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My Disney Experience ‘Get Directions’ Launches; Helps You Navigate Walt Disney World Resort

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

We’ve just launched a new My Disney Experience feature called “Get Directions” that makes getting around the Walt Disney World Resort a snap. The new GPS navigational tool delivers turn-by-turn walking directions and valuable transportation information right to your mobile device. Here’s how it works.

The new “Get Directions” button, now available on the My Disney Experience mobile app, offers guidance to important locations anywhere on property. For example, if you’re visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and select Expedition Everest, the “Get Directions” button will bring up clear step-by-step walking directions to the attraction from wherever you are in the park.

Get Directions in My Disney Experience app Get Directions in My Disney Experience app

Locations that can be found using the “Get Directions” button, include:

Also, transportation options included with the “Get Directions” feautre include bus, monorail and watercraft schedules. Give it a try today.


  • oops…the word “feature” needs to be corrected. It’s located under the Location list above. Also, transportation includes…bus, monorail…etc.

  • My ipad app does not have the “get directions” feature, nor does the home screen look anything like the one in the video????

  • my iPad app interface does not have any of this stuff either Shelley

  • Glad to see you tapped into the Google Maps API rather than doing this 100% from scratch. Do you also plan on adding multiple destinations to string together routes? I personally don’t need it, but I’m sure it would be a cool feature for people new to the parks. Additionally, I’d recommend the ability to sync with your daily itinerary***

    This is assuming the itinerary was enhanced so the wish list and daily route selection was optimized with your FastPass+, Dining Reservations, and custom parameters like time you want to leave/return to your room, pool time, etc. While something like this “Disney Vacation Itinerary/Route Planner/Optimizer” would be nice as a free feature/module, you could charge extra for it via an existing add-on like Memory Maker or create a new add-on just for this.

    Any plans on creating an Apple Watch version of My Disney Experience? FastPass+ & Dining Reservation reminders with ride wait times would be a good MVP/MMP.

    If your product team is hiring or just wants a power user to interview/survey, let me know! I’d love to bring my product development experience and love for Disney together to improve the Disney experience for everyone!

  • When will the app be available for Amazon Fire devise (and not thru a side load that may not work)?

  • do you have to be on Disney property for this feature to work? I do not see it on my app?

  • Video works for me now – thanks!

    This looks great – as the one in our group that always had to memorize the transportation system and figure it out for others, this’ll be a huge help. Now, my simple answer to “how do I get to?” will be “what does the app say?” Very good.

  • As a “directionly challenged” person this sounds awesome can’t wait to try it out.

  • Video doesn’t seem to work for me 🙁 Even tried opening it in it’s own window and got a DNS error. Might be just me…might not.

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