Disney Pin Preview – New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in Late Summer 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

One thing I enjoy about Disney pins is there is always something new to collect or trade at Disney Parks. With the number of new pins released each year, guests can create unique pin collections based on things they love from Disney. This month, I’m launching a new quarterly series for the Disney Parks Blog that will showcase new and upcoming pins you may find during your next visit. Below are a handful of new pins you may find in August and September 2016.

Disney Pin Preview - New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in Late Summer 2016

Guests will find several new limited edition pins during the next two months. For the Disney Duets collection, look for the Aladdin and Jafar pin in August, and the Ariel and Ursula pin in late September. The Disney Love Letter pin featuring Roger and Jessica Rabbit will be found in early September; the Mickey and Minnie Mouse pin will be released in late September.

Guests will also find two new Piece of Disney History pins – Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Resort and Dumbo The Flying Elephant at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney Pin Preview - New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in Late Summer 2016

I love the new limited release mystery pin collection titled “Disney Grins” that is being released in September (I see Kronk!!).

We’ll also have open edition pins including one inspired by a logo for Disney Springs.

Disney Pin Preview - New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in Late Summer 2016

Fans of the Frozen Ever After attraction at Epcot will find four new open edition pins featuring Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

Disney Pin Preview - New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in Late Summer 2016

If you love Disney Villains, look for new pins including a “World of Evil” mystery pin set with artwork created by Jerrod Maruyama.

Disney Pin Preview - New Pins Coming to Disney Parks in Late Summer 2016

Finally, I have your first look at new Hidden Mickey pins coming to Disney Parks in late fall 2016. There will be unique Hidden Mickey pin collections released at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. For the image above, I selected a handful of my favorite designs. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a closer look at the new pins arriving on cast members’ lanyards in a few months.

New pins are usually released on Thursdays in select locations at Disney Parks. You may be able to order select pins using the free Shop Disney Parks mobile app. To download, please visit DisneyWorld.com/Shop.

Which pin is your favorite?


  • When are the new hidden Mickey’s coming out. At the pin event in August they said October/ November. Now it’s December please let us know

  • Do you have any information concerning the 2016 hidden Mickey pins? They weren’t released when I attended the food and wine festival. I will be staying at Disneyland for Christmas. Where is the best place to look for information about hidden Mickey trading pins?

  • I really like the Madame Mim and Maleficent(lower face one,) we will arrive at WDW on Oct 27th. Will these pins be release by that date?

  • I love the Love letters…I have all of them so far!!! I also, love the “D”60th Diamond Annual Passholder Bi-Monthly Pins. Is there anymore of those coming out? Thank You

  • I am returning to Disneyland next month and in preparation for my trip I was looking for the Hidden Mickey pins for this year, was there a release earlier this year or did they not release any this year?

  • I love the Pocahontas pin! Any idea on when it’ll be released?

  • I love the Duets collection! What size are the editions, and any more specific info on the date the Ariel/Ursula one will be released? Thanks!

  • Me and my boyfriend will be arriving to WDW on Sept 19th, and will be there for two weeks. Any chance we will see those incredible King Louie and Rafiki pins on lanyards?!

    • @Meagan – I hope you have a wonderful trip. The new Hidden Mickey pins won’t be released for trade until late fall. I’m sorry they won’t be available during your visit.

  • Way back in December you announced that a Humphrey Bear pin was going to be released this year. Any idea when we might see it? I’m super excited for it!

    • @Karen – It looks like the open edition pin of Humphrey the Bear was recently released at Disneyland Resort. That usually means it will be at Walt Disney World Resort soon. The item number is 400000354347.

  • Love the love letter pins ! ! ! we will be in Disney this October for our 7 year wedding anniversary. These would be a cute anniversary gift . . . also my oldest will love all the new villain pins, they’re her favorite characters ! ! !

  • OMG!!!!!! I am in love with Love Letter pins. What do they mean by “late September”. I will be going the 11th-19th and would love to pick up both versions of the pin.

    • @Laura – The Jessica and Roger Rabbit pin is scheduled to be released on September 1. The Minnie and Mickey Mouse pin will be released on September 29.

  • We’re going next week will the Dumbo pins be available?

    • @Kim – The pin is scheduled to be released on September 8.

  • Any idea when the Pocahontas will be released??

  • I also love the Dumbo Piece of History!! Will there be any way to order it? We have a trip to Disneyland planned for Sept, but won’t make it to WDW til next year!

    • @Amy – You might try Merchandise Guest Services by telephone at 877-560-6477 or by email at Merchandise.Guest.Services@DisneyParks.com. They may (stressing “may”) have access to the pin after it’s been in shops at Disney Parks for 30 days. The pin will be released on September 8 with an edition size of 1,500. The item number is 400000459776.

  • I am excited for the Dumbo Piece of Disney History pin because I love Dumbo! I attended the Pixar Party annual Disney Pin Trading event this past weekend and saw previews of lots of upcoming pins. There is quite a lot to be excited about! Just a side note – that event was fantastic. Very well done by the Events team staff (as always) so if you’re a pin collector and haven’t been before, it’s a great time!

    • @Amanda – I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Thank you for attending. 🙂

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