First Look at 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend Merchandise at the Disneyland Resort

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

The runDisney 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend presented by PANDORA Jewelry is days away, taking place May 5–8 at the Disneyland Resort, and this year’s merchandise selection is sure to fly off the shelves. So let’s get started!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Sweatshirts and Hat

Can you believe it’s been 5 Years Running? Themed Tinker Bell Half Marathon apparel will include this special nod to the runDisney event on ever-popular favorites like the “I Did It” tee, performance tees, tanks, shorts and ladies zip jacket. One of my favorite features is the subtly screened tonal silhouette of Tinker Bell that appears on the front or the back of several items. I like to think it gives us all a little extra pixie power.

Tinker Bell half-marathon t-shirts various colors

This year the Never Land 5K fans will be hooked, quite literally — the graphic features both Captain Hook and Peter Pan, while the “I Did It” Tinker Bell 10K fans will be filled with pixie power with help from some of Tinker Bell’s fairy friends. Are you participating in the Pixie Dust Challenge? Short sleeve tees, performance wear, a tank, ladies jacket have made the list of this particular spirited sprite.

Other items to race in for include the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend event tee, jacket, Capri pants, runDisney and runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge merchandise, hats, magnets, clings, pins, headbands, special artist sketches and an array of drinkware including water bottles, a tumbler, glass stemware and mug.

Disney Pandora Bracelet

As you can see, that’s not quite all. Keep an eye out for charms from PANDORA Jewelry including a runDisney dangle and the newest addition featuring Tinker Bell as she waves her magic wand over a star charm that reminds us that all we need is “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.” Fashioned in sterling silver by PANDORA, this enchanting charm is accented in green and clear sparkling cubic zirconia.

Tip: Look for other exciting offerings from PANDORA Jewelry, including bracelet building with expert stylists, an opportunity to take a photo in front of wings that make you feel like you can fly and more.

I have no doubt the teams will also have you racing into D Street in the Downtown Disney District for special D-Tech on Demand phone cases themed to each race. Take a look!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Phone Cases

Finally, Dooney & Bourke and runDisney fans – I have what you’ve been waiting for … a look at the nylon with leather trim accent silhouettes for the shopper tote, wristlet and letter carrier. Remember, each piece is quite unique and pattern elements on each bag can vary. I love the overall look, don’t you?

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Handbags

So get a jump on your shopping list and be ready when the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo takes flight beginning Thursday, May 5, at the Disneyland Hotel.

To all of you participating in the race, I wish you all the best of luck with a sprinkle of pixie dust!


  • I really want the Tinkerbell Half marathon weekend jacket that was a preorder item! Is there any way I can still get one? I have run the race all 5 years and desperately want one!!

  • Jessica, they will probably post the left over merchandise on the Disney store website.

  • I agree bib holders should get first pick of merchandise. I belong to a running group and they bought some wine glasses and raffled them off to us free, so we could have a chance of going home with one.

  • I would like to know if there is a way to still order merchandise from this event? I was a medical volunteer for the half marathon today. I did not even arrive until today and the expo was not even open. Very disappointed. I would hope and like to order some things online, in addition in the future I feel merchandise should only be a sole to runners and volunteers and should be limited. It should be limited per person and merchandise should have a daily limit of sales as well, that way all participants get an opportunity to purchase.

    • HI Jessica! You may want to consider reaching out to Merchandise Guest Services regarding any remaining merchandise and the opportunity to purchase.

  • Extremely disappointed on how Disney ran the merchandise at this event. My mom and I made a special trip to go up there on Thursday, even though we could have gone on Saturday to pick up our race gear. Arrived at the store by 2:15 and all the wine glasses were already sold out. To find out that they let people buy as many as they wanted, just to have them resell them for $40 plus each on e-bay is incredibly frustrating. Disney needs to figure out this system, as it is very broken.

  • This is my 5th year running and even did the coast to coast 2 years ago. My friend and I came early this year to get wine glasses and I heard they were sold out by 2! One of the cast members at the register said that someone bought 12! I agree that only bib holders should be allowed to buy!

  • I agree with Dawn, regard the resellers and friends on EBay. The runners have paid alt of money and worked hard to participate in the events. Participants with their bibs should have first choice. Ebay resellers or anyone with out a bib should be required to wait until the last day of the expo

  • Do you know if you will have any other 10K merchandize other than the “I did it” shirt and phone case??

  • Is there a jacket for the Pixie Dust Challenge? If so, what color is it and what is the design on it? Please help! The pictures with folded up items make it difficult to tell what they are. Thank you!

    • Hi Jhoanna! Thank you for the feedback on the images. Duly noted for next time. There is often so many different items it’s hard to feature them all. There is a Pixie Dust Challenge which is actually a very bright pink color. The Pixie Dust Challenge logo appears on the front left chest, while on the back it is a more artistic interpretation of Tinker Bell’s wings.

  • Does anyone know what is included in the premium gift bag I paid extra for?

  • I’m glad to FINALLY see merchandise but man is this post skimpy compared to all the merchandise posted for the Princess weekend! T-shirts and jackets had full pictures! These are all folded up and many comments on Facebook about which shirts are “I Did It!” t’s, which are jackets, etc. Seems like the Tinkerbell race really gets out put on the back burner with follow through. Kinda bummed I signed up for this one instead of Dumbo.

    • Jaclyn, you’ll actually find a broader assortment at the EXPO, we just were unable to feature everything here. I think you’ll love it. Thanks for the feedback on the folded images, we will certainly try to provide full pictures go forward, as space allows. There is an I Did It shirt for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Pixie Dust Challenge, 5K and 10K. As for the jackets, you will find a Tinker Bell Half Marathon jacket in blue, featured here, as well as the black ‘event weekend’ jacket, also shown above.

  • Lovely items- way to go. I would like to echo and beg Disney please tweek their process at the EXPO for, at the very least, day one. Please put forth a policy of either runners only with Bib and ID on Thursday or a 2 per person as with other releases such as pin releases. The madness and sheer disrespect to we runners who paid a hefty Bib price- airfare-hotel and park passes to run and then to have to pay 5x a purchase price for a t-shirt WE EARNED because ebay resellers flooded the EXPO with their friends at 9am on Thursday is more than unfair. I hope these comments get to the right people.

  • I LOVE the Tink Dooney but I’m in NY. Any chance they will make it to the Shop Parks app or WDW?

  • Super cute!! But as another poster mentioned, the Ebay buyers will be there first thing the Expo opens and us actual participants not coming in until Saturday won’t have a chance at getting any of the items we might want. 🙁 That’s very disheartening for those of us who train and work so hard for this race…and especially for those of us who are running this particular half marathon for the 5th time as legacy!

  • Please tell me what that item is next the running shorts or skirt. I can’t tell if the color is black or a dark blue. I’d like to know if it’s a t-shirt (long or short sleeved) or if its a jacket. Thank you.

    • Marc, just so you are aware there are running shorts, as well as event capri’s. The capri’s are shown here in green/black. Next to that item, is a black zip jacket for the event weekend. I believe this is also the item that could be pre-ordered by participants.

  • First and last look- none of this will be at the expo by the time I get there!!

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