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Introducing Disney PhotoPass+ One Week at Disneyland Resort

Emily Southard

by , Communications Specialist

Disney PhotoPass Service has some exciting news to share!

You can now enjoy unlimited digital downloads of all Disney PhotoPass photos in your account captured during a one-week visit to Disneyland Resort for one low price with our new product: Disney PhotoPass+ One Week!

Introducing Disney PhotoPass+ One Week at Disneyland Resort

Disney PhotoPass+ One Week includes all your PhotoPass photos linked to your Disney account from a seven-consecutive-day period of your choosing, including select attraction and dining photos, Magic Shots and Animated Magic Shots.

This new product can be purchased for $69 online before, during or after a visit to Disneyland Resort.

Only visiting Disneyland Resort for the day? You can still purchase Disney PhotoPass+ One Day for $39 at or in the Disneyland mobile app.

Our photographers are ready to capture your magical vacation moments, and with Disney PhotoPass+ One Week, you can make all of your Disneyland memories last a lifetime!

Disney PhotoPass Service and Disney PhotoPass+ are subject to the Disney PhotoPass and Disney PhotoPass+ terms found in Online registration required. Disney PhotoPass Photos in your account will expire pursuant to the expiration policy at Downloads are restricted to personal use only. Not responsible for missing, lost or damaged photos. Subject to restrictions and change without notice. Separate Theme Park admission required.

Message, data and roaming rates may apply for Disneyland App. Availability subject to handset limitations and features may vary by handset or service provider. Coverage not available everywhere. If you’re under 18, get your parents’ permission first.


  • We are going to Disneyland for 11 days. Usually when we go, we have purchased the Photopass+ and it was good for 2 weeks from the date of activation, so all of our photos on all of our days were included. If we buy the new “One Week” option, it sounds like it will only cover 7 days of our trip. From what I found it sound like we could, instead, purchase the “Disney PhotoPass Collection ($99 plus tax)” when our trip is complete and we would be able to get all of our photos from all 11 days? And would this somehow also cover our photos from the rides – or does it only cover the photos taken around the parks by photographers? How do we make sure we get all of our photos from all sources added to our account? (In the past we have always had the Photopass+ card we purchased on the lanyard and it let us add everything to the single card.) Thank you!

  • Can someone clarify for me: Is the PhotoPass+ One Week good at all locations, i.e. Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney?

  • I’ve been trying to purchase a 1 week pass for a few days now, but I keep getting an error creating the order. Is this product restricted to US residents only?
    I’m Dutch, but I can’t seem to buy one, and I’ll be at Disneyland for 5 days starting October 9th, so this was quite a nice deal.

  • So, in trying to find the one who option to purchase using the Disneyland app but the only available option appears to be the one day. Is this product only on a limited availability?

  • Will there be photographers at the Mickey Halloween Party at Disneyland?

  • Is there an option after the seven days is up to purchase a CD of all your pictures? Or are you just able to download them?

  • Yeah, the product page is the one that’s not showing most times. When it does show, I can click to purchase, which pops up a window that always ends up with Slinky Dog telling me things aren’t working.

    Guess I’ll call.

  • You need to go to the product page and it i available.

  • Has anyone been able to purchase this online? I’ve been trying on-and-off since it was announced, but I keep getting “this page is temporarily unavailable.”

  • I’m coming to Disneyland on October 7th for the Halloween Party, and then coming back for the Superheroes half marathon weekend from November 9-13. Can the Photopass+ one week be used to combine the photos from both of my trips?

  • I am very glad to see the multiple day option back! Does Disney have plans to return the ability to edit or add borders or signatures to the photos, or to return the ability to buy products such as mugs, photobooks, ornaments, mousepads, calendars, etc? In the past we always made a photopass book and occasionally bought mugs or other things and we really miss that ability.

  • Sounds great! Where can I find a list of attractions and dining locations that participate?

  • So, how does this work? In the past you would get a card which would be scanned by the photographer? Does it still work this way?

    • Hi Patrick! You will still continue to collect Disney PhotoPass cards from Disney PhotoPass Photographers during your visit. To link your photos to your account, simply enter the 16-digit PhotoPass ID found on your PhotoPass card in the Disneyland mobile app or at Disneyland website/PhotoPass. You can link attraction photos to your account by entering the 8-character Photo ID found at the attraction photo preview wall. Once you are ready to purchase Disney PhotoPass+ One Week, visit Disneyland website/PhotoPass and select “Additional Products.”

  • I wish this came out 2 weeks ago. Our pictures from May just expired and the only option was the one day Photo Pass +. If our pictures were still available, I would buy the week Photo Pass + in a heartbeat.

  • Will this be coming to the east coast parks?? 😀

  • Can I purchase it in the day we arrive at Disneyland? Is it only for USA residents? I am trying to purchase in advance but there’s only USA option as billing address for payment information.

  • Fantastic news!! We’re coming for 3 weeks in Sept and this will be wonderful! 🙂

  • Thank you! I could not justify $39 for only one day of PhotoPass+… My family and I shell out tons of money for all of the other photo packages (Disney World, Disney Cruises, and the old Disneyland PhotoPass), but $39 seemed way too much for just one day. This past May was the first time we didn’t buy a Disneyland PhotoPass. $69 for one week definitely sounds a lot more reasonable and better value for your guests 🙂

  • So a 7 day entry ticket is coming back that will match up with your week of photos?

  • Yeah!!! So glad you brought this option back! We love our photo pass photos but 1 day just isn’t enough!

  • Wow!!! Thank you Disney I did not want to buy 6 days in September I am so excited for this!

  • Sounds good but a question: For the Run Disney races in Florida, they now use Disney photographers to take the on course pics so you get those pics in your Photopass there.

    So do you use Disney photographers for Run Disney events in California and will those pictures be included? I am coming soon for the Disneyland Half-Marathon!

    • For the Disneyland® Half Marathon, Disney PhotoPass Photographers will be capturing your race photos on the course. Those photos are included as part of an active Disney PhotoPass+ One Day or Disney PhotoPass+ One Week entitlement. Good luck!

  • Yes! Finally! Was so bummed when the multi-day PhotoPass went away. This fills the gap nicely!

  • I see it now. You have to click the link for the ‘One Day’ and it is listed there as a purchase option. This is great!

  • When will the option be there? I click the link and it only lists the ‘+ One Day’ and the AP Downloads.

  • Is something similar coming out for Disney World or will that still be a $149 advance, non-refundable purchase?

  • How far in advance can you purchase the one week Photopass? We have a week booked for December! So excited!!

    • You can purchase Disney PhotoPass+ One Week at any time prior to your visit. Enjoy your trip!

  • This is great! We are getting there on Sat and doing the parks for 5 days (Sun to through Thurs). I was dreading buying single days for all 5 days!

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