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#DisneyFamilia: Deliciosos Bites at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sarah Domenech

by , Public Relations Manager

Next time you go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you need to stop by Bocados del Lago, one of the new quick-service kiosks located in the Echo Lake area of the park.

The kiosk, the most popular of the three, offers comfort food from Latin America to all of our guests. Chef Joey Gullia got inspiration from Brazil, Mexico and others to offer deliciosos bocados: nachos, empanadas and a dulce de leche cookie.

Beef Empenadas from Bocados del Lago at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort

The beef empanadas (or pastel de carne) are served with a roasted corn and black bean salsa, queso fresco and cilantro sour cream. It’s a fusion of flavors from Brazil and Mexico in one small dish.

The loaded nachos with chili and cheese are actually a vegetarian dish since the chili doesn’t have any meat. It has a rich tomato base and features kidney beans, mushrooms, peppers, onions and soy protein!

Loaded Nachos at Bocados del Lago at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort

Guests looking for a refreshing alcoholic beverage can also find Corona beer and a lime margarita available at the Bocados del Lago.

This summer is definitely looking good at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Bocados del Lago and the other kiosks are open for a limited time so be sure to try them before summer ends.


  • We tried the nachos and empanadas on our last visit to Hollywood Studios and loved these new offerings! Bring on the kiosks! I love the new variety of quick service options.

  • I saw these on my last trip and they looked quite good. By the time I got back around to there to purchase something the stands were all closed at 5:45pm!! As this is still late spring/early summer the sun was still up for a good while after that and there is no reason to close them that early, especially before dinner time. I already spoke to Guest Relations who made note of it and I hope the hours are expanded so more people can try these dining options, especially around dinner time! I hope to catch them when I go again next time, it really looked interesting! Marie

  • Raul: Yes, they can!

    Any item that has toppings on it at all 3 of the new DHS food stands can be customized. It’s just like the Food & Wine or Flower & Garden food stands, where you order at stand-alone registers and then take the receipt to the stand itself and give them it so they know what you ordered.

    For example: A friend I went with got the Beef Brisket sliders from “Sliders to the Stars”, but doesn’t like Horseradish. All she had to do was tell them and there was no issue.

    Another relative got the nachos, and when she handed the receipt to the woman inside the stand told them she was vegan. They made her nachos without the cheese or sour cream, leaving the chips, chili, guac, tomatoes, peppers, and jalapenos.

  • Sorry…. Empanadas and Dulce de Leche, is from ARGENTINA…. no Brazil and México…..


  • Can the Nachos be made vegan?

  • Pastel de carne is Brazilian and I am looking forward to having some when I visit.

  • Since I am a vegetarian, the nachos will come in handy for me. Thanks for the tip!

  • Even though Brazil is in Latin America, nachos and tacos and empanadas have NOTHING to do with our cuisine! The closest Brazilian item in that menu, one could argue, is the doce de leite cookies.
    You wanna have Brazilian comfort food that would drive people NUTS? Add pão de queijo to that menu! 😀

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