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Catch the Replay of the #DisneyParksLIVE Stream of ‘A Frozen Holiday Wish’

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Catch the replay of the Inside #DisneyParksLIVE stream of “A Frozen Holiday Wish” from Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This show marks the kickoff to the holiday season, and can be seen nightly at the park throughout November and December. “A Frozen Holiday Wish,” features the royal sisters Anna and Elsa. Along with their friends, Olaf and Kristoff, Queen Elsa uses her incredible powers to present a gift to everyone in the kingdom – transforming Cinderella Castle into a glimmering ice palace for the holidays.

So before we begin, tell us in the “Comments” section where you’re watching from tonight. Or share it with us on Twitter with the hashtag #DisneyParksLIVE.


  • Fabulous!! I will be at Disneyland in a few weeks. But I don’t suppose they will be having a similar show there?? It was beautiful and only the most over the top great that you can count on from Disney.

  • Watching from Frankfort KY with my husband! Oh we love Disney! Would love to is it during the Christmas season!

  • The shepard family watching from Massachusetts in preparation for our WDW visit in just 29 days. Getting ready for the Disney holiday magic experience! Can’t wait to experience all the new stuff you’ve added and done this year! So excited and thank you for all these live broadcasts … happy holiday everyone and those at Disney who make it magical

    • We hope you have a terrific holiday trip!

  • Coming soon for our 1st Christmastime and doing it all! MVMCP w/dessert party, Candlelight Processional, Jingle Bam….can’t wait!!!

    • What a memorable trip you’re in for! Do everything! 🙂

  • Watching from Minneapolis Mn. A Disney Grandma.

    • We love those Disney Grandmas!

  • I am watching from Barrie Ontario. Love love watching the castle turn into the frozen castle.

  • I’m watching from the Netherlands…. together with my friend who lives in Florida…. With our Duffy’s next to us

    • Happy Holidays to you and Duffy!

  • watching from my work cube in Oregon and counting down til I can see it live in just under 4 weeks!

  • Wishing I was there from Cheshire, CT

  • Our family is dreaming of Disney here in Lawrence Kansas! Hi Olaf!!

  • My daughter & I are watching from Yardley, PA and can’t wait to see this LIVE in just a few weeks!!!!

  • Morgan and Andy checking in from South Jersey!

  • Celebrating our anniversary watching from Angus, Ontario

  • Watching from Paris. I’m a fellow Cast Member in the parade department here. Merry Christmas!! x

  • We’re so excited you’re showing this show! We were there last year but couldn’t get close enough to see the characters! Merry Christmas from Stevensville, MI!!

  • We’re so excited in Miamisburg, Ohio! Light that castle up!!

  • Watching from Charlotte, NC!

  • Watching from Richmond, IN with our new baby! Baby’s first Disney show! Definitely won’t be his last!

  • Watching from Scranton, PA. Missed Trumps visit to watch this. JK

  • New Albany, Indiana

  • Watching from Maine!!! Love the live streams!!

  • Watching from Waco, TX

  • Watching from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to get ready for to travel to Walt Disney World the end of this week.

  • Watching from Wappinger, NY!

  • Watching from Cuyahoga Falls.

  • Watching while doing Homework, from Rexburg, Idaho!

  • watching here in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia Canada

  • Watching from Cape Coral Florida!

  • Watching from Waltham, MA & DVC members at OKW since 1994.

  • Watching from Frostburg, MD!

  • My family and I are watching from Baltimore, Maryland. We can’t wait for our trip in January!!

  • Watching with my husband from Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Watching from (extremely sunny and hot!) San Diego, Ca.

  • Watching with my mouse rants friends via facebook!

  • The Rohrig’s can’t wait to welcome in the holiday season Disney style from Texas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  • Watching from West Bradford Township PA (near Thorndale/Downingtown)… about 35 min west of Philly!! 72 Days until our DLR trip, and 228 until our next Disney World trip… I can’t wait!!

  • Watching with my husband and two kiddos from Delaware, Ohio!

  • Can’t wait to see this, I’ve stayed up in the Uk to watch.

  • My wife and I are watching from Amherst Ohio.

  • Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada!!!

  • The Shamblin family watching from Ashland, KY. Can’t wait to come back home to Walt Disney World!

  • Lana Joy and Travis are watching from Colorado! Wish we could be there!

  • Watching from Seymour, IN. We are excited for our Disney vacation at the end of the month!

  • Watching in Center Valley, PA!

  • Watching from Clearwater, FL

  • The Brewer family will be watching from New Albany, Indiana! We are so excited for the holidays and for this new show to get us in the spirit even more!

  • New York with my dad!

  • Watching from San Antonio, TX

  • Azusa, CA. 22 more days until we are there.

  • Im watching from argentina!

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