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‘World of Color – Season of Light’ Is Glowing Into Disney California Adventure Park November 10

Shawn Slater

by , Senior Communications Manager, Disney Live Entertainment

Last week, Erin broke the news about “World of Color – Season of Light,” opening November 10 at Disney California Adventure park. Today, in honor of the anniversary of the show that inspired the water spectacular, I’m pleased to share with you even more details about this all-new nighttime extravaganza.

“Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” made its television debut 55 years ago this week, bringing the wonder of full-color programming to people across the country and introducing the world to my personal favorite character, Professor Ludwig Von Drake. That landmark show served as the inspiration behind the original “World of Color” when it debuted at Disney California Adventure park back in 2010. Much like the TV anthology series itself, “World of Color” has been presented in a number of versions and variations over the years, and for the 2016 holiday season, we’re celebrating the warmth and wonder of the holidays with a sparkling new winter fantasy.

“World of Color – Season of Light” combines classic holiday songs with memorable moments from treasured Disney animated films to create an experience that wraps you in the warm glow of holiday magic. From its mesmerizing start to its stunningly beautiful finale, “World of Color – Season of Light” illuminates the night and weaves together an emotional tapestry that will fill your heart with the spirit of the season.

The show begins with the last leaves of fall giving way to the arrival of winter, as Mickey and his pals decorate their homes for Christmas. Themes of love, home and family run throughout “World of Color – Season of Light,” with special appearances by Lady and Tramp, Andy’s family from “Toy Story,” a “Mele Kalikimaka” with Stitch and his ‘Ohana and a “Feliz Navidad” from the Three Caballeros. At one point in the show, Goofy goes all out in a spectacular ode to over-the-top holiday light displays … until his ode turns to overload and everything short circuits, leading to a “Blue Christmas” with Sadness from Disney•Pixar’s “Inside Out.”

Everything builds to a stunning grand finale, illuminating the lagoon with the light of hope and filling our hearts with the spirit of peace, joy and goodwill to all. “World of Color – Season of Light” debuts November 10, 2016, at Disney California Adventure park and will be presented nightly through January 8, 2017.


  • Now that my Feb 25, one week trip is approaching, I’m noticing little to no entertainment scheduled in February. No World of Color listed or Frozen, Live at the Hyperion. Are these shows on hiatus?

  • will Seasons of Light contain clips from “The Santa Clause”?

  • I’m really excited for this new Holiday show!

    One thing thats got me wondering though. Last year, you presented both World of Color Celebrate and Winter Dreams during the Holiday season. Will we see something similar this year with both “Classic” and Season of Light being presented in the same night or will it be Season of Light all the way with the “Classic” taking a break?

  • I never miss WOC when I visit the DLR. We will be there in early January, so I’m excited to see this new show.

  • Shawn-
    Thanks for the response. 🙂

  • Will Disneyland Resort guests be able to draw and make Christmas Cards for World of Color – Seasons of Light like the first season they did World of Color – Winter Dreams and Luminaria back in 2001.

  • Will they still be offering the dessert package for this show?

  • I am so happy to hear this will be starting during our trip. I love world of color and the dining package is a must. Great seats without the crowds in line. I have had bad experiences previously waiting in line. I was excited to read about the new dessert world of color menu but its too expensive. 🙁

  • Will there be any representation of winter holidays other than Christmas in this version of World of Color? As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas I find myself disappointed each year with offerings that are holiday. It’s a Small world holiday doesn’t have a single mention of hannukah and I was really hoping world of color would.

  • Seems like a lot of the words in the description are straight out of LuminAria. Thats not a bad thing since the music was great, and just the show was a little bit lacking.

  • This sounds amazing! One question, will the gospel choir singing “Joy to the World” from Winter Dreams be included? That was always my favorite, I’d hate to lose it.

    • Timothy – That was a pretty great part of that show, but won’t be included in the new version. “World of Color – Season of Light” is completely new from beginning to end and promises to have its own special moments that will pull on your heartstrings, lift you up and leave you inspired. It’s going to be wonderful!

  • This sounds great. A bit like a holiday version of DTV (that old Disney Channel series of classic cartoon scenes set to music).

  • I’m so sad that we’ll be leaving 2 days before it starts! 🙁
    Does this mean World of Color will be “down for refurbishment” the week we are there to prepare for the holiday version?

  • Will World of Color be going down at some point in early Nov to transition to this new show?

    • Jared and Lorna – The transition should be seamless between the current “World of Color” show and “World of Color – Season of Light,” with no downtime between the two.

  • This sounds SO. GOOD. I’m so excited to see the new show!

  • We always JUST miss these kinds of things! We’ll be there for the Half-Marathon on the 15th.

  • Coming Nov 30th and cannot wait to see it! Sounds great! Stitch is one of my favorites so I am really excited he is included.

  • I have the same question as Kyle, will Frozen be included in the show? It seems like it would be appropriate.

  • Will Frozen be included in World of Color-Season of Light as well?

    • Fred and Kyle – Segments of the new show will feature moments from “Frozen” and many other beloved animated films, but there will not be an entire sequence dedicated to “Frozen” as in last year’s holiday show, “World of Color – Winter Dreams.”

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