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Disney Parks Blog Unboxed – New Dooney & Bourke Items for Summer 2016 at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

For this episode of Disney Parks Blog Unboxed, I spent a beautiful morning at The BOATHOUSE in Disney Springs. While there, Rob, the Disney Delivery Guy surprised me with a box full of new products by Dooney & Bourke.

The items shown in this video will be released this summer in select merchandise locations at Disney Parks. The “it’s a small world” handbags and retail MagicBands will be released in July. The “Beauty and the Beast” and “Dumbo” handbags will be found in August.

Look for an upcoming Disney Parks Blog article with details about a release event on July 23 at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs Marketplace.


  • Oh wow ?! Those Dooney & Bourke Magic Bands are awesome! I hope they will be available on the Disney Shop Park App!

    • @Christopher – You may find the retail MagicBands on the Shop Disney Parks app and the Disney Parks online store at a later date this summer.

  • Will the magicbands be the same price as other limited edition magicbands or will they be more. Also are two of them printed on white bands or are they just other color bands printed white.

    • @Bailey – The limited edition retail MagicBands will have a retail of $48.00 each. The MagicBand team said they wanted to match colors of the original Dooney & Bourke bag designs as closely as possible.

  • Will we be able to purchase these bags on the Shop Disney Parks app? Thank you!

    • @Casey – You may be able to find select handbags on the Shop Disney Parks app later this summer. I don’t have a confirmed release date at this time.

  • The B&B letter carrier will be mine! Love the print!

  • Steven, you made my day. You have NO idea how much I NEED the Dumbo shopper tote!!! I cannot wait!! Will it be available to purchase on the app because I cannot get down there until September and I am SO worried it will sell out! Thanks!

    • @Victoria – The Dumbo-themed handbags should be coming to the Shop Disney Parks app later this summer. I hope you have a safe trip in September; it’s a wonderful time of year to visit!

  • These items look awesome Steven! Will they all (minus the magic bands of course) be released at Disneyland in California as well?

    • @Heather – Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog in a few weeks when I’ll have additional release details about these items.

  • When will these be available at Disneyland?

    • @Marie – I do not have any confirmed release information at this time. You may see certain patterns at Disneyland Resort at a future date later this summer.

  • So excited to see these! Are they going to be open edition? I’d love to pick them up while I’m down there in October. As always, thank you for these wonderful posts and videos! 🙂

    • @Becky – Thank you for the kind words. The retail MagicBands will have an edition size of 1,500 each. The handbags aren’t considered “limited edition” as they don’t have a finite production number. There may be, however, only a certain number ordered for initial shipments.

  • I LOVE the It’s a Small World pattern. Will they also be offering it in a letter carrier handbag? Please?

    • @Annette – There won’t be a letter carrier handbag for that pattern at this time. Thank you for the comment as it will help with future planning of silhouettes. We try to offer guests a range of price-points for each collection as well as take into account the scale of the art that fits best across multiple silhouettes.

  • Do you have any pricing details on the bags yet? Specifically Beauty and the Beast. Beautiful bags! So exciting.

    • @Katee – Here are retails. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice:

      “it’s a small world”
      Shopper Tote – $268
      Pouchette – $158
      Wallet – $158
      Wristlet – $98
      “Beauty and the Beast”
      Shopper Tote – $248
      Large Letter Carrier – $198
      Wristlet – $98
      Dumbo 75th Anniversary
      Tote – $268
      Letter Carrier – $178
      Wristlet – $98

  • What will be the material each purse is made of? Thanks!

    • @Nikki – The handbags Coated Cotton with 100% Vacchetta Leather trim.

  • Hi Steven! Will dumbo be available on the shop disney parks app?? Also will the magic bands be available on the shop disney parks app?? Thank you 🙂 love this video.

  • Thank you for another great video, Steven! These videos really make my day! Do you know the prices for each bag set? Also, will the MagicBand cost be the same as the current Limited Edition MagicBands?

    • @Casey – Please see comments above and below for retail pricing.

  • Oh my – a MagicBand to match my “Best of Mickey” purse!? How cute! Do you know what the price will be for those?

    • @Molly – Each limited edition MagicBand will have a retail of $48.00 (plus tax).

  • Very excited for beauty and the beast but why no matching wallet?

  • Why aren’t they making a wallet in the BATB print?

  • Hey Steven, are some of those MagicBands on a new white colored band? That’s what it looks like in the video. Thanks for the update!

    • @Ethan – The MagicBand team wanted to match the colors used on the original Dooney & Bourke handbag designs.

  • Another vote for an “it’s a small world” letter carrier! But I can make do with the shopper tote. It was very nice of y’all to make the bag in colors that match my office perfectly. Of course that might be because I chose “it’s a small world” as the inspiration for my office.

    • @Kuleen – That’s fantastic! The artwork and colors used on that design are wonderful.

  • The Beauty and the Beast is by far my absolute favorite so far. Just wish there would have been a satchel and wallet Can’t wait for the release I’m so excited.!!

  • Hello, Steven! Question for you: The BATB and Small World print is seemingly VERY popular. For someone that wants the perfect placement (in my opinion) I want to be able to get to the parks to pick mine out personally but that won’t happen until maybe Fall. Should I be worried that once these are gone, they are GONE for good?

    • @Rachel – It’s difficult to say at this point. I know that those patterns can be reordered if needed. Availability in the fall will depend upon how popular the items are during their initial release.

  • Steven,
    What is actually being released on July 23?

    • @Deric – I’ll have a follow up story in a few weeks that will provide details about the July 23 event. Please stay tuned.

  • Hi Steven! Fabulous prints!! Can we have a sneak peek at the color of the linings too? I hoping for something different than red, but I’ll love them just the same. Thank you! 😉

    • @Lauri – The “Beauty and the Beast” and “it’s a small world” handbags have a purple lining. The Dumbo 75th anniversary bags have a gorgeous red lining.

  • Dear Steven and the entire merc team: I am putting together a box of my own to send you which will contain all. my. money 🙂 These items are ah-may-zing. I only wish I could have one of those Dooney MagicBands for my mid-June trip!

  • Loving the new designs! Just take my money now!!! Thanks for the sneak peek!

  • I would love to know what exact stores will be selling the BATB bags. I don’t want to pay a personal shopper to buy them because if I go in person I can get the Passholder discount. Exact date and location would be awesome!

    • @Catherine – I don’t have final confirmation of release locations at this point. Keep watching the Disney Parks Blog in a few weeks for another article about these items.

  • Hi Steven! I was wondering what the dimensions of the Beauty and the Beast tote are? Is it one of the huge totes? Or a smaller one? Thank you!!! So excited for this one!!

    • @Jessica – It is a large functional shopper tote and measures approximately H 11.25″ x W 5.25″ x L 13.75″.

  • VERY excited to see the Small World print and the Dooney-themed MagicBands! Are there any plans to offer additional Dooney-patterned MagicBands in future? Would love to see Star Wars and Beach patterns in those!

    • @Trinna – Currently, we are focused on these four limited edition MagicBands. Since this is the first time we’ve released this kind of MagicBand, it’s difficult to say what future plans will hold. I’m sure I’ll have a Disney Parks Blog article, however, should there be different options in the future. 🙂

  • These look amazing, when and if are they coming out with a Villains version.

  • How much will the magic bands be?

    • @Elisabeth – Each limited edition MagicBand will have a retail of $48.00 (plus tax).

  • I love your videos and updates, Steven! I’m so excited about the IASW D&B bags–decisions, decisions! I really enjoy my Le Sportsac IASW from several years ago. Are there any more plans for new attractions with Le Sportsac?

    • @Stephanie – LeSportsac items aren’t developed by Disney Parks Merchandise so I don’t have much visibility to future development.

  • Where are the satchels? Why would three great classic designs only come out in three styles? I can’t use any of these in my daily use, I already had planned to buy at least one Dooney in the Beauty and the Beast pattern but I can’t now because you’re only releasing in the shopper tote and letter carrier. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add some satchels to the line ups!

    • @Nancy – Thank you for your comment. I’ll share with the development team. When selecting silhouettes, the accessories team takes into account the scale of the art that fits best across multiple silhouettes. They also want to offer a range of price-points for each collection so your feedback helps for future planning.

  • When are we gonna see a Steven Miller/ Delivery Guy Dooney? Those two have such great chemistry!

    • @Sarah – Thank you 🙂 The world isn’t ready for something like that. Ha!

  • Could you tell me the size of the Small World tote?

    • @Jennifer – The tote measures approximately L 12.75″ by W 6″ by H 10.75″.

  • Thanks for another fun video! Loving all the beautiful Disney D&B patterns. I’d like to echo the request for a little more variety in style. Something in between the size of the tote and the letter carrier. That Small World pattern in a satchel would be a showstopper! Thanks, again!

  • Steven,
    What are the dimension of the Disney Dumbo Letter Carrier?

    • @Deric – The dimensions are approximately L 8.25″ by W 2″ by H 8.25″.

  • I LOVE Dumbo! Thank you so much! I also love that it’s black/white/red and not bright circus colors like most Dumbo things are! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Hi Steven… I’m a bit late to this post but I’ve been patiently waiting for “the small world” tote. Can you tell me will I be able to order the bag by calling the merchandise number?… Thank you for your help and time!!!… ?

    • @Marlo – The Merchandise Guest Services team may have access to these items once released. Your better option would be using the free Shop Disney Parks mobile app. You can order items directly from the app and have them shipped to your home. To download, please visit At this point, I don’t have an ETA as to when they will appear on the app.

  • Can you please tell me how long the strap is on the Beauty and The Beast Letter Carrier? Thank you! 🙂

    • @Vanessa – The strap drop length is 25” and it’s adjustable.

  • I live all 3 designs! Decisions, decisions…

    Another request for designs to be offered in a satchel. Please, please…

  • I LOVE these new prints! I have had a Disney four parks Dooney and Bourke tassel purse for three years that I’ve used every day. I still get compliments on it often! I would love a letter carrier style in the new It’s a Small World print. I’m so excited, it’s gorgeous!

  • I just have to say, Steven, that I can’t get that much stuff out of a box that size! I need a second job just to cover my D&B Disney addiction!

  • Do you have the dimensions for the following “it’s a small world” items?
    Pouchette – $158
    Wallet – $158
    Wristlet – $98

    Love this print! Thank you. Michelle

    • @Michelle – The tote measures approximately L 12.75″ by W 6″ by H 10.75″. I’ll have to ask about addition items.

  • will the magic bands make a special sound when they are scanned, as the other LE bands have?

  • When will Dooney & Burke make Men’s wallets? Especially Haunted Mansion like the womens purses? I have a Harveys mens wallet and it is awesome, but also a Haunted Mansion fan and would love a wallet like the first HM Dooney Burke HM pattern. Thank you.

  • Is the Dooney and Bourke Beauty and the Beast bag going to also be available on the Disneystore website or just the Disney park app? I’m super excited! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie!!!!!

  • Will the haunted mansion weekender bag ever come back or was it limited edition?

  • Hi,
    Will the Beauty and the Beast Dooney’s be available at Disneyland?

  • Do we know what date the magic bands are going to be released?

  • What are the dimensions on the Its A Small World wallet?

  • Hey Steve, I am waiting (not so patiently) for the Beauty and the Beast Bag release date. Any idea of when that might be?

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