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Inside Disney Parks – New Main Street Electrical Parade POVs, ‘Live’ Announcement

Joan Peabody

by , Editorial Content Producer

Our latest episode of “Inside Disney Parks” newscast is ready to share and this time, we’ve got a view of the Main Street Electrical Parade that you’ve never seen before – from on top of our floats! You’ll also be the first to find out how to join the world and experience the parade live at Walt Disney World Resort and go behind the scenes for a rare look inside the warehouse where each and every parade begins and ends.

The Main Street Electrical Parade will take it’s farewell trip through Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort on October 9, 2016, before it travels to Disneyland park for a limited-time encore engagement beginning early next year.

We’re already busy producing our next “Inside Disney Parks” Halloween newscast. Be sure and check back during the first week of September.


  • I’m excited to see whatever comes in to replace the Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom!

  • Thanks for another great video. Great News about another viewing!!!! My favorite memory was so many in this parade but stands outs are the twirling bugs, the train, Cinderella dancers, Petes Dragon and the American Eagle at the end!!!!! Thanks for sharing these with us.

  • Me too Zack!

  • Loved this video! Thanks for those awesome views! Since I can’t go before its last presentation at the Magic Kingdom, the live stream with the behind-the-scenes will be a great way to give it a proper send-off, as you say. Missing this parade already!

  • We are all hoping for you to also announce paint the night coming to magic kingdom 😉

  • I hope the parade comes back to the Magic Kingdom after its run at Disneyland. There is no parade as good as the classic Main Street Electrical Parade- not even Paint the Night.

  • So will Walt Disney World no longer offer a night parade?

  • I love the MSEP graphic you used for the live stream information. Thoughts on releasing it as a wallpaper. I know you’ve got another one on the website, but the floats on the musical staff are fantastic!

  • In 1995 The MSEP had its farewell season in Disneyland. So is this really the end?

  • I know people love the Electric Light Parade, but I was never a fan. I hope you bring back Spectromagic or a brand new parade.

  • I’m so jazzed that the the Main Street Electrical Parade is coming home. My son, who is 37 years old now, was in a stroller when the parade made its debut and we first experienced its magic. It’s a heartfelt memory for me and I will be at Disneyland and cheering when it returns!!!!!

  • Love this parade. I hope it comes back to WDW. Not a fan of Paint the Night – so I hope that isn’t what they replace it with.

  • Did I hear it correctly that the Main Street Electrical Parade will return early next year?

  • Welcome home old friend!

  • The MSEP will be another piece of the magic we treasured. After 58 Disney vacations and countless MSEP performances we thankfully have a few great digital videos to remember one of the happiest parades ever in the Magic Kingdom. Our hats are off to all the performers and staff past and present that made this piece of the magic possible. Thank you.

  • Where is the link to watch this live?

  • This is so exciting! My husband & I first watched the main st. electrical parade on our honeymoon 36 years ago, and tonight..we are watching in our jammies!

  • Wish I knew how to find the link to watch the parade?

  • *its*

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