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Attend a Dooney & Bourke Release Party on July 23 in Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

A few weeks ago, I shared a Disney Parks Blog Unboxed video about new Dooney & Bourke items coming this summer to Disney Parks. Today, I have additional information about the release party that will be held on Saturday, July 23 at Cherry Tree Lane inside the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs.

Dooney & Bourke Products Inspired by the Classic Disney Parks Attraction it’s a small world'

At this event, we are releasing two new collections including handbags inspired by the classic Disney Parks attraction, “it’s a small world.” The four silhouettes in this collection will include a Shopper Tote, a Pouchette, a Wallet and a Wristlet.

Dooney & Bourke 'Lovebirds' Collection

The second collection, called “Lovebirds,” will include a Shopper Tote and a Letter Carrier.

Limited Edition Retail MagicBands Containing Dooney & Bourke-Inspired Designs

For the first time, we will introduce four limited edition retail MagicBands containing Dooney & Bourke-inspired designs. Each MagicBand will have an edition size of 1,500, and each MagicBand will contain a specially designed slider with the Dooney & Bourke logo. The MagicBands will be packaged in decorative boxes.

Finally, guests attending this release party will have an opportunity to meet Ian Ray, Creative Director for Dooney & Bourke. He will be appearing at Cherry Tree Lane from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. that day.

For guests at Disneyland Resort, look for the “it’s a small world” and the “Lovebirds” collections in select merchandise locations after this event.

Guests may also find select items on the Disney Parks online store or using the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. To download the free mobile app, please visit


  • The beauty and beast crossbodys are already out of stock 🙁 Do you know when they will be restocked ?

  • When is the beauty and the beast collection release date?

  • I bought some online today on Disneystore website. I used the free shipping code as well. Also saw them on the Disney parks shopping app this morning.

  • Are these available now for purchase? Are they currently selling them at Disney Springs in Florida? There is nothing available online. Or are they sold out already? I see them on e-bay but at huge mark-ups. What’s the status Disney??

    • @Lauren – These bags are currently offered in a few places. Look for them on the free Shop Disney Parks app ( You can also find items on the Disney Parks online store:

      At Walt Disney World Resort, look for bags in Cherry Tree Lane at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs Marketplace. At Disneyland Resort, look for them at the “it’s a small world” shop in Fantasyland inside Disneyland park.

  • Where can we find the Small World Dooneys in Disneyland? I looked around last weekend and didn’t find them anywhere.

    • @Elizabeth – According to the inventory system, they should be found at “it’s a small world” shop in Fantasyland inside Disneyland park. Another option would be to use the free Shop Disney Parks app and have them shipped directly to your home ( Finally, you may find them on the Disney Parks online store:

  • Amy Severns, thank you!!! We will be at Disneyland on Sunday & hopefully they’ll still be there! By the way, my nickname is Amy! ?

  • I went all the way over to Downtown Disney at Disneyland hoping the Small World purses would be available. I was told they’re only in the park. Unfortunately, my pass is blocked out for four more weeks. This is very disappointing. I rarely get excited about any Disney merchandise, and certainly not a $300 handbag, but this one would have been worth the splurge. I hope they last until my pass is clear again.

  • I had issues linking the band too. However that was on. the iPad and iPhone my Disney experience app. Linked okay on the PC through the .com site. Hoping it’s good to go.

  • Ameriga, in case you haven’t had an answer yet, for Disneyland they are exclusively at Small World Toys in Fantasyland as of this morning. 🙂

  • Hi Steven. This afternoon I read that cast members at the reveal event indicated that the Dooney MagicBands will only be available in person at the store. Will they not be available in the Disney Parks app as was previously mentioned? Thanks!

  • Do we know when the release date for the Beauty and the Beast purses will be?

  • I went to the release today and got all four MagicBands. First let me say that I absolutely love the designs. However, I’ve had challenges with Cast Members before whom I’ve purchased MagicBands from before where they scan the barcode and put it in the bag without activating it. So I am now in the habit of asking if it needs to be activated. I asked today at the Co-Op about the D&B MagicBands and was told they are already set in link-it later mode. So I tried linking them to my account later and was given an error message that I’ve seen in the past leading me to believe they in fact were not activated. I know it can be fixed by it’s a little disappointing knowing that people are spending $48 on each MagicBand and they may not even be able to use it.

    • @Amanda – My apologies for the challenge. When I heard this on the release day, I notified the MagicBand team and I believe the issue was resolved. Thank you for feedback.

  • Steven, do we know when the It’s a Small World bags will be officially released at Disneyland? Do you know which locations they will be at? Thank you!

  • I’m so excited I get to go tomorrow but I have a question, where do you line up at? Is it the front entrance or the back entrance to the co-op? Please let me know so I’m in the correct spit for tomorrow. Thank you

  • The Dooney & Bourke event is tomorrow. Is there any update on when the magic bands and purses will be available online?

  • Hi Steven. Will the Love Birds tote be available at Disneyland?

  • Are the it’s a small world bags leather or fabric? Couldn’t really tell with the pictures. I would assume leather from the price points but want to make sure.

  • Is the Dooney & Bourke Star Wars Dark Side (1/2 marathon) bags going to be released at all again? Just curious if there is any info for that set. Thanks!!

    • @Nancy – I’m not aware of any plans for releasing that collection again.

  • Hi Steven! Do you know of purchase limits on the Magic Bands? Will I be able to buy one of each for myself? Thanks!

    • @Rachel – From my understanding, there will be a limit of two MagicBands per style, per guest, per day.

  • Hi Steven- do you know when the new DVC dooney & bourke bags will be available again?

    • @Susan – I’ll have to check with the accessories team.

  • Any chance the Haunted Mansion weekender will come back instock?

    • @Verlynda – I spoke with the accessories team who said to look for it later this year, closer to the holiday season.

  • Hi Steven! Do you know how much the Dooney & Bourke MagicBands will be? Thank you!

    • @Brendon – Each limited edition MagicBand will have a retail of $48.00 (plus tax).

  • Hello
    Do you know the dimensions of the shopper tote in the Lovebirds print? Is looks a lot smaller than the usual tote in the picture. I love that new print! Thank you so much!!

    • @Karen – I’ll have to ask the accessories team. I can say the tote is the regular size you’d come to expect. It looks smaller in the image yet I recall photographing it and it seemed like all other shopper totes. The approximate dimensions are H 10.0” – W 4.25” – L 11.75” – strap drop 9”

  • Thank you so much Steven for posting this! <3 Do we have any word on whether there will be limited Unique bags at this release party similar to the past events which Mr. Ray has attended? I am very much looking forward to this and having a chance at a unique design or bag would just be the icing on the cake! <3 Can't Wait! <3

    • @Jessica – I’m not aware of any such offering for this event.

  • Hi Steven – Sadly I will not be back to WDW until January 2017, but we are AP holders at Disneyland. Do you have a date on the Small World bags at DLR? Thank you in advance!!

    • @Liz – The “it’s a small world” bags should be released at Disneyland Resort shortly after July 23. You may also be able to find select styles using the Shop Disney Parks mobile app or on the Disney Parks online store.

  • Thanks for all the info 😀 I have a question please! The magic band have any special sound and effect or just the regular one?

    • @Katia – You are correct – there are certain MagicBands that have a surprise and delight effect at select touchpoints throughout Walt Disney World Resort. You’ll have to wait and see whether you’ll be surprised if these do! 🙂

  • @Steven when will the Beauty & Beast bag be released? Coming to Disney 7/17-7/22

    • @Lindsey – I hope you have a wonderful visit! The Beauty and the Beast-inspired handbags will be released in August. I don’t have a confirmed release date at this time.

  • Hi Steven are the BATB and Dumbo Dooney’s still being released on schedule?

    • @Maria – Look for those items to be released in August. I’ll have an article once details are finalized.

  • Will these be available for purchase on-line?

    • @Elizabeth – Select items may be available via the Disney Parks online store or the Shop Disney Parks mobile app later in July.

  • Hello, will the magic bands be available on the app for purchase? Thanks

    • @Nicole – The Dooney & Bourke MagicBands will be released via the Shop Disney Parks app. Look for them at a later date in July.

  • Very excited about the MagicBands! Fingers crossed that I will be able to get one online or on the app!

    • @Julie – You may be able to find select styles via the Shop Disney Parks app later in July.

  • When will the Beauty and the Beast collection be released?

    • @Jeanine – The Beauty and the Beast-inspired handbags will be released in August. I don’t have a confirmed date at this time. Look for a future Disney Parks Blog article once details are finalized.

  • Thank you for the update, Steven. Do you know what the retail prices will be for the Lovebirds collection?

    • @Casey – Here are the retails for the handbags. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.
      “it’s a small world”
      Shopper Tote – $268
      Pouchette – $158
      Wallet – $158
      Wristlet – $98
      Shopper Tote – $298
      Large Letter Carrier – $248

  • I love the “It’s a Small World” Dooney and Bourke bags, but want it in the letter carrier. Any chance that they will come out with out this in a letter carrier?

  • @Steven – Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply! You’re the best!

  • Is this a ticketed event, or should we simply show up? Wristbands? Also, what time will the event begin? So excited for these designs! Thanks.

    • @Trinna – This is not a ticketed event; it is open to guests of all ages visiting Disney Springs that day. Wristbands may be distributed and purchase limits will apply. The event will begin with the opening of the Marketplace Co-Op that day, which is typically 10:00 a.m. Check for the most up-to-date hours –

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