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Enjoy National Coffee Day 2016 with a Preview of New Mugs Coming Soon to Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

National Coffee Day is held on September 29 each year, and it’s one of my favorite days to celebrate my love of all things coffee (I’m currently sipping a cup of coffee while writing this story). You may recall my fellow author Rachel Bshero shared how Joffrey’s Coffee is celebrating this flavorful day at Walt Disney World Resort. I thought I’d add to the festivities with a sneak preview of new mugs coming soon to Disney Parks.

New Mugs Coming Soon to Disney Parks

We have created several mugs of various shapes and sizes as part of the “Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee” collection. These mugs include stylized images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse enjoying an afternoon together.

The four mugs with geometric patterns look like they were transported directly from the 1960s, while newlyweds will be delighted to find new “Mr” and “Mrs” mugs.

New Mugs Coming Soon to Disney Parks

I was particularly happy to see new mugs with images of Humphrey the Bear, Kronk from Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove,” and the Fairy Godmother from Walt Disney’s “Cinderella.”

New Mugs Coming Soon to Disney Parks

We are also releasing a double-sided mug inspired by the Mayor from “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The Mayor’s removable hat is made from silicone. I also liked the Mr. Potato Head mug inspired by the Toy Story Mania attraction.

New Mugs Coming Soon to Disney Parks

Finally, we’ll have two new mugs from the Twenty Eight & Main Collection. One mug is for enjoying the wildest cup of coffee in the wilderness, while the other mug has me shouting, “Kungaloosh!”

New Mugs Coming Soon to Disney Parks

After seeing these mugs, I’m anxious to try the newest blend in the Disney Parks and Resorts Specialty Coffee Collection from Joffrey’s Coffee. The blend was inspired by Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada Pavilion at Epcot. The Roastmaster created this dark roasted blend using beans from Central and South America. It contains notes of citrus with sweet caramel-brown sugar, and has a slight smoky finish.

Look for these new mugs this fall in select merchandise locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Once released, guests may also find select mugs via the free Shop Disney Parks app.


  • when will the mayor mug be here?? I am so anxiously waiting for it!

  • Thank you ever so much for that Big Thunder mug! I cannot wait to get my hands on it and will eagerly be watching the park! I wish there was a Twenty Eight & Main set for women too. The designs are fantastic.

  • I am really missing Mickey Mouse! Please bring back the real mickey! The new version is a childlike vinylmation like version, not the icon I know and love.

  • Love these!! They look absolutely divine when you hang them on a wooden crate on the wall. It’s a great way to display your Disney mug collection, and have easy access to them especially when friends come over.

    • @Alissa – That’s a great idea! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • love these! Hope to check them out in person in a few weeks! Mary Poppins, yay! I don’t remember seeing merchandise before with Humphrey! (hilarious)

  • Love them all! The Mary Poppins one is one of my favorites. Also, so happy to see Humphrey the Bear making an appearance.

  • Thank you for the preview. I will definitely pick up the Fairy Godmother mug! Will the coffee be available to purchase at Disneyland? Thank you!!

  • I love the Fairy Godmother mug!! Any idea when it will be coming to stores at the parks? I will be at Walt Disney World in early November. Will it be out by then?

  • I wish they would sell mugs that aren’t quite as bulky. I like to drink from a porcelain/bone china mug. I am really looking forward to checking out the 45th anniversary pink mug as that looks a little more ‘dainty’ in the pictures previously posted.

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