Setting the Flight Plan for Soarin’ Around the World

Adam Earnhart

by , Communications Manager, Disney Experiences

We recently shared how Disney California Adventure park guests will take to the skies above some of our planet’s most astounding natural and manmade wonders aboard Soarin’ Around the World – thanks to the efforts of the California Aviators, who’ve converted the Grizzly Peak Airfield hangar into a sort-of flying theater to take you on an exhilarating aerial adventure traveling far beyond the Golden State.

In this video, Walt Disney Imagineering portfolio creative executive Tom Fitzgerald tells us more about the development of this new experience, including the attraction’s incredible international itinerary. You might even notice we’re visiting a couple of landmarks which provided inspiration for some beloved Disneyland Resort attractions.

Flights on Soarin’ Around the World depart beginning June 17 from both Disney California Adventure park at the Disneyland Resort, and Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort, one day after Soaring Over the Horizon debuts at the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland on June 16. Plus, don’t miss your last chance to experience the original Soarin’, now through June 15.


  • My mom and I went to Disneyland and DCA last Friday. Soarin’ Over California was good, but the new Soarin’ is amazing. I know it has been met with some negativity and asking why they changed it. I think it brings the whole Disney Vacation Club to light and all of the places that Disney can take someone.

    I never got the ‘smells’ during CA, but the new one was so very abundant in the different scenes. I think it is great, however a few adjustments could have been made. Depending on which section you are in could distort the images seen. We were on the far left side in the front row and everything was curved to the right. It was a little sad given that the Eiffel Tower is not truly curved. Otherwise, I think it is a great change.

  • I didn’t think Disney could make Soarin’ any better! I was wrong! Soarin’ around the world is AWESOME! My family loved it.

  • We just got back from Disneyland last weekend and sorry to say “Soaring” has been ruined. Soaring Over California used to be our whole family’s favorite ride at CA, maybe even all of Disneyland. Now it’s not worth the wait, no matter how long the line is. I hope you see the error of your ways and bring back Soaring over CALIFORNIA.

  • I’m sorry but why did they change it at DCA? Sarin Around The World seems more appropriate for Epcot, not DCA.

  • I hope the intro is done by Patrick Warburton, he’s the BEST!

  • We usually visit WDW in Florida and go every other year. Next year, we will finally get to California and visit Disneyland. Can’t wait to see the updated Soarin along with the rest of the park. Do we have to avoid “kicking the kayaker” in this new version? 🙂

  • Wow! Soarin’ Around the World looks awesome!
    I’m really looking forward to seeing this on my future trip. I loved the music of the prior version and hope this one does not disappoint. Keep up the great work Disney!

  • Did he say “the subtle scents”? I hope so! The smell-o-vision is one of my favorite parts of the old Soarin’. Will it be back in a new form for the new ride?

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