VIDEO: Disneyland Resort Celebrates 61 Years

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Yesterday, Disneyland Resort commemorated its 61st anniversary with festivities that began with the Disneyland Band leading the “Happiest March on Earth” down Main Street, U.S.A., followed by a cast of 61 Disney characters at the Main Street Train Station. Take a look back at the celebration!


  • That’s 8 more than the 53 that my daughter met over the three years we had annual passes.

  • wow – great day. We were there and had fun. Great to see characters like Prince John and Robin hood, the whole Cinderella stable of characters, Tweedles, and Miko, Pocahontas, John Smith, Terk and Jane. Oh yeah – Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck. Great stuff.

  • Awwww! Happy birthday Disneyland! Thanks for all the magic. <3

  • Happy 61st Anniversary Disneyland! 🙂

  • happy 61 going in a couple of months!

  • Happy birthday Disneyland! Here’s hoping there crowds thin out a bit after September 5th

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