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Welcome Back Favorite Entertainment Spectaculars at Disneyland Resort This Fall

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

With the dazzling Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration coming to a close on September 5, we’re pleased to announce that this fall will see the return of two favorite nighttime spectaculars.

At Disney California Adventure park, the original version of “World of Color” will be presented, beginning September 6, with all the great sequences of Disney animation and music you remember, from WALL-E and Eve zipping through the cosmos to Pocahontas exploring just around the riverbend.

Across the Esplanade at Disneyland park, you’ll once again be able to enjoy the timeless soundtrack of Disney’s “Fantasy in the Sky” fireworks spectacular when it lights up the sky over Sleeping Beauty Castle Friday through Sunday evenings starting September 9. Versions of “Fantasy in the Sky” date back to 1958, when Walt Disney envisioned the show as a spectacular “kiss goodnight” for his Disneyland guests.

“World of Color” and “Fantasy in the Sky” will each be presented through the early November kickoff of Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. So go ahead and plan your visit, and get your nostalgia on!


  • Shawn, I understand that Disneyland Forever was created for the 60th Anniversary. However, the fireworks created for the 50th Anniversary ran from 2005 until 2014 (and I believe the fireworks for the 45th ran for 4 years or so) so it’s hardly unprecedented for something created for an anniversary celebration to outlast said celebration.

    And Paint the Night wasn’t even truly created for the 60th, as it’s a variant of the nighttime parade in Hong Kong.

  • Me and my family went to Disneyland Resort on september 2015 and we all enjoyed and loved both Paint The Night and Disneyland Forever. Best parade and fireworks we’ve seen at Disney parks (we’ve seen Main St Electrical Parade, SpectroMagic, Fantasy in the Sky and Wishes).

    On may 2016 we went to Orlando and my kids just did not care about the Main St Electrical parade since they did not recognize most of the characters such as crickets and lady bugs and Pete’s Dragon. On the other hand they loved Paint the Night ’cause they knew all the characters.

    Main Street Electrical parade looks OLD. Paint the Night is AWESOME, NEW, TECHNOLOGICALLY SPECTACULAR and clearly reflects Walt Disney’s philosophy on imagination and innovation.

    Same thing with Disneyland forever, Fantasy in the Sky WAS great, Wishes is OK, but Disneyland Forever is far beyond spectacular, it makes your head turn around everywhere, it makes you sing, it makes you cry. It’s refreshing and innovative. Fantasy in the Sky is NOT.

    Don’t take them away.

  • Last holiday season we had both World of Color–Celebrate (for the 60th anniversary) and Winter Dreams. I would guess that Winter Dreams will return for the holidays after Celebrate leaves? And the regular World of Color (the original) is the one that will likely run in between the end of the Diamond Celebration and the beginning of the holidays?

  • To those who are being extra-picky — no, Paint the Night was not created for the 60th anniversary. We all know it came from another Disney park. I was mainly referring to (and should have specified) the fact that it was brought to and adapted for Disneyland specifically for the 60th/Diamond Anniversary, while Disneyland Forever and World of Color were created for the 60th.
    Whatever the case, no matter what was created for whom or for which park, the Diamond Celebration is ending soon and those events are ending too, at least for a while.

  • I am coming September 23…. please continue Paint the Night!!! It’s one of the best offerings Disneyland has. Some of us fly 14 hours to see it 🙂

  • I understand about the fireworks but why take away ‘Paint the night’. I am travelling to Disneyland for my 40th Birthday in December and was already disappointed that I would not get to see ‘Fantasmic’ as this is one of my favorite shows at Disney world and was looking forward to seeing the Disneyland version.

  • Incidentally, it is worth pointing out that Paint the Night was not created for the 60th (despite repeated statements to the contrary)–it was copied from Hong Kong Disneyland where it premiered (and still operates), with alterations. Notably, neither version makes any reference to Disneyland’s 60th. If it doesn’t return later, it can only be because it will be shipped somewhere else. It is viable and vibrant, and any other resort would surely be thrilled to get it.

  • Disneyland Forever is wonderful (far better than Fantasy in the Sky and the only show that has made me cry since Believe in 2000) but Paint the Night is EPIC!!!! I have been an annual pass holder for 18 years but I only visited the parks on average six or seven times per year until Paint the Night! I have been trying to go at least once a week for dinner and that parade since I first saw it! PLEASE KEEP (OR AT LEAST BRING BACK?) PAINT THE NIGHT!!!

  • I am extremely disappointed. We’re going all the way from Mexico in October just to see Paint the Night. Now it’s gone.

    I’m confused though. Will we have “Fantasy in the sky” and the normal “World of Color” in October?


    • Andrea – Yes.

  • Is this the latest version of World of Color which ended before Celebrate? Or the original original version?

    • Evan – It’s the original show.

  • I just want a Disneyland 60th Anniversary soundtrack that includes both the Paint the Night and the Disneyland Forever music. My first trip to Disneyland was during the D23 Expo last year and it was such an amazing trip, with strong memories tied to both the parade and the fireworks.

  • Count me in with those who are disappointed PTN may/will be leaving along with the other 60th events. That means the only nighttime entertainment at DL for the next nine months will be a 4.5-minute fireworks show (on weekends only) unless one opts to (can afford to) attend one of the ticketed events this fall/winter. Fantasmic is out until Summer 2017. For those who just logistically couldn’t make it to the 60th anniversary events and who might be going to DLR in the next year for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, this is a huge disappointment. A local fair provides more nighttime entertainment than this. Disney can do almost no wrong by me, but this seems to be a poorly planned/timed decision. PTN on weekends!? Please?!

  • I understand about World of Color and Disneyland Forever, but I’m heartbroken over Paint the Night. It’s by far the best parade that has ever been in Disneyland. Such a shame to see it go away so soon. Maybe Magic Kingdom will get to borrow it for their 45th?

  • I get that Disneyland Forever and the special WoC is going away, b/c they were very clearly 60th Anniversary-specific (and frankly I thought Remember… Dreams Come True and the regular WoC were better than the two former, respectively. Especially the special WoC– way too much Frozen and recent stuff and not enough of the entire history of Disneyland to be representative of 60 years of Disneyland). But I am very surprised Paint the Night isn’t staying– it never mentions the 60th and seemed like the (perfect) replacement for the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade. So will there be no nighttime parade now at Disneyland? I can only hold onto hope, the words that Shawn says, “Any future plans for these shows have not been determined.”

  • How come the Disneyland website is still saying World of Color – Celebrate is on September 6?

  • To clarify, there won’t be any fireworks Tuesday or Thursday during Halloween time? I know that with Mickey’s Party there will already be fireworks for those parties Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • I think we’re in the minority, but I agree with Jennelle Villa. These special shows/events were created specifically for the Diamond Celebration — a celebration that cannot continue on every year, despite what people may have assumed/hoped/wished/believed. I can totally understand everyone being upset — I’m usually grumbling and annoyed right along with everyone else when something is removed, especially if it’s something that has been around for many years — but it shouldn’t be a shock or even surprising that the 60th anniversary is finally ending (it started in May of 2015 — it’s gone on a long time). If anything (like Paint the Night) comes back “by popular demand” in the future, it could still come to an end once again.

    Anyway, as amazing as Disneyland Forever and Paint the Night are, I’m looking at the bright side of this — hopefully this means that the actual holiday fireworks, Believe… In Holiday Magic, will return for the holiday season. The snowfall felt so much more appropriate and heartstring-tugging during Believe than it did during Disneyland Forever.

    Hopefully this will also mean the return of the Christmas garland above Main Street, since Paint the Night will be over at that point.

    And hopefully — crossing my fingers — this will mean the return of the Winter Castle in Nov-Dec. While the Diamond Castle was lovely, it did not shimmer and glow nearly as much as the showstopping Winter Castle did.

  • I understand why World of Color and Disneyland Forever are ending as of September 5th as those were truly Diamond Celebration events. However, Paint the Night doesn’t really reference anything specific for the 60th. I hope that Disneyland Resort will bring back Paint the Night after the Holiday Season is over

  • All I want is for Paint the Night to stay!! It’s my favorite parade Disney has created in years.

  • Of the three shows that premiered for the 60th Paint the Night is by far the one I loved the most. Here I thought it was a way of Disneyland correcting it’s past mistake removing the original and bringing back a New Classic. I sure hope DL keeps it?

  • I understand the change for the fireworks and world of color. Losing Paint the Night is extremely disappointing. Especially with such short notice. If this parade is moved to WDW I will be extremely disappointed.

  • Will the World of Color Dessert Party be staying when the show returns to the original? I hope so – love having tasty treats and a seat!!

  • Let be honest other than a couple of changes Paint the Night was imported from Hong Kong. Going back there now?

    • Jason – The honest answer is that two versions of “Paint the Night” were created. The one at Hong Kong Disneyland is continuing as part of their 10th anniversary celebration.

  • I think it is a shame that Paint the Night will be leaving Disneyland. In the case of Disneyland Forever and World of Color – Celebrate, I get it. They reference the 60th and have run their course. But it was such a thrill to have a nighttime spectacular back at Disneyland so many years after The Electrical Parade left. I hope that after all of the Halloween parties and Holiday specials finish there will be a new late night, Paint the Night type parade for guests to enjoy during the new year.

  • Shawn– can you please clarify your answers? You said paint the night was leaving and then that no plans had been determined? This is contradicting information.

    • Deyanira – No contradiction. The last day will be September 5. Future plans beyond that date have not been determined.

  • Paint the Night is by far the most amazing parade Disneyland has done in a long time. The performers, floats, and music are spectacular. SAVE PAINT THE NIGHT!

  • Shawn, any interest in quelling the controversy by clarifying if this is a temporary hiatus or permanent closure for the Disneyland Forever fireworks?

    • Andrew – “Disneyland Forever,” “Paint the Night” and “World of Color – Celebrate!” were each created for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration, which concludes September 5. Any future plans for these shows have not been determined.

  • I would like to know if it will still the show Paint the Night?!

  • I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that Disneyland Forever is ending! It was a 60th anniversary special, meaning that it was for the Anniversary celebration. You can’t celebrate the 60th anniversary every year, it wouldn’t be right. I think they should develop a new firework show, but not repeat the Disneyland Forever one. It was created for a special occasion and that alone.

  • @Martha & Ryan,

    Though the 60th was special (because the fireworks were such a featured element), usually Monday-Thursday fireworks are only a thing when school’s out. Once summer ends, fireworks go Fri-Sun only until Thanksgiving and Holidaytime, and then again until Spring Break, and so on. Not a change, that happens every year.

  • You will only have fireworks Friday to Sunday? so no fireworks Monday to Thursday?
    why the change? this is so sad for people who has been planning vacations that are planning to go during weekdays the fireworks are one of the best things from the parks

  • No fireworks at all Monday through Thursday? That’s so sad!

  • I have to say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed the Disneyland Forever is about to be discontinued in favor of a generic firework show. It was such an advanced show that It seems that it would be around for a few years like Remember was. Please let us know if Paint the Night will stay. It is my favorite of the new nighttime show and has a lot of staying power. If it has to only perform on weekends or during peak times, so be it. It will be better than losing it completely.

  • So disappointed that the fireworks end on September 5th as we planned our trip for the 6th-8th to avoid crowds and had hoped the grandsons would get to see the fireworks at lease one night of our visit. Will we be able to see the World of Color from hour hotel?

  • The information I am getting from friends at TDA is they have to demolish the launchers they use for the big displays due to Star Wars construction. They have to build a new launch platform behind Toontown or over by the parkong structure. I forget which. I am looking forward to fantasyland not having to close early every night. I do hope they bring back believe in holiday magic fireworks this year.

  • If we must go back to prior fireworks, let’s go to the show that launched the modern spate of fireworks at Disneyland, the wonderful Believe . . . There’s Magic in the Stars. It isn’t intensely Main-Street-and-Castle-centric, so the Guest Control issues that other shows create won’t be there, and it is wildly entertaining–and many notches above Fantasy in the Sky.

  • Please tell me Paint the Night will be staying…

  • Will The Disneyland Forever Fireworks Come Back Next Year?

  • So very disappointed that Paint The Night is not being shown after September 5th 🙁 That parade is amazing and after all the money spent on it, one would think it would stay around for a long long time.

  • What about Paint the Night??

    • Deneice – “Paint the Night” was created for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration and is scheduled to conclude its run with the close of the celebration on September 5.

  • Outstanding to hear World of Color classic is finally returning. Yeesh.

    Why remove the anniversary fireworks? Is that a permanent thing, or will it return once Halloweentime is over?

    • Andrew – Future plans for these shows have not been determined.

  • Very cool to know that the original World of Color will return. I really missed the original version. (Although I did like the anniversary edition.)

    Seems a shame to see the anniversary fireworks go away, it’s a great show and the building projection are fantastic.

    Also, count me in as one of the people who love Paint the Night, I hope it sticks around.

  • Paint the Night is off the Schedule Calendar online. I’m guessing they are sending it to Shanghai and leaving us once again with nothing like they did with the Main St. Electrical Parade which is EXTREMELY disappointing. Disneyland always gets the shaft.

  • It’s good to have some originals back! I’m looking forward to it. Which version of World of Color is returning? The version that last played before the 60th anniversary show premiered? The original show that premiered in 2010?

    Also do we know if the new “Celebrate” effects be incorporated into the show, like the Screamin’ lights and Mickey Fun Wheel projections?

    • Alonso – This will be the original version of “World of Color.” Some of the other effects you mention were not part of that show, but we may incorporate that technology into other shows in the future.

  • I am really saddened by this news:-( The “Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular is the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen at Disneyland! The 50th anniversary fireworks continued for almost 9 years. I don’t see why the 60th anniversary fireworks have to be discontinued so soon.

  • It makes no sense to stop Disneyland Forever – it draws huge crowds and Fantasy in the Sky pales in comparison.

  • I know, they won’t talk about Paint the Night yet!!!

  • But why would you discontinue the amazing anniversary fireworks? Aren’t they wildly popular and loved?

    • Amanda – “Disneyland Forever” is a terrific show, but it was created specifically for the Diamond Celebration. When the celebration concludes on September 5, the show will end, but we may bring the technology to other shows in the future.

  • Will the Holiday World of Color and Holiday fireworks be done in December? Do the fireworks go nightly in December? We’ll be there for a week in December and looking forward to experiencing the parks for the first time in their holiday glory.

    • Erin – Stay tuned. We hope to have details about Holidays at Disneyland Resort some time next month.

  • Is Paint the Night going to stay?

    • Brandy – “Paint the Night” was created for the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration and is scheduled to conclude its run with the close of the celebration on September 5.

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