Days of Disney Past: A Peek At Horizons

Horizons at Epcot opened on October 1, 1983. Here, guests explored new options for living and working in the 21st century. The attraction showcased cities of the future including space colonies, floating cities and desert farms. And how can anyone forget the amazing “holographic telephones!” The 136,000 square foot building that housed the attraction featured a roofline that resembled an emerald-cut diamond.


  • I LOVED Horizons! I miss the Epcot of yesteryears… Horizons, World of Motion, Wonders of Life Pavilion.

  • John Steslow: It was replaced by Mission: Space, which opened in 2003.

    Horizons was the *epitome* of the “spirit of EPCOT”. What could we look forward to as a society in the future? What new, exciting technology awaited us? What paths would we take to get to get to that amazing point? What *inspires* us to look forward?

    Horizons wasn’t a “thrill ride”. It wasn’t based on any movies. But yet it *mesmerized* us so much.

    It’s a shame that the building and ride system wasn’t designed better (look it up on Google), but, it still remains one of the best attractions to define what EPCOT was, and should be.

  • It is the Disney attraction that I will never forget! To this day, no other attraction in any theme park has thrilled me more. I am saddened that this amazing piece of imagineering was replaced by its current incarnation.

  • Original attractions NOT based on movies was the heart and soul of EPCOT. I hope they don’t try to put more movie rides in just because it’s a safe bet.

  • I should be ashamed off myself, but I can’t remember where it was or what’s there now. And I was at EPCOT on opening day!

  • My first memory of Epcot was going on Horizons with my family, I too would love it to be brought back (the virtual reality version sounds like a great idea Disney ?

  • I literally cried when I found out it was being torn down. The worst mistake Disney ever made was to demolish this.

  • What a great attraction!!!
    Old Epcot Center was so much fun.
    The “original” Figment attraction, WOM, Spaceship Earth (version 2) w Walter Cronkite, CommuniCore East and West, Listen to the Land, The Living Seas, Wonders of Life pavilion.
    Germany when it wasn’t a buffet, the original Alfredo’s (although I do enjoy Tutto Gusto),

  • wish I got to experience that!!

  • Agree with Matthew Ross. Horizons was the difference between EPCOT Center and Epcot.

  • An amazing journey at the most wonderful place on earth. What about a Virtual Reality recreation, complete with orange smell??

  • Thanks for making my day Rose- I loved this attraction and used to pick up extra hours there on my College Program!
    Now I want some oranges 😉

  • Horizon needs to be re-imagined as Horizons Century 3 and brought back to Epcot.

  • And the scent of orange groves in the desert!

  • Such an amazing place. It’s demise is still the tragedy of Epcot, in my opinion.

  • I miss Horizons also. It was the best dark ride ever.

  • EPCOT is still the best

  • I was one of the cast members who opened horizons. had so much fun. I remember the smell of oranges, the space ship that never worked (the one that was moving the girder before the Omni screen) and the little boy who was learning to dive that looked just like my son Jamie and would repeat the dive instructions! Yes that was a great attraction. We don’t build em like that anymore.

  • I miss Horizons so much. It was so optimistic about the future. We need a Horizons 2.0!

  • The soul of EPCOT Center.

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