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Three Dooney & Bourke Collections to Premiere on Shop Disney Parks App in August 2016

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I have exciting news for guests who love Dooney & Bourke handbags. In August 2016, we will premiere three new Dooney & Bourke collections on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. This free app offers access to thousands of products found at Disney Parks which you can have shipped directly to your home. To download, please visit Here are details about each collection being released this month.

Dooney & Bourke Beauty and the Beast Collection

August 15
The highly anticipated Disney’s “Beauty & the Beast” collection will be released via the app on August 15. You may recall seeing this collection in a Disney Parks Blog Unboxed video in early June. Look for a shopper tote, a letter carrier, and a wristlet.

Dooney & Bourke Alice in Wonderland "Tea Time" Collection

August 22
Three handbags inspired by Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” will be released on August 22 via the app. Titled “Tea Time,” this collection includes a wristlet, a letter carrier, and a shopper tote.

Dooney & Bourke Dumbo Collection

August 29
This year, Walt Disney’s “Dumbo” celebrates its 75th anniversary. The film was originally released in October 1941, and has inspired classic Disney Parks attractions such as Dumbo Flying Elephants in Fantasyland. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we’re releasing three handbags on August 29 via the app. The collection includes a shopper tote, a letter carrier, and a wristlet. Look for an anniversary-themed hangtag on select styles.


  • Is there a discount available for Disney Vacation Club Members on the shopping app?

    • @Rebecca – Yes.

  • Hi Steve ?
    At what time tomorrow are the Beauty and the Beast purses going to be available on the app?
    Midnight or later in the day?

    • @Sara – You should be able to see them on Shop Disney Parks app now. I don’t receive exact times as to when items are added on the app or online store. I usually only get a date.

  • What time is the beauty and the beast suppose to be released ? I keep searching but it’s still not on yet

    • @Lauren – They should be available via the Shop Disney Parks app now (it’s 10:28 a.m. Eastern). I also saw them a few hours ago while at home.

  • Will the beauty and the beast bags still be available in september please? 🙂

  • I ordered a tote at 6:15 a.m. EST. Not certain when they went ‘live’ in the system but all options were available and my AP was recognized and free shipping. Every little bit helps 🙂

    • @Misty – Aces! Glad to hear you were able to get one.

  • The beauty and the beast crossbody is already out of stock. When will they restock?

  • The app is, of course, not loading and giving me connection errors all morning. 🙁

    Will the B&B bags be available at the parks? I’d rather just get mine there.

  • same issue here all I have been getting all morning is connection issues.

  • The app won’t load. Tried on wifi AND 4g….Will Beauty & The Beast be available in the parks?

  • Hello,
    Because I live in Canada I am unable to download the shop Disney parks app. Is there a chance this collection will appear on the Disney store?
    Thank you!

  • I tried all morning to purchase the Beauty and the Beast purse but my purchase wouldn’t go thru with the app. I searched for help options with the app for a very long time with no luck. All my info was put in correctly, by the time I got a hold of a person on the phone after being transferred around explaining my problem it was sold out. I’ve been waiting for this since last Christmas when I found out about it, so disappointed. Really wanted it for my upcoming trip to Disney.

    • @Laura – I’m sorry to hear of your challenges. I’ve shared your feedback with the app team. From my understanding, select Dooney & Bourke handbags may be released at a future date on the Disney Parks online store:

  • I ordered my batb tote at 2am central time. Super stoked about it and the price was $223 as opposed to the $248. Every little bit counts for sure!

  • So very excited!!! I ordered my letter carrier this morning! ILOVE that this was available on the app for purchase as I’m not able to go to Disney for these events. Thank you so much Steven for keeping us updated and consistently responding to comments. It is appreciated, and you have The.Best.Job.Ever!

    • @Sarah – You’re welcome. Glad to hear you were able to find one. I’m happy to respond to comments. It’s nice hearing from guests who love Disney as much as me. 🙂

  • Hi Steve,
    Will the Beauty and Beast purses be restored? If so when?
    So disappointed I was unable to purchase one yesterday!

    • @Lisa – Currently, we do not have immediate plans to offer more of the Beauty & the Beast-themed handbags on the Shop Disney Parks app. Guest may (stressing “may”) find select styles at a future date on the Disney Parks online store:

  • I didn’t see any update regarding the Beauty and the Beast Dooney & Bourke purses – has anyone said if more will be released? Unfortunately I was not able to snag one. All the things I have read about the App release seems to state that the App had a good amount of issues impacting peoples ability to purchase a purse. Will Disney release more to the App and possibly their Disney Store website that has a better success rate? The App store sadly has lots of feedback from customers about constant bug issues and connectivity issues. Thank you to anyone who can provide a timely update. 🙂

    • @Alana – At this time, we will not have additional items available on the Shop Disney Parks app. Select Dooney & Bourke handbags may appear on the Disney Parks online store at a future date. I’m sorry I don’t have better information at this moment. Thank you for the feedback.

  • “Luckily” my 16 month old woke me up at 5 am est so I was able to order a crossbody! EEEEKKKKK! so easy to use the shop park app and it applied my AP.

  • Hi Steve,
    Will the Beauty and Beast purses be available in the Parks at all??
    I missed the App release and am a HUGE fan of picking my own placement.


  • So there’s no chance of this coming to parks? I’m an operating participant cast member, and because we aren’t given hub access, I can’t use my discount online. Would love to be able to use it on the dumbo bag.

  • Will Dumbo be available in the parks or just in the app?

    • @Ellen – I’m only aware of the release for the Shop Disney Parks app. They may also be offered on the Disney Parks online store at a future date. I’ve not received any confirmed details about the styles being released at shops in Disney Parks.

  • Hi Steve,
    I had a Beauty and the Beast bag in my cart last Monday morning but decided to pick one out myself at Disney World next week when I am there, to insure placement. I assumed (you know what they say about that) they would be offered in the parks as all the other Dooney Bourke purses are. Could you just clarify that they will not be offered at Disney World stores at all, only (possibly) on the Disney Store online at a later date? Thank you.

    • @Kathy Jo – The initial orders for the Beauty & the Beast collection were earmarked for the Shop Disney Parks app. I’ve shared feedback from this article with the merchandising teams regarding placement. They are aware and will consider for future releases. Demand exceeded our expectations regarding these styles so there is no additional inventory available for merchandise shops at Disney Parks. If that should change, I’ll have a follow up story. I have no confirmed details, however, at this time. I’m sorry for your frustrations.

  • Hi! I was excited to purchase a Alice bag this morning, and I waited up to midnight to do so. I realize now that bags do not get released until 3am (EST) to ensure that everyone in the country is in the same day. Of course, I fall asleep and miss out. Is there a way that the east coasters can get a release at midnight and have the same benefit as the west coasters? I’m super sad that there were no more bags when I woke up this morning? Also will there be any more bags available soon?

    • @Sandra – I checked Shop Disney Parks app this morning and saw all three handbags.

  • Hi Steven, I wanted to say thank you so much, Disney made my dreams come true this morning when I was able to buy the Alice bag. The App worked great and I had no problem ordering it this morning. I was able to buy it and check out in less than 5 minutes!!!

  • Will the beauty and the beast design restock?Thank you

    • @Nicole – The handbags won’t appear on the Shop Disney Parks app at this time. There may be additional reorders but I have no confirmed details or release dates at this time. I’m sorry I don’t have better information for you.

  • Sadly, I missed the Beauty and the Beast bags last week and it appears I’ve already missed the Alice ones. I didn’t start logging in until 7am my local time, and have not been able to find them on the disney parks app. I am guessing that means they are already sold out. This means I’ve so far never been unsuccessful in purchasing any of the special Dooney and Bourke bags (including the DVC 25th anniversary ones!). Wish my luck were a bit better! 🙂

    • @Melissa – I checked Shop Disney Parks App this morning and I saw the Alice in Wonderland handbags available. I hope you were able to find them after your comment.

  • The Alice bags are right now on the app!!!!!?

  • Steven, just want to say thank you for keeping us all up to date! I was able to find and get the Alice n wonderland bag!!?

  • Thanks Jessica B.!! I just got my Alice tote!! I stopped obsessively checking about an hour ago so thanks for the heads up!!

  • Thanks so very much for posting about this! My daughter loves Alice and really wanted the cross body. We live in Canada but my brother in Colorado managed to get her one this morning!!! Here’s hoping we can keep it a secret until Christmas.

  • All three Alice Dooney’s available on the App as of 8/23. My Mom will be happy this Christmas.

  • Why is there so many Alice and wonderland and it’s a small world purses but no beauty and the beast purses left? I know of a lot of people that were not able to get the beauty and the beast purse myself included. I would love a B&B crossbody.

  • Hello, we appreciate your advance notice of merchandise! Thank you! However, if items are going to be limited to one release and not restocked, could you please let us know this information ahead of time too? For example, many of us would have ordered the Beauty & the Beast bags on release day if we knew they were not going to be readily available. Meanwhile, thanks again for your insights into upcoming merchandise!

    • @Julia – Thank you for your comment. I share as much details as I can in these stories. For the Beauty & the Beast release, demand exceeded our expectations. Unfortunately, there is not a way for me to determine when that will happen. I’m sorry for your disappointment. Please note I’ve shared your feedback with the team.

  • Well, that’s disappointing. I wanted that beauty and the beast bag since I heard there was going to be one made, and I missed it because I couldn’t find the release date. Not that it would have mattered, apparently, with how quickly they went… letting people know these were going to be a limited release when you unveiled them probably would have gone a long way.

  • Is Dumbo already gone?

  • Has anyone else been able to order the dumbo bag? I still don’t see it in the app.

  • I’ve woken up every hour since midnight to make sure I don’t miss the release, because the past two sold out so quickly, but I still don’t see the Dumbo purses on the app yet. 🙁 Release times for the next purses would be nice– I’m not a fan of this sleep pattern.

  • Have the Dumbo bags been released yet? I’ve been checking the app and haven’t seen them. I really hope I didn’t miss them. Thanks!

  • It’s 8/29 past 7 am CST and the Dumbo bags are not yet on the app. Are they still being released on schedule? If so, what time should they be on the app? I’ve refreshed several times and don’t want to miss out if there is an error! Thanks!

  • Just a quick FYI to everyone! I just logged in and ALL THREE NEW BAGS ARE ON THE APP! BNB, DUMBO, AND ALICE, get them before they are on Ebay! Happy Shopping! Steven, Love what you do for us! Thank you and keep it up! You have the best job!

  • Dumbo, Alice, AND Beauty and the Beast bags are all on the app right now!?

  • Thank you all so much for restocking the Beauty and the Beast bags! What a terrific surprise this morning when the Dumbo bags finally loaded, that I was able to get one of each! Made the waking up each hour to check the site TOTALLY worth it! Big smiley face here in California! Now, off to the Disneyland races! THANKS AGAIN, Steven!!!

  • I wanted to thank you for such a great article. At first it didn’t click with me that premiere on the app meant that was the only place they would be available so I missed the Beauty and the Beast bag but I kept checking the Disney store like you encouraged. When I saw the Alice bags out there I came and checked the app and was thrilled to see the Beauty and the Beast bags back out there! I had just ordered the Dumbo bags so I quickly added those and made another order. Thank you!

  • Will the Dumbo purses be restocked like the Beauty and Beast? I was really looking forward to the bag since Dumbo is my favorite character but missed out. Can you please tell me if it will be restocked?

  • Any deets on a rerelease of DUMBO bags!? Been checking all day 🙁 they have disappeared..

  • So… I was up every hour checking the site from 2:55am EST through 8:30am EST and no DUMBO!! I had to drive two hours to get to an appointment and I left at the last possible minute to keep checking the app. When I got to PA, I literally pulled off the exit into a parking lot. By then they were all sold out and I’m heartbroken. Any word on when/if they are going to be restocked??

  • So disappointed!! Being on the west coast, I never saw them on the app and, as a Disneuland APholder, I learned they NEVER made it into the park! I had my heart set on getting that purse.

  • All 3 Dumbo purses are on disneystore!!!

  • Are they going to release more of the beauty and the beast? I am really wanting the crossover!! Please say you are!!

  • I’ve been highly anticipating the Beauty and the Beast Dooney and Bourke bag since it was announced months ago. I’m a Disneyland Annual Passholder and was excited to visit the park a few weeks ago to see and purchase the Beauty and the Beast bag and was highly disappointed to find out they never made to either of the Parks (Disneyland or California Adventure). The Lead Cast Member said I was the 10th person to ask just that morning and they’ve been bombarded by questions for the last few weeks from guests. He unfortunately had no news or updates about whether Disneyland would be getting any. They did have Alice in Wonderland and also It’s a Small World Dooney and Bourke bags but not a sign or word about Beauty and the Beast.

  • I bought the Beauty and Beast purse and need the wristlet to match it. The only thing from that collection in stock on the Disney Parks app is the purse. Is there going to be a restock on the wristlet? I see the picture still on there, but of course out of stock. I just want to know before I turn to eBay and have to pay a higher price than what I would have paid buying it directly from Disney.

  • My daughter is a HUGE beauty and the beast fan. She is 23 and has been every since she was very young. We have All things belle / beauty and the beast. As she has gotten older she has been disappointed with the amount of merchandise for adults i.e. Shirts jackets etc. . . We bought the 25 the anniversary DVDs on the Release date and with the new movie coming out she was so hopeful more beauty and the beast products would come out. She was so excited about the purse. I was going to purchase it as a Christmas gift and did not realize the very few amount of these for sale. So disappointing. Please please tell me there will be more available soon. One sad mother.

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