Meeting Nick and Judy from Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Disney’s hysterical comedy-adventure “Zootopia” is a bona fide hit the world over, and to celebrate, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are spending time at Disneyland Resort meeting some of their biggest fans!

Next time you’re visiting Disney California Adventure, be sure to “Try Everything” and stop on by Hollywood Land to say “Hello!” to Nick and Judy.


  • It has been several months since Nick and Judy had begun the meet and greets and I believe that they had been initially a promotional sort of thing, do you have any idea of how long they will be remaining in the Disneyland Resort? Because they have been so popular, I would think that they would remain in the park indefinitely and continue the same or similar schedule as they have now.

  • Everyone loves Zootopia because it is such a great movie adults and children both do, and can enjoy.

  • Help me by getting Nick and Judy as meet and greets characters at Walt Disney World

  • Please, please, please make these two perment Disney! And give Nick a little space at Disney World for his adoring fans to meet him. I’m planning an expensive Walt Disney World vacation for 2019 and it would truly mean the world to me to see Nick and simply give him a hug. This character means a lot to me and it would make my Disney experience truly a magial one.

    I also sure wouldn’t complain one little bit to be able to visit “Zootopia” in person at Animal Kindom! 😉 I assure you that the millions of Nick and Judy fans world wide would make it a VERY POPLAR place. 🙂

    I might be in my 40’s but I’m not ashamed what so ever to admit that Zootopia was a very special film to myself and MANY others.

  • Zootopia is a wonderful film. So smart, emotional, and funny.
    It’s great to see the characters in Hollywood Land.

  • Nick and Judy need to start doing meet and greets at Walt Disney World as well.

    It’s very disappointing that the two are confined to the Street Party here in Florida.

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