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New ‘Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular’ Fireworks Set To Make History at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Starting June 17

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Several new Star Wars experiences have debuted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios over the past year, from the opening of Star Wars Launch Bay in December to the most recent additions of the Star Wars stage show “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” and the daily march of Captain Phasma and her fleet of Stormtroopers earlier this spring.

Today we’re happy to share an update on the next exciting Star Wars experience that’s set to delight fans at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – the new Star Wars fireworks show, “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular.”

This new nighttime show, which will be the most elaborate fireworks display in this park’s history, will begin nightly performances on June 17. This elaborate show will combine fireworks, pyrotechnics, special effects and video projections that will turn the park’s Chinese Theater and other buildings into the twin suns of Tatooine, a field of battle droids, the trench of the Death Star, Starkiller Base and other Star Wars destinations. And the show, which will feature music from throughout the film franchise, will be punctuated with a tower of fire and spotlight beams, creating a massive lightsaber in the sky.


  • will this continue into Jan 2017?

  • Will the dessert party be offered until the end of October? When will we know if new dates are released–mid September? Trying to coordinate dinner reservations, any information would be helpful.

  • FYI, dates are now open through October 1

  • Just reading that this is ongoing. When will dates and times show for fast pass etc also with jedi training academy still be available sept/October x

  • Will there be any dessert party and fireworks showings around Halloween?

  • Any word on whether or not there will be any dessert party offerings in August? Thank you.

  • Hi, I have reservations for Sept. 11th through 15th and am waiting for a confirmation of the schedule for the Star Wars fireworks show at DHS like many others here……. hello? Anybody there? Jennifer?

  • Jennifer, can you please confirm 1) if this show will continue in Sept 2016, specifically 9/6 to 9/12. There are no show dates visible from August. 2) If the show is only on Wed, Fri, & Sun nights. 3) If the Dessert Party will be available. We have reservations & will be booking FP+ today, but we will definitely rearrange our schedule to accommodate this show!!! Please reply! Thank you!

  • Any idea about when they will start booking the dessert party for October?

  • Will there be fast passes available and a separate viewing area?

  • Awesomeness! My sons are going to love this!

  • We will be there the end of November, any chance this will be going on then, as well as the dessert party?

  • Would really love if someone from Disney would clarify the scheduling of this show. Is it going to be “nightly” as stated in the article? Will it conflict with the one showing of Fantasmic? Our trip is less than 90 days away now and our boys will really want to see this show. Trying to figure out if it will be held on our schedule Hollywood Studios day or if we need to try and redo all of our plans.

  • I am confused, I’ve seen posts that say this is for summer only and then comments that say will be going on indefinitely???
    I just need to know if it will be going on in October, and what days so I can try and rearrange our dining plans to accommodate us being at Hollywood on that night.

  • I am so excited about the new Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular show. However I am disappointed that it appears to not be offered nightly as advertised. I hope this will be changed, at least for the summer. Please provide some clarification. The current version of the show is awesome too!

  • I spoke w/ Disney this morning – it is apparently only running Wed, Fri and Sun. Very misleading as it is billed as a “nightly” show – even in this blog post!

    Disappointed as we will be in Hollywood Studios on a Thursday and will miss this. Kids are very upset – we are a Star Wars/Disney family!

  • Does anyone know what nights this will be in July 2016? Thanks.

  • Still waiting to find out if this is truly nightly, to finalize our plans June 21. MDX still does not have hours updated for that day, not show this fireworks

  • Can’t wait to see it in August. When will it be on August schedules and what are the times? I hope it’s nightly.

  • As many others have asked is this running every night or is it only selected nights in the summer? The website only shows the events on Wednesdays, Friday’s, and Sunday’s and I want to plan this in my upcoming birthday trip for the weekend of June 19!

  • I’m also interested to know what the times for this will be. Is this something that we could do after Fantasmic @ 8:30?

  • I really appreciate how you stay on top of things for us! Thank you. I have reservations for the “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios” on Sunday June 12. Is this the same show?

  • We’re coming mid December and our boys love Star Wars! I hope most…ok, all of these things, are still going on then!

  • Super excited! Thanks for the update!

  • So I am guessing that there is not going to be a 24 hour Magic Kingdom event on May 27th 🙁 It’s ok though because the New Animal Kingdom will be nice to see. Guess all my wishes can’t come true lol !! 😉 I hope I can get a dinner package for the Jungle Book Show! Disney Parks Blog is the best!! Thank you for keeping us inform!

    • Thank you, Christopher. We hope you enjoy the show and all the new fun offerings at WDW.

  • Any idea if the dance party that used to take place before the fireworks will return when the new show starts?

  • Will there be previews of this show before June 17th? For someone coming June 4-11 I would love to see a sneak peak!

  • So exciting! When will this be reflected in the park times and MDX? The original schedule had us missing the fireworks because it wasn’t every night, but this says nightly, so now we wont miss them!!!! How will it play with Fantasmic, can we do both? Taking our grandson for his first visit, so we want to catch both.

  • “Nightly” for the summer, or nightly indefinitely?
    Will the calendar be updated soon to reflect the show? It currently displays, for example, no show scheduled on June 18 or June 20.

  • Will the fireworks continue past the Summer? I am hoping to see it in September!

    • Yes, this is a new ongoing addition.

  • Hello , icome from France in December, can i hoppe to see this show? thanks.

  • Will there be a dessert party available to book like the current show?

  • Will this show continue into fall and winter? And will the dessert party continue?

  • This is so exciting! We’ll miss this by a few days during our early June trip, but I guess that just means we’ll have to try to plan a trip again next year!

  • Is this on every night from June 17th? The online schedule lists it only on Fridays, Sundays and Wednesdays

  • Any word if there will be a dessert party for this show? Feels like the projections are a key part and want to ensure good view of that

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