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Discover Shanghai Disneyland: Gardens of Imagination

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

We recently began a land-by-land tour through the six themed lands of the new Shanghai Disneyland, starting with Mickey Avenue. Today, we continue with the beautiful Gardens of Imagination.

Created especially for Shanghai Disneyland, the Gardens of Imagination celebrates the wonders of nature and the joy of imagination, offering guests a place to leave their everyday life behind to enjoy the variety of unique gardens, take a spin on the Fantasia Carousel, soar on Dumbo the Flying Elephant or explore the sights and sounds of Melody Garden.

The first land inside a Disney park designed as a garden, the Gardens of Imagination is tailored to the Chinese people’s love of gardens. More than 100 species of shrubs and more than 60 species of trees adorn the land’s fifteen acres.

Gardens of Imagination at Shanghai Disneyland

Inside Gardens of Imagination, Garden of the Twelve Friends makes its global premiere at Shanghai Disneyland, starring Disney and Disney•Pixar characters in Chinese zodiac style. This whimsical garden features 12 larger-than-life mosaic murals, each depicting a Disney or Disney•Pixar character who represents a Chinese zodiac animal symbol.

Next, we continue our tour of Shanghai Disneyland with Adventure Isle … pack your gear and join us!


  • Hola! Im Rodolfo from Mexico and Im writing this post from the Toy Story Hotel and I have spent 3 days at Shanghai Disneyland and WOOOOOOW still can’t believe it! Congratulations to all the Disney Family that is behind this incredible and wonderful place. This is a place you should visit in this amazing country China. Gardens of Imagination s is truly an incredible place, a very relaxing place in the park! ºoº Congratulations Disney you have done it again! =) Xie xie!

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