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Disney Park Pack Expands with New Items Coming to Disney Parks Online Store

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I have exciting news for guests who love unique collectibles from Disney Parks. You may recall last year around this time we introduced the Disney Park Pack – Pin Trading Edition to our Disney Parks online store. This monthly subscription service delivers collectible Disney Pins directly to your doorstep (note the subscription service for the Pin Trading Edition is currently unavailable but spots do open on occasion). With that said, I have a look at additional Disney Park Packs coming this year.

Disney Park Pack from Disney Parks Online Store

On May 9, we are releasing a one-time-only, mystery-boxed collector's memorabilia that will take you back to the opening day of Disneyland park on July 17, 1955. The set will have an edition size of 1,200, and the purchase of this item is limited to 2 per household.

Contents for this mystery-boxed package will remain a surprise, but can include a mix of items ranging from sculptured replicas and medallions to paper collectibles. You won't know which items you've received until you open the box. This is not a subscription item, but a one-time-only offering. All Park Packs in this special edition will contain the same elements.

Disney Park Pack form Disney Parks Online Store

I also have a sneak preview a new Disney Park Pack being released starting July 2016. The image above is the top of packaging for a new collection of specially designed ear hat ornaments. All I can say is that fans of birds that are orange, ghosts, attractions and more will love this Disney Park Pack!

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  • So excited to hear about the Orange Bird being included – I’m totally obsessed and want more Orange Bird merchandise. When will the box be available to order? Also, any chance the parks will bring back the Orange Bird Mickey Ears any time soon?

  • When will the ear hat ornaments be released?

  • When can we expect the ornament Park Pack to be released?

  • Do we have a date yet for the July pack, and is there a way to get notice if a spot opens for the Pin Trading subscription?

  • I received my pack in the mail today, and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who didn’t get theirs yet, all I can say is, IMO, Disney did a fantastic job putting a lot of thought to what came in the Party Pack!

  • I received an email today saying they are preparing my package and it will delivered in about 2 weeks.

  • I ordered mine. Order went through fine. Then 18 hours later it was cancelled due to it being out of stock. I’m bummed and upset. It wasn’t out of stock when I bought it. When you check now it shows unavailable on the website due to being sold out. But I can’t believe their system doesn’t know when it has reached the number they have. I was very excited about this.

  • Sorry Steven, my last submitted comment was supposed to read @ 02:01 today 05-10-2016 I placed my order. It has since been canceled due to “overwhelming demand”. When did these actually sell out? I was looking forward to presenting this to my daughter for her birthday.

  • For the ear hat ornament Park Pak, when does that go on sale? Or did I miss it today? Or is it the same thing as the Disneyland Park Pak? Thanks!!

  • I got mine also! 1:30 am PST!!!! Hard to determine what time zone it was going to be released in cause it is a DISNEYLAND item. Can’t wait to see the surprises we get.

  • I got mine! Great idea, looking really forward to seeing what is inside. Also loved that it was free shipping and an additional 10% off with the Disney Debit card.

  • Ordered mine very early (set my alarm for 3 a.m. EST)! I can’t believe they have not sold out and it’s 12 noon on the east coast. At least to me this was a one of a kind offer!

  • Yes! 1200 is a luckier number for me than 999 it looks like.

  • Thats it up now. ItemID 7440056742328P, no international shipping avaliable

  • Super excited, I just ordered my box and I can’t wait to receive it!

    • @Anabel – How exciting! Thank you 🙂

  • Can Not Wait, I Have One Question Is There A Time Where You Could Order The New Disney Park Pack?

  • The new pack doesn’t seem to be available in the store yet. What is the ETA?

  • I know that the contents are a mystery, but can you tell us HOW MANY items come in the box for the Disneyland park pack?

    • @Allie – Great question. I did not receive specific details about the contents. The only thing I know is contents for this blind-boxed package will remain a surprise. It will include a mix of items ranging from sculptured replicas and medallions to paper collectibles.

  • This looks super cool! Steven do you know if each package has the same contents or is every one random?

    • @Kurt – All Disneyland-themed Disney Park Packs will contain the same elements.

  • I’m excited about this program and registered to get a free box. Unfortunately I never got one. Maybe I didn’t understand the rules, or guidelines.
    If there’s a spare package ? around do you think I could get one?
    Thank You

  • Birds that are Orange??? I love that Orange Bird!

    • @Amanda – Don’t we all? 🙂

  • Items that take me back to my childhood and Disneyland sounds fantastic! And you know anything that has to do with GHOSTS interests me!! Your HM Pal from Ohio, David

  • Too bad you guys don’t ship this to P.O. Boxes or outside the US. I’m a huge Disney fan and a collector as well. Happens with this pack and happened with Haunted Mansion limited-to-999 packs too. I really wanted to have them but since you don’t offer -at least- shipping to P.O. box adresses I could not buy them. That’s very sad actually 🙁

    I’m from Costa Rica! Have a picture-perfect day!

    • @Jose – Thank you for your feedback. I’ve shared your comment with the merchandising team.

  • Do you know how much it will cost?

    • @Stephanie – The Disneyland-themed Disney Park Pack will have a retail of $99.00 plus tax.

  • Steven,
    Will this limited edition and one-time-only-offer come with the Park Pack subscription box, or ist available to subscribers only or is it a separate purchase?

    • @Julie – The Disneyland-themed Disney Park Pack is a separate purchase. This is not a subscription item, but a one-time-only offering.

  • What time will these be available online, and is it Pacific or Eastern time?

    • @Jodie – The Disney Park Pack will be released online on May 9. Typically, items are added to the website in the very early morning hours (if you reside on the east coast of the United States). I am not able to provide an exact time.

  • Awesome! Will it be available for People outside america? Already had to miss out on ghost post ?

    • @Patrick – Unfortunately, international shipping is not available for Disney Park Packs.

  • Will this be available at the Disney store on-line or just the Disney parks app?

  • How exciting! I can’t wait! Thank you for the update!!

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