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Watch the #DisneyParksLIVE Stream of Princess Elena of Avalor’s Royal Welcome at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Update: This live event has concluded. Please enjoy the replay below!

In just a few minutes, we’ll present our next #DisneyParksLIVE stream right here on the Disney Parks Blog – live coverage of the royal welcome of Princess Elena of Avalor.

Starting this month, guests at Magic Kingdom Park will be able to see Princess Elena, Disney’s first princess inspired by diverse Latin cultures, in a daily welcome ceremony on the Castle Forecourt Stage. You can also catch her starring in the new Disney Channel series “Elena of Avalor.”

Our live stream of the royal welcome event will begin at 10:45 a.m. ET. Join us minutes before to learn more about Princess Elena and how you can spot her on your next visit.

In the meantime, tell us in the comment section below where you’re watching from and who you’re watching with.


  • Welcome Elena of Avalor!
    My daughter is recovering from a surgery and I loved to see her smiling watching Elena at Magic Kingdom! Thanks Disney for providing wonderful moments!

  • I forgot to say we are watching from TX!

  • I loved watching from Newfoundland, Canada with my 3 year old twins! Thank you Disney for doing these live feeds!

  • Thank you for Princess Elena! I was able to tell my daughter look she talks just like you!

  • Loved this event XOXO #DenverDisneyMama

  • Watched with my 2 & 4 year olds. They loved it & hope to meet her next year when we visit

  • Screen froze through most of the coverage but could hear her. Can’t wait to meet her. <3 #DisneyParksLive #PrincessElenaLive #WDW

  • My 2 year old princess, just said that Elena was terrific!

  • Watching from magic kingdom!!

  • Watching from Clermont, FL – wishing I had made plans to be there in person! So exciting!! Thanks for sharing Live!

  • Did the blog say where she can be meet?

  • My 4 year old little princess and I are watching from Granger, Indiana. She loved that Elena dress Steve Miller showed us!

  • my daughter’s watching from los angeles, ca.

  • My princess is in school, but I’m watching while getting her Girl Scout Cadette uniform put together for her 7th year. Excited about the Golden Scepter Award!

  • Watching from Plyouth, MA with my little Princess!

  • I’m watching from Scotland!

  • Watching from MI with my 11 year old daughter. Still big Disney Jr. Fans and excited to see Elena of Avalor!

  • Watching from Hanover, PA with my 2 princesses! They can’t wait until they can meet Elena!

  • Watching with my little Elena super fan. She is so very excited

  • My daughter & I are watching and can not wait to meet Elena in a few months!

  • My daughter & I are watching from Buford, Ga. Can’t wait to meet Elena when we visit soon!!

  • Watching from Fairfax, VA, but we’ll be there on Monday. Can’t wait to hear whether my DD can meet her in person. 🙂

  • My sister and I are watching from Paulsboro, NJ! Showing our love for Disney and getting excited for our 2017 trip!

  • Watching from San Antonio TX. Watching with my son, well he’s 18 months old & love Lightning McQueen so really it’s just me watching. ?

  • I’m watching from New York with my little sister

  • Watching from panhandle of FL. Raining really hard but so glad to be watching the coranation of Princess Elena. Will meet her in person with my daughter in November. Welcome Princess Elana.#DisneyParksLive #PrincessElena #WDW

  • Watching from Spokane WA with my two 13 week old kittens. They are pawing at the screen, very excited to see Elena

  • Watching with the grandkids in Omaha,Nebraska

  • Hello from the Big Apple!

  • Watching from my office cubical in Romeoville IL!

  • My daughter nd I are watching from NJ…and are so excited! There was a major countdown in our home to both the show & her live arrival at the castle.

  • Passholders from Royal Palm Beach watching!!! We’ll be there 8/27 celebrating my daughter, 5th birthday– excited to meet Elena!

  • Watching from London, England with my 3 year old Princess. She is so excited and hopes to meet Elena when we are at Disney World in November.

  • I am watching from San José California with my two year old. She always dances when the song comes on.

  • Watching from CT! We are so excited our Auntie Abby told us about this special live event!

  • Thanks for another #DisneyParksLIVE Event! Watching from Mérida, México!

  • watching from Mechanicsville MD. 🙂

  • Eric watching from West Palm Beach, FL. We’ll be up there soon!

  • Watching from Puerto Rico while we visit some family. I am so excited to share this moment with my 4 yr old daughter and that she can finally have representation on the channel we love so much. I am literally crying of happiness because it’s not only for her, but for all those years I wanted to look like a Disney princess too!

  • I’m watching from NY with my little princess. We love Elena! Little does my daughter know we will be at Magic Kingdom in 53 days! I hope we can meet Elena!

  • So exciting!!! I´m watching from CentralAmerica with my DD.

  • Watching at home 10 minutes from the Magic Kingdom!!!! My 4 yr old and 2 yr old Love Elena!!

  • I am watching with my 3 kiddos (1 prince and 2 princesses) from Columbia, SC! They are already addicted to Elena. They have watched the current 3 episodes at least 8 times each!! We love Elena!!

  • Watch at St. Chris hospital in Philly with my little sister as she under goes testing for multiple seizures. Disney is the only place she comes alive in! From Philadelphia, PA

  • My 5 year old daughter and I are watching from Ontario, Canada!

  • Watching with my almost 4 year old from GA. She loves Elena

  • Checking it out from my phone in Burbank CA

  • Watching from Herndon, VA -Washington DC metro area! I am watching with my 5 yr old girl and 7 yr old boy! So excited!

  • Watching from THE SKY! In an airplane over Florida right now! so excited for elena!

  • I’m watching at work from Mansfield, PA and hoping my mil got online so my 5 yr old prince can watch too!

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