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Every Role a Starring Role – Disneyland Resort Perfumer

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie in Disneyland park – which is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month – is a great place to find a unique gift for mom!

“It can be overwhelming to come into a shop like this and see so many types and varieties of fragrances,” says cast member Brent Jaimes in this “Every Role a Starring Role.” Brent goes on to explain how he helps guests choose the right fragrance by spending time with them and getting to know their interests. “It’s great to be part of that kind of storytelling,” says Brent.

See how Brent helps guests pick a scent in this video!


  • I get all my fragrances at the Parfumerie. Except for one bottle I bought duty-free on a cruise, the AP discount usually brings the cost much below department store prices. Also, with a purchase I usually get at least one small sample bottle – great for purse or travel!

  • what does “Every Role a Starring Role” mean?

  • I love the “Every Role A Starring Role” series, it’s great to see the different cast members and departments. However I would’ve loved if he’d mentioned the Lillian Disney connection with the perfume shop. I had a great discussion when I visited the Parfumerie with the cast members who told me loads about the history of the store and it’s personal link with the Disney family.

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