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QUIZ: Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park

Allison Montgomery

by , Public Relations Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

The Haunted Mansion is a favorite attraction for many guests. And it will celebrate its 45th anniversary this fall! How well do you know the history and theming of this attraction? Test your knowledge below!

The Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park

How many ghosts reside in the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park?
What are the ''unofficial'' names of the three Hitchhiking Ghosts?
According to legend, who is the portrait of in the foyer of the Haunted Mansion?
What is the name on the gravestone under this lady in the Stretch Room scene?
According to the Ghost Host, what are the guests assembling for in the Grand Hall?
Who will you find in the Pet Cemetery just outside the Haunted Mansion?


  • Great attraction still! But regarding the foyer portrait, could it be given just a few more seconds before changing? I appreciate due to high levels it is not possible to wait for everyone, but it is transforming before even the first person gets into the foyer! Not good considering how much merchandise has it on in default state!

  • 6 of 6 right for my all time favourite Disney attraction! 🙂

  • The Haunted Mansion has been one of my favorites since my first visit in Disney World’s first year. No telling how many hitchhiking ghosts have followed me home over the years.

  • 6 of 6. Love the Haunted Mansion but even more the quizzes you post. It’s nice to learn from the “wrong” answer I may choose. Some quizzes don’t let you know the correct answer.

  • I got them all right. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

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