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Indiana Jones Funko Pop! Figure Coming to Disney Parks on July 22, 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

A Funko Pop! vinyl figure inspired by Indiana Jones is coming to select merchandise locations at Disney Parks on July 22. This Funko Pop! figure is part of a collection of figures created especially for Disney Theme Park Merchandise. Other figures in this collection include four Haunted Mansion-themed Funko Pop! released in November 2015.

Indiana Jones Funko Pop! Figure Coming to Disney Parks on July 22, 2016

The packaging for this figure includes a nod to the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction in Adventureland at Disneyland park (don’t look into the eyes of Mara!). For this article, I visited the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney’s Hollywood Studios to grab a few photos of Indiana Jones in action.

Indiana Jones Funko Pop! Figure Coming to Disney Parks on July 22, 2016

This Indiana Jones figure is different than one being released at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2016. The Comic-Con figure (#199) was inspired by “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” whereas the Disney Parks figure (#200) was inspired by “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

Indiana Jones Funko Pop! Figure Coming to Disney Parks on July 22, 2016

The Disney Parks Exclusive figure will have a retail of $19.99, and it will be released at the following Disney Parks merchandise locations:

Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney World Resort

Guests may also have this figure shipped directly to home using the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. To download the app, please visit


  • When will you get more in stock at disneyland park and/ or downtown disney. I was in line on release day and it sold out due to customers purchasing multiple items only to resell. Is there a way to notify me and the public of more shipments? Thank you

  • Hopefully this will be available again on the app. Much rather get it through Disney instead of the prices I’m already seeing on eBay …

  • So I’m genuinely curious as to what happened with the product launch because everyone I’ve spoken to in person or online about this said their order was cancelled. Why even bother making it able to be ordered if the orders are just going to be cancelled. Also I ordered it at 1:23 AM PST, from what I can tell it was available to order starting shortly after midnight PST. Also, will measures be put in place to prevent this from happening on future releases/restocks? Perhaps dramatically decrease the limit from 10/person to 2-3, set aside a quantity that is specifically for app orders, etc?

  • Hi Steven,
    I didn’t get my Indiana Jones Pop and they’re all sold out ?
    Do you know if you will have more available?

  • The funko pop is not on the app anymore. It was earlier today and everytime I tried to order it the app crashed

  • FYI,, The Disney Parks Exclusive Indiana Jones Funko POP! “Temple of the Forbidden Eye” is available to the public right now on the Shop Disney Parks app,, NOT on Disneystore. Just thought I would share,, good luck everyone,, this will not last long!

  • Hi Steven. I just saw that these figures are limited release, do you happen to know when they will stop being sold in parks? I would love to get one on my trip in October.

  • Do you know what time the item will be available on the app? When are new items typically made available?

  • Steven,

    I have downloaded the app and am looking forward to getting this Pop as he is my favorite Disney character. What is the best way to guarantee that I can get this Pop as it is the one that I wanted most this convention season and unfortunately wasn’t able to get tickets to SDCC and would hate to have to pay after market prices.


  • Can I use a Disney gift card as my payment method for a purchase made on the Shop Disney Parks app?

    • @Tyler – Unfortunately, Disney gift cards are not a payment option at this time for the Shop Disney Parks app.

  • Please, Indiana Jones merchandise are only sold at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or I can find them at Magic Kingdom? Thanks for your attention 🙂

    • @Bruno – At Walt Disney World Resort, this figure will be released at the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Pin Traders at Disney Springs Marketplace.

  • Hello was wondering if there was a limit on how many pops we could purchase?

    • @Ryan – Typically for the majority of products released at Disney Parks, there is a purchase limit of 10 items, per item number, per guest, per day. There are some exceptions to the standard purchase limit (e.g. limited edition pins usually have a purchase limit of two pins, per item number, per guest, per day).

  • Do you know if the Raiders version with the whip and idol will be available at other Comic Cons? I have been waiting for this figure for years now and am really frustrated that it might only be at the SDCC, or the secondary market for $85+.?

    • @Dean – I’m not aware of details about the figure being released at San Diego Comic-Con other than I know one will be released there.

  • So if the SDCC figure is based on Raiders, and this is based on Doom, will we be seeing more Indy figures for Last Crusade (with holy grail), and Crystal Skull (older with skull)? Those would be awesome.

  • Hi Steven,

    Just spoke with Guest Services and was told they’re not sure they’ll be available to order through the app. If they are, it will be a few weeks after the park release date. Can you confirm this will be available through the app, even if the Parks sell out before then? Love Indy but bummed this and the SDCC ones are exclusives. Hoping I can at least snag this one through Disney! Thanks!

    • @Joshua – I spoke with the Merchandise Guest Services team. They should be able to assist once the product is released at Disney Parks.

  • Are the Haunted Mansion pops still available at the Parks?

    • @Amanda – The Haunted Mansion Funko Pop! figures were limited release items and are currently not available at Disney Parks.

  • Love Disneyland, Love Funko, but you guys seriously should have switched which one was for SDCC and which was at the parks, the one with the Idol, representing the first movie should have been the one for the parks and the one for Temple of Doom should have been SDCC because that is arguably the least popular of the 4 movies, certainly of the original trilogy.

    Will we be able to use the Merchandise Guest Service phone order system for this? Or do I need to find a friend with a phone able to use the app?

    • @Tyler – Thank you for your feedback. You might be able to order this figure via the Merchandise Guest Services team. The Shop Disney Parks app is another option for guests. It’s a free download and information can be found here:

  • Hi Steven

    Will these be limited.

    • @Matthew – The Disney Parks figure is limited release. It does not have an edition size.

  • Steven,

    Do you know yet when those “Metal Earth” figures will be released that you previewed in one of your unboxing videos quite a while ago?

    • @Jonathan – Great question. I’ll have to ask. This article was about Funko Pop! so I’m not 100% sure.

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