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Disney Pin Scavenger Hunt Starts at Disneyland Park on August 4, 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Get ready for fun, adventure and a little bit of magic at Disneyland park with the release of a pin scavenger hunt called “Disney PinQuest.” You may recall a few weeks ago that we introduced a similar Disney PinQuest at Magic Kingdom Park in Florida. Guests at the Happiest Place on Earth can enjoy this new Disney pin adventure beginning August 4, 2016. Below are details how to get started on this fun activity for the whole family.

Disneyland Resort PinQuest Starter Kit

Guests should first purchase an adventure kit. This item contains a lanyard to showcase pins; a decoder medal for use with PinQuest pins; and a lanyard pouch to hold the Disneyland park map included in the adventure kit. The lanyard pouch also holds PinQuest clue cards, which are sold separately.

Disneyland Resort PinQuest Clue Card Medal Pin

There are six different PinQuest clue cards. Each clue card has a question that needs answered and shared with a NavigatEAR cast member in a particular location. Once solved, you can redeem the clue card for a PinQuest pin using the perforated ticket on the bottom of the clue card.
Continue the hunt by using the decoder medal from the adventure kit. Line up the arrows for each pin to determine your next destination within Disneyland park.

Disneyland Resort PinQuest Completer Pin

After purchasing all six clue cards and receiving stamps and pins from each participating location, guests can return to any designated PinQuest location for the final step. The participating locations include:

At those locations, guests who have completed the entire Disneyland PinQuest are eligible to purchase a QuestEAR pin completer pin (shown above).

All items for this PinQuest are available while supplies last. These items will not be sold via the Disney Parks online store or Shop Disney Parks app. You’ll need separate admission to Disneyland park in order to participate.

Good luck and happy trading, QuestEARs!


  • Hello! How can you purchase the framed set? We completed the quest in Disneyland Resort last weekend, but are home now. Are we able to purchase the framed set? We have our pins, of course, but the set at the park was so nicely put together.

  • I just heard about this today, 8/31/16 -does anyone know if this is still available at Disneyland? or when it ends? – thanks

  • Need some clarifications as I plan to do this with/for my son tomorrow! Are there 6 cards total, for the park? Or 6 cards for each LAND at the park? I was chatting with a castmember and I think I may have misunderstood her on this…please help!

  • We’re going on Thursday and Friday and can’t wait. We did the adventure jujus in 2014 and did the 60th search last year. These give us something to do when lines are long. Can’t wait to do this new adventure as it seems to take you places an adult wouldn’t normally go (I’m talking it’s a Small World).

  • I did this yesterday with my husband.
    We are AP holders and we did get the discount.
    We started at 20th Century Music where they gave us the option of just purchasing the whole ki and caboodle outright and then doing the quest so we didn’t have to stand in line at each destination, or purchasing the starter kit and then going to each location to asset the clue, redeem the card and get your pin, then purchase the clue to your next destination.
    I preferred the latter because it seemed like more of a quest. But my husband didn’t want to wait in the lines at each location so we bought everything upfront. I still wish we hadn’t. It lost some of the fun for me, but my husband was glad we did it that way.
    Either way we both enjoyed ourselves. It was fun.

    • @Tamera – Thank you for visiting Disneyland! I hope you both had a nice visit.

  • This reminds me of the Adventureland Trading Conpany Juju hunt in 2014. That was SO muc fun, one of the highlights of any time I’ve visited the parks. Hopeful that gets a revival someday too!

  • Just did the PinQuest on the first day and it was a blast.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Are you planning to add a PinQuest for DCA or even DTD?

    2. What is the pricing on having the PinQuest pins framed? I tried to get pricing today, but it wasn’t available (understandable since it was the first day).

    The only thing that I would suggest is to buy everything first and redeem the first clue pin at the first pin stop. Then get each pin for the next stop after the first pin.

    So you will have

    Starter pack (lanyard, map and decoder)

    6 clues (to which you would redeem the first one at that location ex: Pieces of Eight)

    Take the other five clues and solve them at each location. This will save time from purchasing at each location.

    Buy your completion pin at the first point of purchase (ex: Pieces of Eight. It feels complete that way).

    I am not much of a pin guy, but this experience added so much value to the pins and made it extremely memorable than purchasing a pin off the shelf and knowing what it is.

    Please do more experiences like this in the future.

    • @Brett – Here are a couple of responses:
      1) I’m not aware of immediate plans but if something is created I’m sure I’ll cover it on
      2) I’m not aware of availability of framing for this item.
      3) I’m delighted to hear you had an enjoyable experience. I’ll share your feedback with the Disney Pin Team.

  • I remember how much fun I had with the “scavenger hunt” associated with the 45th Anniversary where you purchased a map for $9.95 and then went to 5 different locations in the park, got a stamp at each location, and then showed the completed map to a Cast Member who gave you 3 pins. To this day I have my map framed and hanging in my “Disney Room” and the pins I received on my Disney Pin Board.

    While I am absolutely delighted that Disneyland is doing another scavenger hunt, I am a little taken back by the cost. I would love to be able to have each of my kids do this but at $80 a pop, that’s out of the question.

  • Hi! I’m really excited about this event. Just one comment though, if you could please pass it along higher up the management chain. Can you please choose these special events at times where SoCal AP members are not blocked out? It’s just unfair. As SoCal AP members we spend so much time and money at the park all year, I think we deserve access to events like this as well. We were blocked out the last few years for the Diamond Celebration and the Adventure in Trading Company JuJu hunt and now this too? I hope nothing is sold out by the end of August when I can get in the park.

  • This says the PinQuests are available “while supplies last.” I realize it’s hard to predict the future but do you think this will be available for a couple of weeks or is this something that will sell out in the first day/weekend?

    • @Robin – You are correct that it’s difficult to see the future. The Disney PinQuest was purposely designed to last for awhile. It’s considered a limited release item.

  • So we need a separate admission ticket for this even but how much is that ticket for AP members????????????

  • How long will this be available? We are planning to be at DL in early September.

    • @Jeremy – Like it’s counterpart in Florida, this Disney PinQuest was purposely designed to last for awhile. It’s considered a limited release item. Granted, it’s difficult to say how long it will run as it will depend upon popularity with guests. I hope you have a nice visit in September.

  • We recently did the WDW version of this. It was fun. We did get AP discounts on the pricing. $80 seems like a lot, but you get lanyard, pouch, map, decoder, and seven pins. It’s still cheaper than if you purchased them all separately.

    • @Monica – Thank you for visiting us! Glad to hear you had a great time.

  • Hi! I know someone mentioned this previously but will Annual Pass discounts be available for this?

    • @Mike – Yes, Annual Passholder discounts will apply.

  • Will this end up coming to Disneyland Paris at all?

    • @Lucy – I don’t have visibility to products developed for Disneyland Paris. I’m not aware of any plans.

  • Will AP Discounts apply?

    • @Amanda – Annual Passholder discounts will apply.

  • Wow so almost $80 for this? That’s a lot of $$

  • This looks so awesome. Will this be an ongoing event, or is it only for summer?

    • @Andrew – Glad you like it. The Disney PinQuest is considered a limited release item. It was purposely designed to run for awhile. It’s difficult for me to give an end date as it will depend upon how popular it is with guests visiting Disneyland park.

  • Where will we be able to purchase these? It just says that it won’t be eligible for purchase online

    • @Brittani – Please visit participating locations inside Disneyland park including:
      – Frontierland – Westward Ho Trading Co.
      – Main Street, U.S.A. – 20th Century Music Company
      – Fantasyland – “it’s a small world” Toy Shop
      – Critter Country – Pooh Corner
      – Tomorrowland – Little Green Men Store Command
      – New Orleans Square – The Pieces of Eight Shop

  • Awesome! Any Idea on The Pricing? Would It Be The Same Roughly as WDW Magic Kingdom’s PinQuest?

    • @Thomas – You are correct. It’s the same (see my response to Grace’s question below).

  • Nice! How much will this quest cost?

    • @Grace and Elizabeth – Retails are as follows (please note all retail prices are subject to change without notice):
      Adventure Kit – $14.99
      Clue Cards – $9.99 (each)
      Completer Pin (for guests who have completed the entire Disneyland PinQuest) – $4.99

  • Can you give us prices? For the original kit and the cards?

  • Thank you for bringing this adventure to Disneyland

    • @Peter – Glad to hear of your excitement. Hope you are able to visit Disneyland soon 🙂

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