Watch #DisneyParksLIVE Stream of ‘Paint the Night’ Parade from Disneyland Park, July 25 at 8:50 p.m. PT

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Our #DisneyParksLIVE series returns to the Disneyland Resort on Monday, July 25, with a live stream of “Paint the Night” parade, part of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration!

“Paint the Night” parade brings some of the most innovative floats, vibrant costumes, dazzling special effects, unforgettable music and energetic performances ever presented at Disneyland Resort. This state-of-the-art nighttime parade floods Main Street, U.S.A., with stunning color, fun surprises and more than 1.5 million brilliant LED lights. It was created for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, which continues through September 5.

The live stream will begin at 8:50 p.m. PT. Tune in to learn all about this dazzling parade from the creative people behind the scenes and find out how you can participate in the live stream yourself here on the Disney Parks Blog and on Twitter at @DisneyParks!


  • Hello! Our family watched several live streams over the winter, including Fantasmic and the Disneyland Parade. Recently, I learned too late about the streams of Star Wars fireworks and the Paint the Night Parade, and we did not get to see them. Is there any way of catching recordings of the streams at a later date? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Disney ?? Watching with my two children from Victorville and my Cousin Darlene and her baby boy also joining us, but they are watching from El Paso, Texas. We actually watched the parade together last year. And we had a magical experience.

  • Hi..Disney we are watching from washington state:) and my girlfriend becki:)..we saw the parade in may and october were there three times last year:)..miss disney:)

  • Modesto California checking in. Love this parade so much, the kids and I do chores while dancing to the music!

  • SO exciting, watching from Sayville, Long Island , New York 🙂

  • Rosenlind Family checking in watching from home in Livermore, CA. Having our own dance party dreaming of our next trip to the happiest place on earth!!!

  • Hi there. Is anyone getting a link to watch the live stream?

  • Greetings! #Disneyparkslive !
    Tonight in the comfort of our home in Fremont, Ca with my mom and dad and our dogs….
    LOVE this parade. It’s amazing, insightful, beautiful, emotional… And magical!! ?✨?

  • So excited to watch Paint the Night from Houston, Tx. We were lucky to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th in August 2015 and Paint the Night was my ultimate favorite!!

  • Currently driving home from our last visit the park! Live in the bay area… so sad to be leaving 🙁 Peter Pan is my favorite!!

  • I’m Grant Richardson watching from Southern California! My family and friends were especially impressed with the new fireworks spectacular Disneyland Forever; it is an incredibly immersive and innovate show that is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Our family’s greatest memory of the parks was when my grandfather met Walt Disney by the Rivers of America. Cheers to another 60 years of Disney magic!

  • Watching from Salt Lake City Utah

  • How do I watch the stream?

  • Watching with my family from Vancouver, BC. Hoping to get back to Disneyland next year.

  • Watching from Monmouth, Oregon before I fly out to Disney World in the morning! <3

  • Staying up late – 11:50pm in Largo, Florida. I LOVE everything Disney!!! My daughter & I are annual pass holders so we go a lot to Walt Disney World (at least twice a month 🙂

  • Watching from Tacoma Wa. So excited to watch. Hi Jamie, Steven, Logan and Sophia.

  • Good morning from Berlin, Germany. At the time when the broadcast starts it is 5:50 a.m. local time. Having breakfast while watching! ?

  • I wish this was being streamed through YouTube… so much easier to stream on my Smart TV… can’t connect my computer… oh well. We will watch on the computer… Love it!

  • I am excited to watch From Brooklyn New York. I am feeling sick and Disney always picks me up.

  • Where’s the link?

  • Staying up late to watch from Toronto, Canada.

  • The Moore family will be watching live from Raleigh, NC! This is our favorite parade to date. It’s so happy and vibrant and just brings a smile to your face! Love it all!

  • Going to be watching from liverpool, england it will be 4.50am, so I’ve stayed up to watch the live blog, cos I love DISNEY so much xx :0)

  • Love this parade!!!! When we go, we watch the parade twice each night!! It’s amazing, and I love the music, we dance along and sing, truly love Disneyland

  • they will use a youtube link so you can see in your smart tv via youtube Matt
    Yes ron come 15 min earlier and you will see the youtube link

  • Hi there, I was wondering how we will watch this, I don’t see a link posted yet-will it be posted right before the show starts? Me and my family will be watching from Dallas, Tx!

  • This family from Kissmmee, Florida is watching. We love this parade.

  • Watching form New Paltz, NY

  • My family is watching from La Porte, Texas (along with our two hedgehogs!)

  • I can’t wait! We saw this parade in person last October on Columbus Day weekend and we loved it. 😀

  • Question:Will the stream crash? the 60th anniversary show on TV the interactive app crashed..alot of people were upset..please tell me is will not crash…please

  • Ok it’s 8:30 were is the link to the live stream?

  • Never been to Disneyland! Always wanted to go so this will be a special treat!!

  • Hello to all,
    Take me back, just like being there!

  • I’ll be watching! (Do I just come back to this page around that time? or do I have to log in to something?)

  • Can anyone tell me if this can be streamed on my Smart TV or an app of some kind that I can download so I can watch it on television and said my tiny smartphone

  • Erin, do you know whats happening with PTN post 60th? I hear it will be at disneyland mid november for Christmas time and leaving until Summer next year.

  • We saw this in September when we went to Disneyland, and I can’t WAIT to see it again tonight. Thank you Disney for the live stream. I will be watching with my husband and 4 kids from Utah. 🙂

  • Kids would love to watch this but being at almost midnight on the east coast it will be a no go. It would be awesome if you made these available for 24 hours after the live viewing so people could see them if they are not able to see it live.

  • I love Paint the Night!

  • Every time I’ve tried to enjoy a stream on this site, I’ve never gotten any audio. I hope someone can explain what I may have been doing wrong. Is there a specific lik I need to visit to get the stream? I did see the parade using the audio description in January when I signed in my family to the parks for the day. I love what I heard with regard to the audio description!

  • So glad this is being livestreamed! This is (in my opinion) the best parade Disney has created so far! I miss seeing it live, but I’m hoping we get something of a similar caliber in Orlando before too long!!

  • Be watching from Baltimore md

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