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Halloween DIY: ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’-Inspired Glamorous Pirate Make-Up Tutorial

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Last week we shared a DIY tutorial on how you can make a perfectly scurvy pirate look with just a few pieces of makeup. Today, Cosmetologist Elizabeth Marcano gives us step-by-step directions on how to create a glamorous pirate look.

According to Elizabeth, a special hairstyle can also add to the authenticity of the look. In this tutorial she ends by demonstrating how to do a perfect mermaid braid.

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  • As much as I love Disney, and dressing up at Halloween. I can’t help feeling this article is kinda old fashioned and archaic. It’s perfectly fine for girls to dress up as a pirate if they want. There is no reason whatsoever that they need to put lipstick and eyeshadow on too. They don’t have to be “glamorous”, just because they’re female. And likewise, boys can look “glamourous” if they like, let’s face it, Jack Sparrow wheres enough eyeliner, doesn’t he!

    Let’s have costume ideas for boys and girls, without the girls having to be “glamorous” versions. Do you have “non glamorous” princess costumes for the boys – I doubt it – maybe it’s something you could look into?

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