep in mind, the attraction is in GRIZZLY PEAK AIRFIELD, so technically, you can “fly” anywhere and them come right back to Cali.

  • One of my favorite things about Soarin’ is Patrick Warburton. Will he be in the new film? I’m sure it will be wonderful, either way.

  • Will you have a soft opening that week prior at DCA?

  • That doesn’t sound like the right music. Where’s the iconic Soarin’ theme we all love? Did they take the beloved pine and orange scent away too?

  • Love to see a new film for Soarin! I hope there are some new smells too… Just good ones!

  • Has anyone successfully booked their Soarin’ Fastpass+? It should be after midnight on Eastern Standard Time now.

  • Very excited and happy about this change! I love the existing version of Soarin and al, the wonderful parts of California it highlights, but it is time for something new and I know that Disney will do a fantastic job as they have proven with recent upgrades to Matterhorn, Haunted Mansion, Alice in Wonderland, Indy, Star Tours, etc. Looking forward to another amazing upgrade!

  • The first Soarin’ soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith is almost as wonderful as the original ride experience. However, I really do enjoy Bruce Broughton, as well. He’s scored some amazing musical pieces going back to episodes of the original “Dallas” in the 1980’s . His Universe of Energy/Ellen themes are equally incredible. My only wish is that he incorporates the original themes and cues from the Goldsmith version.

    And, yes, I concur that “Soarin’ Over California” should remain at California Adventure, at least in one of the two theaters. The park is losing its California connection fast. It might as well be called Disneyland 2.0.

  • We will be at Disneyland June 6,7, & 8th; does this mean we will not be able to ride the Soarin ride?

  • What time can we book fastpasses from?? Doesn’t appear to be working at the moment.

  • Is this true? I tried booking a FP on Soarin this morning and it says “unavailable”.

  • What time will the fast passes be available today to select for June 17? I’ve been up since midnight trying to secure them. This should make for an interesting work day.

  • What happened to Fastpasses being available starting April 21st. I was up and down all night and still Fastpass isn’t available for Soarin’. This is harking back to the wait for information on Rivers of Light. I do all the planning and reservations for our group but planning for our trip in June is getting frustrating.

  • FP+ so far is not available for June 17th. What time today will those be released?

  • Fastpasses not available yet. I am going to keep trying…

  • Been up all night trying to book my FP+ for Soarin. When will they become available?? The article says April 21st…..

  • Been trying all morning to book FP but it still says closed for refurb. Hopefully it will be up soon . If it won’t be available to book today , they shouldn’t have made that announcement.

  • When will the fastpasses go live?

  • Was told they have until midnight to have it up and running!!!

  • I have been trying all morning for a Fast Pass for Soarin the week of June 17th at Disney World. Does anyone know when they will become available online?

  • C’mon Disney, please give us an update on the situation!! There are many of us spending a lot of time watching, waiting and refreshing the website – please keep us informed as to what is going on!

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