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New Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure from Disney Floral & Gifts

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Do you have what it takes to stop the Empire?

Today Lucasfilm, is sharing details of a new experience coming Summer 2016 to the Disney Parks in Florida and California.

“This is a new type of experience created for the Disney Parks” says Ken Malquist, Disney Show Director. “The adventure places you (either working alone or with the help of any children in your party) on an interactive role-playing mission, featuring exclusive gear and tech, that starts in your Disney resort room. Once the mission’s revealed, the adventure leads you to the Star Tours attraction. If you have the courage to complete the mission, an exclusive reward will be waiting for you at your resort room.”

Here’s where it starts: walking up to your door to discover an Empire recruitment banner that identifies the Empire was there.

Star Wars Door Banner
(Artist renderings. Actual graphics may vary.)

You’ll discover the rebels infiltrated the room, leaving tech and gear to help you on a secret mission to join the Rebellion. Exclusive to the mission is an augmented reality app module that allows your smartphone to become a piece of Rebel tech providing a holographic transmission on your device from Ezra Bridger.

Star Wars Hologram

(Artist rendering. Actual graphic may vary.)

Ezra will guide you on an undercover adventure, while you’re wearing an Imperial Security Officer disguise, to the Star Tours attraction where hidden information you’re carrying will be transmitted while in hyperspace.

If you complete the mission, you’ll be directed back to your room to unlock a mysterious box that holds your reward for bravery: a rebel medal of honor, like the one seen in the film Star Wars: A New Hope.

Star Wars Medal of Bravery
(Artist renderings. Appearance of actual items may vary.)

To develop the experience and gear for this mission, Ken and the Disney Floral & Gifts creative team worked with Lucasfilm, Disney Creative Entertainment, Disney Interactive and Walt Disney Imagineering to keep the adventure “in universe”.

“There are many exclusive pieces, some of which aren’t featured on this post. Some of the merchandise has never been developed before so we had to make sure we used the right designers to ensure accuracy and authenticity,” Ken says.

The adventure engages fans of all ages in your party, with each person taking on a different aspect of the story. The best part is you can enjoy the experience here at the Parks and take it home with you to relive again.

Pre-order purchase should begin early Summer 2016, and the adventure is slated for delivery to Disney Resorts beginning August 2016. Price for this exclusive mission is still being finalized, so, stay tuned, for top secret details about the mission about our Star Wars Rebels interactive adventure to be shared on the Disney Parks Blog later this month.

The Rebellion needs you. Are you brave enough to answer the call?

Watch Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD!


  • Coming in November, we will be checking in on Sunday at the Contemporary, planning for this to be delivered to the room on Monday, will it be good to use at Hollywood Studios on Tuesday? Also after completing mission, do you have to return to the room by a certain time frame to open the box? So glad to see something for older kids, plus it looks like it will be a fun family activity!

  • Will it be available at the swan and dolphin and if it is on the door at arrival but you are not planning to go to Hollywood studios until the end of the week, is that going to make is less enjoyable?

  • We are going to Disney World in August and am very excited about this in room experience! Will there be an option to purchase multiple medals (to prevent our children from fighting over one)?

    • Yes another good question! There will be opportunities to purchase additional medals and much more.

  • For the Disneyland Resort I imagine this experience will take place primarily if not entirely in Disneyland Park. For Walt Disney World will this take guests to multiple parks or just Hollywood Studios?

    • This mission will take you to the Hollywood Studios…specifically Star Tours.

  • Going in June! Would be happy to help “test” this experience! 😉

    • Great to know Thomas! 🙂

  • Sounds like fun! I’ll be curious to see the price once released to decide if we should purchase for our trip in November to WDW. While obviously geared towards kids, will adults on their own be entertained enough by this to make it worthwhile?

    • Glad you asked Danielle! While testing the experience we saw that adults had just as much fun as the kids. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll enjoy the role playing and unique gear created for the mission. The experience is actually geared towards families so all can enjoy. You can stay in touch with our landing page too for updates:

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