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#DisneyKids: Turtle Talk with Crush at Epcot

If, like my kids, your little ones are fans of “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory,” you won’t want to miss the awesome experience of a live Q&A with everyone’s favorite sea turtle, Crush. At the interactive Turtle Talk with Crush attraction at Epcot, kids can ask any question that is on their mind. And since it is live, the show is different every time – which means that my kids want to visit over and over again! They love that Crush is joined by some of his friends from the films, like Marlin, Nemo, Dory and more.

We asked some of the little dudes and dudettes in the audience about their conversations with the totally tubular turtle. Check out their cute responses in this video:


  • We were just there in June, and had a blast talking with Crush, along with our 4 grand kids, I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids, as Crush started interacting directly with me, and took a shot at my swimming style, loved it, so did the kids!

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