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Catch the Cupcake Wave! Sprinkles Arrives in Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort in November

A visit to the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort will be even sweeter beginning in November when Sprinkles opens its newest location, serving up freshly baked cupcakes and cookies.

Touted as the world’s first cupcake bakery by Food Network, Sprinkles has been credited with inspiring the craze for gourmet cupcakes. The shop in Downtown Disney District will offer handcrafted cupcakes in flavors like banana, carrot, salty caramel, strawberry and a Sprinkles bestseller: red velvet. Signature cookies, including snickerdoodle, salted oatmeal cornflake and peanut butter pretzel chip are also on the Sprinkles bill of fare.

And Sprinkles considers customers’ special dietary needs, offering vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free cupcake, cookie and sorbet options.

You’ll want to plan on repeat visits to Sprinkles in Downtown Disney District. Which cupcake or cookie flavor do you think you’ll try first?


  • Hopefully they have the cupcakes available with icecream as well!

  • My guess is that it will located in the old Quicksilver location. IMO the Something Silver location would be too small for a Sprinkles location.

  • Hoping there will be gluten free selections!

  • CANT WAIT to only drive 17 mins for my Salted Caramel cuppie instead of to Glendale. Added bonus is I can walk around the parks to work it off ? Really hoping it’s attached to ice cream also. Yaaaay DTD. ??????????

  • This is the place with the cupcake ATM, isn’t it? Yay!

  • A prior article has said that the Sprinkles will be located next to the Starbucks near World of Disney in a recently vacated store.

  • I’m happy they are bringing more to DTD to try n keep up with the ever changing Disney Springs. I love how they have food trucks come in on some weekends and now Sprinkles it’s totally worth a lot more trips

  • Steve Kinsey, this store will probably be in the newly vacated Something Silver location which is near Fossil and Catal.

  • Will there be a cupcake ATM?

  • Thor Swenson, not everything has to be hip or with the times! Disney has been around for 60 years and is still going strong! Food like cupcakes and cakes have been around for decades and will continue, food truck crazes are the ones dying out, and you don’t see as many different foods anymore! Give me Old Fashion cupcakes any day!!
    You forget this is Disneyland it’s not a foodie hipster place, and that’s why it will be around when the foodie crazy dies.

  • That’s great to hear! Will this be the first place in Disneyland that offers Vegan cupcakes?

  • I personally don’t care for them, but I can see the advantage for the gluten free and vegan options.
    I’d rather see the cupcakes that are offered in the Park for Sale in DTD. So much better.

  • Oh please tell me they will be selling their gluten free cupcakes at the DTD location? Its very hard to find treats in DL for my daughter.

  • The cupcake craze seems like it’s about four years past its prime. I wish Downtown Disney would get hip food trucks in so that truly fresh and happening food concepts could be rotated in as the food trends arrive. Go visit the hipster ‘hoods of Portland to see what a true foodies paradise looks like. Cupcakes isn’t it in 2016.

  • Where in DTD will the store be located?

  • I’m so excited to have another vegan option especially cupcakes!

  • Will this location also be serving ice cream?

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