Welcome Back Favorite Entertainment Spectaculars at Disneyland Resort This Fall

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

With the dazzling Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration coming to a close on September 5, we’re pleased to announce that this fall will see the return of two favorite nighttime spectaculars.

At Disney California Adventure park, the original version of “World of Color” will be presented, beginning September 6, with all the great sequences of Disney animation and music you remember, from WALL-E and Eve zipping through the cosmos to Pocahontas exploring just around the riverbend.

Across the Esplanade at Disneyland park, you’ll once again be able to enjoy the timeless soundtrack of Disney’s “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks spectacular when it lights up the sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle Friday through Sunday evenings starting September 9. Versions of “Fantasy in the Sky” date back to 1958, when Walt Disney envisioned the show as a spectacular “kiss goodnight” for his Disneyland guests.

“World of Color” and “Fantasy in the Sky” will each be presented through the early November kickoff of Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. So go ahead and plan your visit, and get your nostalgia on!


  • I’m SO excited about the original World of Color coming back! We have a trip planned in September and I had NO idea about this…makes me even more excited!!

  • I really hope Disneyland forever and paint the night can make a return in the future, been going to Disneyland all my life and never loved the parade and fireworks more.

  • 9 months planning our vacation and we are very sad to know that paint the night will not available on this dates (Sep,16) 🙁

  • Do you know if the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks will occur on Friday evenings in October when there is also a Halloween party scheduled?

  • Shawn are we really getting the ORIGINAL World of Color back? Hunchback/Bald Mountain and all?? That would be amazing!

  • Will the Paint the night be moved to Walt Disney World for the 45th?

  • I am not sad to see The Fireworks or World of Color go, I thought the 60th WOC was like an ad for the parks (even though we were already there?) and I have a grudge against the Forever fireworks because it replaced the Holiday one during Christmas time (the one time my family was in town for the holidays and I couldn’t share the magic of White Christmas playing after the fireworks). I will echo what everyone else is saying that I will miss Paint The Night Parade, it was nice having our own night time entertainment, although I much prefer the original Electrical Parade, this was a nice nod to it and the music kept me dancing all night long!

  • I really wish that for fireworks they would go back to Believe .. There’s Magic in the Stars or even Remember.. Dreams Come True. I like Fantasy in the Sky, but when I’m used to 10+ mins of awesome fireworks, the short show just doesn’t feel as amazing and tear-jerking. I wish Disneyland Forever and Paint the Night would stay so I could see them in December, but then the Christmas decorations will be back completely and I’m hoping the Christmas shows will be running by then. I am excited that regular World of Color is returning, as I much preferred that one. I’m most surprised that Disneyland Forever is only a year long, because wasn’t Remember Dreams Come True for the 50th anniversary and it stayed almost 10 years. Though I assume DF is more expensive and harder to do all the time because of all the projections etc. on Main St. Oh well, I’ll enjoy my trip regardless!

  • Craig– People are reacting to the responses about Paint the Night that Shawn wrote in the comments.

  • I read and re-read the post – where did it say Paint the Night was ending?

  • Shawn, will tinker bell fly during Fantasy in the Sky?

  • To everyone freaking out about no nighttime entertainment M-Th: the 60th definitely spoiled us all. After the summer peak season is over, Disneyland has always dropped their nighttime entertainment (including Fantasmic) on Monday through Thursday. I live right up the street and I distinctly remember no fireworks except on weekends. The 60th was a magical, year-long celebration that warranted partying every night, but now that it’s coming to a close, the park is going back to its regularly scheduled programming. I do wish they will bring back Paint the Night or an equivalent at some point, though. Hands down, the absolute best Disney parade I’ve ever seen in any of the parks.

  • Although I am very saddened to hear that the Disneyland Forever fireworks will be ending (it was the best part of the Diamond celebration), I am excited to have Fantasy in the Sky return again to Disneyland, as it is the fireworks show I grew up watching.

    My family really loves the original World of Color and we are excited to hear about its return. Before the 60th version debuted, we would regularly make trips to DCA to watch it.

    I can’t say that Paint the Night struck a chord with my family in the way the Main Street Electrical Parade did. We would love to see the Electrical Parade return; if Paint the Night does return to Disneyland, there is a lot of room for improvement.

  • I hope the Paint the Night Parade’s removal has to do with a refurbishment and that it will return shortly. I will miss World of Color: Celebrate! It was my favorite version of the show. No nighttime entertainment (on weekdays) seems strange for Disneyland…

  • My wife and I are saddened to hear about the ending of the Disneyland Forever fireworks as well as the Paint the Night Parade. Both of those night time events were the best we have ever seen. I know they were created for the 60th celebration, but other than the Peter Pan float that has diamonds projected on it, there really is no indication that both shows are for the 60th celebration. Even more disappointing is no fireworks Monday thru Thursday. As a out of town pass holder this discourages me as my wife and I like to visit during the week to avoid the weekend crowds. I guess this is Disneys ploy to control the crowds since it will discourage people from going during the week since they don’t get to experience nighttime entertainment at the parks.

  • I was thinking, the only element of Paint the Night that alludes to the diamond celebration, are the diamonds that swirl around at one point inside the Peter Pan drum. That can easily be changed if the parade remains at Disneyland.

  • Wait, so the ‘Fantasy in the Sky’ fireworks show will only be shown to guests Friday-Sunday?? What goes on at night Monday-Thursday then? No fireworks?! Watching the fireworks at the end of the day is my FAVORITE part of visiting Disneyland, I’m going to be very sad if I don’t get to see fireworks 🙁

  • Will Paint the Night be returning after the holiday entertainment events? My family and I absolutely LOVED this show and we hope Disneyland will keep it going for a while longer.

    • Samantha – “Paint the Night” will conclude its initial run with the September 5 close of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration. Any future plans have not yet been determined.

  • I would absolutely love to see “Remember, Dreams Com True” return! Not a dry eye in my group of friends at the end of the show. That firework show is true Disney magic in my opinion 🙂

    Would also love to see the “Paint the Night” parade return, it is so much fun to watch for kids and adults alike!

  • This is so disappointing to hear! a night time parade was something that Disneyland was missing to complete the night.

  • I am very sad that Disneyland Forever is being discontinued. It was a very exciting, imaginative as well as touching show. That show truly expressed what Disneyland means to me. It will be greatly missed.

    I strongly hope that Paint the Night will return seasonally. I am, however, excited for the return of the original World of Color.

  • It would be a real shame to say goodbye to paint the night forever… It is hands-down the best parade that Disneyland has ever seen. Disney parks blog – please clarify if the parade is returning after the holiday season. Thank you.

  • I am so glad I was able to see the Diamond Celebration’s Fireworks, Paint the Night parade, and the special Diamond addition of World of Color. I have been visiting Disneyland since I was a child and these were my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!!!

  • I really was hoping to see this too…I actually had to re-schedule my trip from the last week of September to the second week of October so I could go with a Disney fanatic friend of mine where we could never time our trips together before (giving up a lot to do so…having to switch our hotel, having our annual passes expire and another friend using timeshare points for park hopper tickets, and also buying additional Halloween party tickets and being stuck with the tickets we bought before!), and I wanted to see this parade with her above everything else. Alas, I guess it is not to be.

  • Disappointed that Paint the Night is leaving. I understand business decisions may mean making difficult decisions, but that parade is the highlight of any disneyland visit. Can we at least get a copy of Tokyo’s dream lights electrical parade in its stead?

  • I really hope Paint the night isn’t going away for ever. Given the news about the Tower of Terror recently and now cutting back on entertainment it’s hard to justify the rising cost of admission in my opinion.

  • My kids loved, loved, loved the Paint the Night parade and we promised them that we would come back to see it this fall. Bummer. Any chance it will return? Not sure when to plan our next trip. Please help! 🙂

  • If you have not had a chance to see the SPECTACULAR anniversary fireworks show, get to the park before Sept 6th!!!!
    It was the highlight of the 60th celebration for me!!!

  • Not to be overly presumptive, but if the Disneyland Forever fireworks and Paint the Night were truly leaving permanently, the various TV/radio ads run by the resort would be updated to mention “and come see these new things you love one last time.” I feel pretty safe assuming that both will return someday (i.e. when Star Wars construction is no longer interfering with the fireworks infrastructure, and if the expensive Paint the Night becomes seasonal, running during peak times). It just seems odd that Shawn can’t just tell us THAT, if it is indeed the case. Looking forward to the return of World of Color classic, though, Celebrate has certainly run its course.

  • For those who are disappointed about Paint the Night being retired, you could always trying giving feedback by emailing Disneyland Resort at their website.

  • Very disappointed about Paint the Night. It’s sad that we only found out a month out when most people have made trip plans. There should at least be something announced to replace it like there is for fireworks and World of Color.

  • Wait, hold on I’m confused. Shawn, you say the reason that DL Forever, and World of Color: Celebrate ending is that the 60th celebration is ending (which I get). Did you all forget that we won’t be seeing Fantasmic again until next summer? Without Fantasmic that means we won’t have any other nighttime entertainment apart from Fireworks Friday-Sunday in Disneyland (not counting World of color in DCA because I’ve never liked it as much as Fantasmic nor Paint the Night). I understand the fireworks and Celebrate getting switched out but with how much was spent to make the new parade I’m shocked it is leaving so soon. Especially when you consider the following details:

    -Believe… There’s Magic in the Stars fireworks debuted for DL’s 45th anniversary, continued to run until the 50th
    -Parade of the Stars debuted for the 45th anniversary continued to run until the 50th
    -Parade of Dreams debuted for the 50th anniversary and continued to run for 3.5 years
    -Remember… Dreams Come True! fireworks debuted for the 50th anniversary and continued to run through 2014 (10 years)

    Non anniversary entertainment:
    -Main Street Electrical Parade ran from June 1972 – Thanksgiving 1996 at DL (24 years), then when it came back to DCA was there from July 2001 – April 2010 (8.75 years)
    -Fantasmic! debuted at Disneyland May 1992, and other than when it is down for refurbs has continued to run ever since (24 years and counting)
    -A Christmas Fantasy Parade debuted in 1994 and continues to run for the holidays now (22 years)
    -Believe in Holiday Magic fireworks debuted in 2000 and continues to run during the Holidays (16 years)
    -Pixar Play Parade debuted in DCA in March 2008, and apart from some down time for refurbs, has continues today (8 years later)
    -Halloween Screams fireworks debuted in 2009 and apart from last year has run ever since suring Halloween Parties (7 years).
    -Mickey’s Soundsational Parade debuted in May 2011 and continues to run today (5+ years later)

    So I really don’t see a good reason to end Paint the Night after 15 month (1.25 years). Just about the only thing that could make Disneyland fans happy about this would be if Paint the Night is heading to WDW for their 45th anniversary and Main Street Electrical Parade is returning to Disneyland (maybe with some updates like the version in Tokyo Disneyland has received: Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, etc).

  • Adding to the chorus about Paint the Night. It’s truly the best entertainment Disney has brought into the resort since the Mad T Party, which, funnily enough, is also gone with no replacement.
    I’m really disappointed in the entertainment decisions being made at the Disneyland Resort, it’s not going to be worth the ticket price anymore.

  • I do hope when you say “original World of Color” you truly mean the show, as presented, when it debuted!

  • Paint the Night was the best thing to happen to Disneyland since Carsland. Why end such a popular thing? I really hope either it will return or have a spectacular replacement.

  • Super excited that the original World of Color show is returning! The show was modified a number of times during its original run. Is this going to be the “original original” show with the Night on Bald Mountain/Hellfire segment?

  • Are the rumors true that “Paint the Night” will debut October 1 at the Magic Kingdom in Florida for their 45th anniversary?

  • Add me to the list of disappointed guests that Paint the Night won’t be continuing – and with such short notice, there’s no way for me to plan a ‘farewell’ trip out to DL. Is there a chance it will move to WDW’s Magic Kingdom for their 45th anniversary this year?

  • Very disappointed to hear that Paint the Night is going dark. My first time stepping into Disneyland was earlier this year to see this parade. I hope it returns after the holidays. It’s a stunning and fun parade.

  • it would be a shame to completely get rid of Paint the Night.. It is a very popular parade. i understand it has been running for a year and half, so it deserves a much needed rehab. but to get rid of it completely would be a shame.
    and i am fine with Fantasy in the Sky being a placeholder while they take down the decorations. Shawn which version of Fantasy in the sky will be getting? will it be the version they show on New years eve and the months leading up to the Diamond celebration? Will Sleeping Beauty castle get the winter castle treatment this year? any word on believe in holiday magic?

    • Jeffrey – This will be the latest version of “Fantasy in the Sky,” which was most recently presented in spring 2015. As for word on holiday entertainment at the resort, we hope to have some news to share on that front next month. Stay tuned.

  • I’m confused about the posts that Paint the Night will be cancelled. This is copied from the DPB on July 15th:

    The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration continues into Halloween Time when the season begins again September 11, with the addition of the new “Paint the Night” parade during the expanded 17 nights of Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland park!

    I was under the impression that meant it had been announced that PTN and WOC would continue through Halloween time. Hoping this is correct as we will be at the parks Sept 12-15th!

    • Jeannette – I’m sorry for the confusion, but I believe the post you reference was from 2015. This year, Halloween Time begins September 9, following the conclusion of the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration.

  • We are coming Oct 1-8 for a one in a lifetime trip with our two children and their spouses plus our 5 grandchildren.
    So there will be no night time parade at all?
    I have been watching YouTube with the youngest ones getting them all ready to see the wonderful lights of the night time parade….. and they are pumped up to see it first hand….. they dance to the music and are in Awe of the princesses and other characters…… We are extremely sad that they will not get to experience a Disneyland night time light parade.
    Small town Idaho kids will be missing out on a memory of a lifetime.

  • Paint the Night has got to stay!!

  • Will it truly be the origianl version of World of Color? I.e. before Frozen and Pirates was added in?

    And why get rid of something as popular and wonderful as Paint the Night with nothing to replace it?

  • Disneyland really needs a nighttime parade. Please consider letting Paint the Night stay. It is a fantastic parade.

  • Jason–
    Paint the Night was not moved from Hong Kong to California. There is still a version of the parade that is currently at Hong Kong. The California parade is a completely separate version and includes some additions and new floats that Hong Kong does not have in theirs.

  • Please don’t take away Paint the Night!!!!!!

  • I am very disappointed with this. My family is going September 25th thru 29th we have never seen paint the night and we’re excited for it. Why tame it before the end if year

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