• Just a reminder to everyone that this blog post is only concerning the Star Wars land at Disneyland in California.

  • He’s scoping out the new Star Wars area in Hollywood studios! Can’t wait to see it!!

  • Looking for Poe’s X-Wing Starfighter!

  • BB8 is offering to be the icon for height requirements on the Star Wars Land Attractions.

  • He’s checking to make sure Kylo Ren isn’t lurking around, because there’s rumors that he’s been seen at Hollywood Studios.

  • Bb8 is wondering why all those gorgeous tress were cut down.

  • I am thinking Baseball! I know it is a construction sight but when I see a fence like that and it is
    Opening Day…I just can’t help myself. So yes, baseball.

  • He knows he saw Churros for sale somewhere around there…

  • Looking at the line at the ice cream cart wondering how he can hold onto one of those delicious Mickey Ice Cream bars. 🙂

  • Reconnaissance…

  • Looks like he is keeping a close eye on the construction of “Star Wars Land” at Disneyland! Lucky guy getting to watch all the magic getting created!

  • He is looking for the perfect spot for his statue in Star Wars Land.

  • Wishing he had @Chewbacca’s arms to help build Star Wars Land faster!!

  • He’s found the new Source of the Force!

  • Bb8 is probably looking at the foundation for the new Star Wars land!!!

  • Playing hide and go seek with R2 D2 Where star wars land is being built.

  • Wondering why he can’t ride the railroad

  • Star Wars Land’s construction is starting!!!! 😀

  • Waiting for the cantons to open at star wars land.

  • The beginning of a great adventure!! Star Wars Land!!

  • He discovered what Disney did with Jar Jar.
    . . .
    Some secrets won’t stay hidden.

  • Wondering what happened to the Berm because he sees the Mickey and Friends parking structure

  • Well one of two things, looking at construction of Star Wars Land at Disneyland or he got locked out of the park for not having a ticket since it was his blackout day.

  • Watching Star Wars land construction

  • Looking at the new Star Wars land

  • Overseeing construction of the new Star Wars land!!

  • Looking at the construction of the new Star Wars land!!!

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