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YesterEars Vintage Apparel Collection Coming to Disney Parks Online Store on August 18

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I’m delighted to announce a new vintage apparel collection called “YesterEars” coming to the Disney Parks Online Store on August 18. The name of this collection was inspired by a shop with the same name once found at the former Downtown Disney Pleasure Island. During the next three months, you’ll find limited release apparel inspired by classic Walt Disney World Resort attractions and locations. Here’s a look at what you will find from August 18-25, 2016 at

YesterEars Vintage Apparel Collection Coming to Disney Parks Online Store on August 18

The first shirt in this collection is something from my childhood. I first visited Walt Disney World Resort in July 1983 and fell in love with Dreamfinder and Figment. When the merchandise team was planning this vintage collection, I joked I’d love to have a shirt I once wore during that first trip (as seen in the image above). Imagine my surprise when Disney Design Group artist Richard Terpstra recreated that exact ringer t-shirt! As Figment would say, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

YesterEars Vintage Apparel Collection Coming to Disney Parks Online Store on August 18

Richard also designed this Raglan with artwork inspired by a Walt Disney World Preview Center advertisement. The Center was open from January 10, 1970, until September 30, 1971. At the location, guests could learn about the project firsthand through displays of models and drawings, and a short filmed presentation. There was also a snack bar and merchandise shop. The original Preview Center building can still be found on Hotel Plaza Boulevard near Disney Springs.

YesterEars Vintage Apparel Collection Coming to Disney Parks Online Store on August 18

Finally, you can “seize the future” with this X-S Tech shirt inspired by ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. This classic Tomorrowland attraction was open from June 20, 1995 to October 11, 2003 in Magic Kingdom Park. Housed in the Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center was the laboratory of X-S Tech, a corporation from a distant planet intent on demonstrating its interplanetary teleportation apparatus. But the demonstration was marred by difficulties and an alien creature was accidentally teleported into the laboratory. The photo above of the X-S Tech sign in the queue was taken on the last day of operation in 2003. I never thought I’d be using it for a Disney Parks Blog article many years later.

Look for another article in September with additional apparel from the “YesterEars” collection.


  • Any chance that these are going to continue as a monthly special?? Love the shirts!

  • Hi! I also ordered three shirts back on 8/18… as well as 2 in the second batch that was released. I haven’t received the order from August yet and it’s almost October, what is the expected turn around for these shirts? I can only imagine that I won’t get my second batch of Yesterears shirts till December. Love these shirts, but the waiting is tough 🙁

  • I ordered an Alien Encounter shirt on the 18th of August and still haven’t received it .

  • These are very nice, I own a lot of the Twenty Eight & Main line (always looking out for more ;), and these will be in my collection also. Would love to see vintage camera accessories come on line too, (like the old vintage rainbow colored neck camera strap with the old epcot logo) a line of merch like that would be nice also.

  • Hoping for a Pleasure Island shirt!

  • I wish they would bring back the Mickey Mouse Ears – Wedding Groom Black Top Hat. I don’t care for the current one.

  • Stephen,
    Please bring back the Goofy Hula shirt that was at the Poly back in 97. I have had more comments on this t shirt and is still by far my favorite Disney Shirt!

  • Does Disney Merchandising even visit the parks and look at their target market? My son wears 4X shirts and he rarely finds something to fit him, although he is one of the biggest Disney fans on the planet. There are tens of thousands of devoted “Pooh-size” Disney fans who would buy these and other shirts if only they could get them in their size. I know it may not be practical to offer everything in 3 – 5X, but when you are not actually doing the print run until the orders have all been received, I fail to see why you couldn’t offer larger sizes as well.

  • I really wish there were big men’s sizes up to 4 or 5XL instead of only up to 2XL.

  • These are great! Hopefully they’re enough of a success to expand to some Disneyland “retired” attractions. PeopleMover with the Tron tunnel, Motor Boat Cruise, Adventure Thru Inner Space…

  • I second the request for women’s shirts. I love the Dreamfinder graphic, but “ringer” style tees especially don’t fit me well / are unflattering. If it were offered in a women’s cut (AND with actual size dimensions listed so I know whether it will fit) I’d buy it!

  • Love the Figment and Dreamfinder shirt! Like others, I wish the Limited Edition Tees were offered in extended sizes, and that the ladies’ shirt offerings had more character variety. And I second the motion for Tapestry of Nations or Tapestry of Dreams merch! I miss that parade so much! Thanks for the updates!

  • Yay! Ordered the Dreamfinder shirt for my husband just now. He’s going to be so excited as he LOVED that original attraction as a little boy.

  • Love the X-S Tech shirt! I miss that attraction.

  • I really wish the Yesterears branding wasn’t so prominent.

    • @Kenneth – I’m confused by your comment. I know the YesterEars logo is included as small artwork on the back of two shirts. For the X-S Tech shirt, the logo is on the sleeve as the “Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center” logo is found on the back.

  • I just realised the items don’t ship internationally. Why? Please tell me it’ll eventually become internationally available?

    • @Ahmed – I’ll share your comment with the online store team. Unfortunately, these items cannot be shipped internationally or outside the contiguous United States. I’m unaware of any plans for that to change. I’m sorry I don’t have better news.

  • So excited to see the Figment and Dreamfinder shirt!! As some others have mentioned, I do wish it was also available in a ladies style tee, as sometimes these unisex versions just look boxy on some female figures. So hope that’s considered for future releases. But I’ll take anything Figment-related that I can get my hands on!

  • I was so excited to see the Dreamfinder and Figment until I realized they were only unisex. I agree with the previous posts – it would be wonderful to see these in ladies cuts.

  • Love the vintage concept! On our recent visit i scoured the shops for items with thr original WDW logo. Nothing beats bringing back childhood memories. When i was very little, i remember little plastic jointed figurines that stood on a black plastic base. When you pushed up on the underside of the base, the joints of the figurines would bend and the figure would collapse down onto its base. I would love to see those again.

  • Hello
    I think these shirts look great but would like to agree with one of the previous comments from Larraine. Please consider doing some of these cool retro styles in women’s fit shirts rather than just unisex shirts
    If we want a Princess shirt we are covered but so many girls and women I know would love these retro styles

  • As another poster suggested, it would be nice if these special order shirts would be offered in a 3X size. I tend to wear either XL or XXL shirts for the most part, but I have no luck with these special order shirts. I get them in the XXL, and they still don’t fit well. It’s very disappointing as they do release some great designs.

  • Cand I just say WOW!!!! Richard Terpstra rocks! I love his shirts!!!!

  • I would love to see some of Jessica Rabbit’s store merchandise come back from Pleasure Island.

  • Love these shirts, but would also love if they brought back some of the embroidered shirts… I have embroidered button downs and henleys from the Disney Store… It would be awesome to get these types of shirts again!

  • I am loving the vintage Disney shirts. I think I’m going to have to get one. Are the shirts only available for a very short time? I have a tote bag from Disney that I got years ago can’t part with because it’s vintage Disney.

    • @Lauren – These three shirts will be released only on the online store from August 18-25.

  • Steven, as always it’s a pleasure to see your articles. We are truly living in a Golden Age of Parks merchandise.

    I wanted to second the idea of a return of the cut & sew fabric apparel. The patterns are amazing. The old Tiki bird and Adventureland shirts/dresses are completely amazing, and as anyone who has ever attended a Dapper Day can attest, vintage Disney fabrics are in high demand.

    • @Daniel – I appreciate the comment. If something like that should appear, I’m sure I’ll cover it on the Disney Parks Blog 🙂

  • Are these shirts available for only a short time? I am so loving the vintage Disney shirts

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what else is being offered, and would also like to see a collared or polo-style shirt option….at an affordable price. Fingers crossed for Carousel of Progress version!

  • Do you know if these tees will be available in size 3X? I don’t want to get my hopes up yet!

    • @Michael – From my understanding, sizes offered will be Adult Small to Adult XX-Large.

  • Would love to see a River Country shirt!

  • Help must have figment shirt when can I order? Where can I order? What sizes ? I have all my daughters Figi stuff purses,animals, figurines

  • Another request for polo/collared shirts, PLEASE.

  • I would LOVE to see a return of the cut and sew patterns and Disney fabric from the bygone days. The Lady and the Tramp and Si and Am skirts are going for THOUSANDS of dollars on the vintage markets. I also love the vintage Tiki Room fabric and any of the Bates Disciplined stuff! Sewing and DIY clothing is making a comeback with the millennial generation and I know that Disney fabric would be a huge hit for making clothes for us and our kiddos!

    • @Emily – Thank you for the feedback. I’m sure if something like that was to appear in Disney Parks, I would have a Disney Parks Blog article about it. 🙂

  • Polo and or collared shirts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • What are the weights/materials of these shirts?

    • @Tim – Here is some additional information about the shirts:
      – X-S Tech – Hanes – 100% Preshrunk Cotton
      – Walt Disney World Preview Center – Raglan – 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon
      – Dreamfinder & Figment – Gildan DryBlend – 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

  • Will there be vintage mickey ears?????

  • I really, REALLY wish there were more options for female shirts. There are a million styles for females with princesses and Minnie Mouse on them… but all of the awesome vintage styles are “unisex”… I just don’t feel comfortable in those types of shirts. There are plenty of us ladies who love the cool vintage stuff, too!

    • @Larraine – Thank you for your feedback. I’ll share it with the online store and apparel teams.

  • Crossing my fingers for a Tapestry of Nations shirt down the line.

    • @Joey – Wé la oh mé la wé la … that would make two of us 🙂

  • Thanks for the info Steven!! We always enjoy your articles:) Love the new Figgie & Dreamfinder shirt!! Gotta add it to my collection. I have the original one too. When will you have a preview of the merchandise for the Food & Wine Festival? Looking forward to our WDW visit in October:) Thanks!!

    • @Stephen – Thank you. Stay tuned for a look at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

  • Can’t wait to see the others…

  • Great designs! What styles of Haines shirts are they (Nano, Beefy, etc.)? Makes a big difference for me on sizing.

    • @Ryan – Here is some information about the shirts. I’ve tried on all three and they feel spectacular. Very comfortable and soft material which makes them feel like they have been in my wardrobe for years.
      – Dreamfinder & Figment – Gildan DryBlend – 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
      – Walt Disney World Preview Center – Raglan – 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon
      – X-S Tech – Hanes – 100% Preshrunk Cotton

  • Love the Dreamfinder shirt. Too bad children today can’t experience this version of the attraction, which delivered such wonder and delight, and played such a significant role in what defined Future World. Journey into Imagination as an attraction was the unifying message, connecting all of the attractions together by highlighting the importance of dreams.
    I’ll bet that 30 years from now people wont be lining up to buy retro merch about Dr. Nigel Channing or the Nemo version of The Living Seas.

  • WOW, these are so cool! 🙂 Please let there be shirts for Horizons and If You Had Wings! 😀

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