Celebrate the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Final Check-Out With Two Specialty Eats at Disney California Adventure Park

Recently, Erin Glover shared some of the special ways you can celebrate the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror before it checks out of Disney California Adventure park on January 2, 2017. Today, I’m excited to share two new scarily delicious ways to celebrate the final check-out.

The Tower Drop Dog at Award Wieners almost appears as if it had been struck by lightning. An all-beef frank dipped in red-pepper ketchup, topped with grilled onions, peppers and an onion crunch on a black noir potato bun – one bite will make you think you’ve just crossed over into … The Twilight Zone.

The Drop Martini from Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge

At Carthay Circle Restaurant and Lounge, you’ll find a special martini – The Drop – which features Midori with Irish cream and grenadine “dropped” in. One look and you’ll agree, this creepy cocktail is not for the faint of heart.


  • Phoebe–
    History has shown that whenever Disney parks makes a change, social media reactions are *always* negative. What about the billions of people who do not use social media? Negative social media reactions are always from a very vocal minority. There is such a thing as the silent majority. It’s a shame to lose Tower of Terror, but the new attraction will utilize the same ride system and the same structure.

  • Read up on social media, guys. The majority don’t want the Tower changed. We don’t want any special foods or promotions. We just want our favorite ride at California Adventure to stay the way it is, sign and all. Listen to your fans for once.

  • I actually tried the drink this past weekend. Sounds absolutely disgusting but is actually very tasty. Although, not tasty enough to make up for the upcoming change.

  • That drink sounds just as bad of an idea as changing this ride.

  • Ironically the tower doesn’t look like that anymore as you’ve already begun dismantling it!

  • Guardians sounds like a great idea. We never go on this ride when we visit.

  • Cool looking? Yes. But ewww on that drink

  • I didn’t see The Drop on the Lounge’s menu. Will it actually be there too or only at Carthay Circle restaurant?

  • How about nixing these and keeping the tower the way it is? Haven’t met one person who thinks this is a good idea

  • I’m with Keith on this, the ingredients for the Drop don’t sound like they’ll mix well together. Looks cool though.

  • I’ll have one of each please! After all it is Halloween Time!

  • Oh my…The Drop sounds revolting D:

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