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Disney Parks Blog Unboxed – Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary at Walt Disney World Resort

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom Park celebrates its 45th anniversary this October at Walt Disney World Resort. You may recall seeing artwork for an upcoming anniversary merchandise collection a few weeks ago on the Disney Parks Blog. In this edition of Disney Parks Blog Unboxed, I visit Magic Kingdom to get a head start on celebrating with the one and only Mickey Mouse. I was, however, surprised to find another friend on Main Street, U.S.A.

The Magic Kingdom 45th anniversary products will be released this fall in select merchandise locations at Walt Disney World Resort. Look for another Disney Parks Blog article later this summer with additional details about these fun and festive items.


  • I will be there first week Of March celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Timing wasn’t right to hit for Valentines day, our actual anniversary since I work overseas. Is the celebration lasting until next Oct?


    Side Note…. I was lucky enough to be the Honored Veteran of the Day while still on active duty with the Air Force 28 Aug 1988. 20yrs 3 days

  • I will turn 45 in October too and I love celebrating my birthday with my favorite park!!! Hoping to visit in December to celebrate our 20th anniversary as well – can’t wait to see more of this merchandise!! So exciting!!

  • Awesome! My daughter and I will be down there October 28th-Nov 2nd. Looking forward to celebrating the Magic Kingdom’s 45th!

  • Oh my goodness!!! I can’t wait to visit in Oct/Nov and collect lots of 45th birthday items. Very excited. Like another guest, I am celebrating a milestone birthday this year, 50 years old. Seeing the video and hearing all about the new merchandise is going to make my trip even better!!!! Thanks for the information. You do a fantastic job!

  • I was at WDW in 1971 when you opened your doors and I was wondering will you have any of the stuff out for labor day ?

  • I will be 45 this year and will be celebrating in WDW in October. I’m so hopeful there will be a new Dooney & Bourke for the 45th anniversary.

    • @Claire – I wish you many happy returns (a little early). Walt Disney World is a great place to celebrate a birthday. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog later this summer. I’ll have an article with other items created for this anniversary.

  • I love the shirts! I can’t wait to pick up one (or two) this October!

  • Will the 45th celebration merchandise be available through Winter 2017? I’m coming in for marathon weekend and would love to pick some up then.

    • @Karen – I don’t have a confirmed end date for products. I know that items will be released this fall and should still be available in early 2017. Hope you have a great time at the marathon.

  • Hey Steven!

    I enjoy these unboxing videos! Will there be a 45th Anniversary Magic Band? I really need a new one. lol Also will the merchandise only be sold on October 1st or will they sell til they sell out?


    • @Matthew – Thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying them. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog later this summer for additional looks at other items created for the anniversary. The items will be released this fall. They are part of a logo program for Magic Kingdom so you should be able to find select items after October 1.

  • I WANT IT ALL!!!! I just wish it was going to be out next month when we are in the parks

  • I’m there for my 50th bday mid September , will merchandise be available then? Oh no! I’m older than the Magic Kingdom!

    • @Patricia – What a great place to celebrate your “21st” birthday. 🙂 I don’t have a confirmed release date for items. I know they are arriving this fall. Look for another article in July with additional looks at items. I hope you have a fantastic trip and a wonderful birthday!

  • Totally need a Dooney & Bourke in the navy pattern to add to my collection!

  • I hope “Delivery Guy” didn’t take any items out of the box! It looks like a few more #things could have fit in that box for the preview! 🙂

    I was really hoping items would be released before fall (more like next month, ha).

    Do you know if Arribas will be using any of the designs or offering anything for the 45th?

    • @Jonathan – Well, I didn’t want the video to turn into an epic three-hour salute to all theme parks but mostly Magic Kingdom. 🙂 Plus, it leaves me an opportunity to showcase more items in future stories (look for an article in July). Unfortunately, the 45th anniversary assortment won’t appear at Walt Disney World until the fall. I’m unsure about Arribas Brothers as I’m not directly involved with their development. If I hear anything, I’ll keep you in the loop.

  • Hello Steven – I saw you speak in 2014 at a CP panel. I was wondering why the Jungle Cruise seems to be lacking from a lot of parks merchandise such as pins and shirts that include multiple attractions.

    • @Tyrel – Glad to hear from you. I trust you are doing well. I know the merchandising team considers a variety of factors when designing items. Jungle Cruise has been featured on items (I think of some home decor items from 2014). More recently, there have been some Twenty Eight & Main items that have included Jungle Cruise. But it’s an ever evolving mix. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Are there any plans for an anniversary Pandora charm?

    • @Ourania – Great question. I’ll have a follow up article in summer related to 45th Anniversary items. If there is a PANDORA Jewelry charm, I’ll be sure to include details.

  • Great job Steven! I’ll be looking for some 45th anniversary balloons on Main St. U.S.A.


    • @Erin – Thank you!

  • Will there be a Dooney & Bourke? 🙂

    • @Rachel – Don’t you like surprises? 🙂 Stay tuned for additional details about other items for this anniversary. I intend to have a follow up story in July and I think you’ll be happy.

  • Hi Steven – I was actually at the Magic Kingdom the morning you recorded this in April. Will any of these items be available in the App? Thanks!

    • @Liz – How fun! It was a lovely day to visit Magic Kingdom. It’s a little too early to say which items will be available via Shop Disney Parks app. I’m guessing there will be some but we won’t know until closer to the fall.

  • So excited to be visiting on WDW’s 45th on Oct 1st. Will there be any annual passholder exclusive merchandise or special events planned in the Magic Kingdom that day?

    • @Jenny – At this point, I don’t have all the details about upcoming things. Look for additional articles later this summer about other items created for Magic Kingdom’s 45th Anniversary.

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