New Dooney & Bourke Handbags Releasing in November 2016 at Disney Parks

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

I’m excited to announce several new handbags by Dooney & Bourke will be released this month in select locations at Disney Parks and via the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. These Disney-inspired handbags were created especially for Disney Parks. These bags join the first-ever, holiday-themed bags being released on November 11 (see this Disney Parks Blog Unboxed video for a preview).

New Dooney & Bourke Handbags Releasing in November 2016 at Disney Parks

The Disney Villains collection is currently available in select locations at Disney Parks. The three bag collection includes a Tote, a Letter Carrier, and a Wristlet.

New Dooney & Bourke Handbags Releasing in November 2016 at Disney Parks New Dooney & Bourke Handbags Releasing in November 2016 at Disney Parks

On Friday, November 18, we will be holding a special release party at Cherry Tree Lane in the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs Marketplace. At this event, we will release two handbag collections.

The Retro Sticker Collage collection includes three silhouettes – a Wristlet, a Large Letter Carrier, and a Tote. The Walt Disney World Toile collection will have a Large Letter Carrier, a Tote, and a Hobo Satchel.

During this special event, guests will have an opportunity to meet Ian Ray, Creative Director for Dooney & Bourke from 10:30am-12:00pm.

The Retro Sticker Collage collection will also be released on November 18 at Disneyland Resort.

New Dooney & Bourke Handbags Releasing in November 2016 at Disney Parks New Dooney & Bourke Handbags Releasing in November 2016 at Disney Parks

There are two additional collections that will be released on the Shop Disney Parks app in November. The first collection – Princess Keys – will launch on November 14, while the Disney Cat-themed collection will be introduced on the app starting November 28.

In addition to Shop Disney Parks app, guests may find select styles on the Disney Parks online store.

Which collection is your favorite?


  • Will the cat bags be released again? Are they still available in store? They haven’t been online in a while

  • Hello just curious if the beauty and beast collection will ever be sold again?

  • Hey there! Will the Toile collection be released again? I’ve asked several merchandise cast members at the park and can’t get a definitive answer, were these limited edition?

  • Will a 2nd wave of the cat bags be released? I was so sad that they sold out before my trip last week.

  • I love Dooney bags, I wish there were more bags designed for Disneyland. It seems that all the focus is on Disney World, but what about us that are die hard fans of Disneyland?

  • Will the Disney cats bags come back in stock or were they a limited edition? I just line the bags and hope they are coming back so I can get one.

  • I am super psyched to see some satchels again! There have been too many collections this year with just wristlets, letter carriers, and totes. I am especially excited to see the return of the old satchel shape with the toile pattern, it is by far my favorite Dooney style. That being said, it would be nice to see more options like the Margot, Smith, and backpack.

  • I was trying to purchase the disney cats bag via the app but it would not let me use a gift card. Is there any way to be able to do that?

  • Is the cat print purse going to be released on the Disney Store website? I desperately want to buy this bag for Christmas, but am another disappointed Canadian with no access to the Disney Parks app. Is there any other way to purchase it?

  • I hope the cat collection is foreshadowing a dog collection in the future. Crazy dog ladies need purse love, too! I’d love to see more prints in the crossbody satchel style, especially since we haven’t seen many in that style yet. I echo what several others have said – more variety of styles please. I love the new prints, but have a hard time justifying getting the same few styles over and over again. As for the App, I hope future versions have a Wishlist or Favorite feature that can be shared. It would make Birthday and holiday shopping so much easier.

  • Will more of the Princess Key bags be released? I was on the app pretty early this morning, the bags were listed, but when I attempted to add one to my “bag” got a message that they were sold out. I love the print!!

  • Today the Dooney Princess keys Collection was being released on the Shop Disney Parks app. I haven’t seen this collection. Did I miss it?

  • Will the Dooney and Bourke Marvel Super hero bags from the runDisney event be available for purchase if you did not attend the event?

  • I LOVE ❤️ the smaller Shopper Tote with the zipper in the back!! Please continue to make your new designs in this size. It is great for everyday use and not as heavy & bulky as the larger totes. Thanks for all the new designs lately! Would love to have Lion King, Tangled, Little Mermaid and even a Toy Story design would be awesome!!??

  • When will the Dark Side Marathon Douney & Bourke merchandise be available for purchase? I am interested in the tote. Will it be on the app for sale or just the online store? Thanks

  • Will you be releasing the Beauty and the Beast bags again? I know they have been released a couple of times but I missed the mid sized or letter carrier sized both times!!!! I want to give it as a gift to my best friend…….

  • We live 650 miles from here so I was excited to be here for the release of the Dooney Mickey and Minnie holiday bag… I love the variety of Dooney designs and the happiness they bring. Due to the weight, I often buy the wristlets and wish that the cutters of the fabric would do a better job of making sure the relevant designs are included in the final product. It’s usually hit and miss and yesterday they would only display 3 bags at a time so one wasn’t able to check for a complete design. None-the-less, I love my holiday wristlet and, as a DVC member, was fortunately able to get the 25th when they first appeared.

  • PLEASE don’t forget about the wallets and the wristlets!!

  • Loving the Cats print! BUT, what size will the satchel be? Is it a ‘Zip Zip’, or is it a ‘Bitsy’?

    I’m hoping for a Bitsy, since the Zip Zip would be too big for my needs, but the small Letter Carrier presented here is just a tad too small… (Too bad the Cats print is the only style presented here that won’t get a large Letter Carrier.)

  • I, on the other hand, do not mind having the same style of purse, because that way I know exactly what stuff it will hold and makes transferring from one purse to the next much easier!

  • How many patterns, no matter how Disneyriffic, can we have in the same styles? I love my Disney Dooney but I have really slowed down because I love to switch out my purses but it doesn’t even feel like it because I’m just carrying the same style over and over again!

  • I am excited to see the car theme because surely that means a dog theme is right around the corner?!! And yes, please offer other styles. I am to the point where I can’t justify another bag of the same style no matter how cute the print.

  • I third the more style options of Dooney’s. I like the smaller pouchette style or the small letter carrier style. Would love to see the new Sticker Collage design in something other then the same 3 styles. The wristlet is way to small, the large letter carrier is to awkward and bulky, and the tote I use as a Diaper bag. Would really love to see the old school style of Dooney’s come back. Large Barrel, or Small satchel styles would be great…!!! I agree the same 3 styles are getting old…But the designs are all wonderful.

  • I do love these, and I especially love the princess keys. I may pick one of those up. I do have the letter carrier from the Diamond Anniversary and I love it.

    I’m also hoping that one of these days soon, there will be another bag featuring Tinkerbell and/or the Disney Fairies. My husband’s nickname for me is Tinker, and I need a bag featuring her without paying the ouchie aftermarket price.

  • Can I second @DawnBiro’s comment? I too love D&B and the Disney collab, but I do not need any more of these sizes – other sizes/styles would be most welcome!

  • Can you tell me if there is any way to still to get the 2015 Disney 1/2 Marathon Weekend Sweatshirts or jackets??

  • What princesses are featured on the Princess Keys bags?

    • @Aimee – The keys were inspired by the following Disney Princesses: Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, and Snow White.

  • Hi. Can you tell us when more Dumbo D&B will be released? Thanks =)

  • Will they be releasing the toile print in a Disneyland Resort print? I’m in love with it, but I’m loyal to my park!

    • @Araceli – I’ve only seen a Walt Disney World Resort version for now.

  • Please, please pass on the word that we want different styles. Messenger. Bucket Tote. Kristen. Please. I beg of you. I don’t need another of the same tote or satchel or wristlet, regardless of the cuteness of the new prints.

    • @Dawn – Thank you for your feedback. I’ve shared your comment with the accessories team. Stay tuned for future releases 🙂

  • Will the Toile and the Sticker bags also be available on the Disney Parks App at some point? Is there a difference between the Disney Parks App and the Disney parks online store mentioned?? Thanks in advance!

    • @Sheryl – You might see those styles available on the Shop Disney Parks app at a future date. The Shop Disney Parks app gives you access to thousands of products carried at Disney Parks whereas the Disney Parks online store features some of the most popular items.

      Both the app and the online store have offered Dooney & Bourke handbags in the past. There are some items, however, that will appear on the Shop Disney Parks app first before being released at Disney Parks or the Disney Parks online store.

  • Would you happen to know if The Walt Disney World Toile collection will also be available through the Shop Parks app? Thank you!

    • @Renee – From my understanding, limited quantities may be available via the Shop Disney Parks app at a future date. Most likely, they bags may appear a few days after the event at Disney Springs on November 18.

  • OMG ARISTOCATS!!! This is everything I needed on a Monday!!! I will be treating myself to one of those ASAP!!

  • I love these. Can you tell me where they are made?

  • WHEN will Canadians be able to download the app? Will Disney ever answer that or keep ignoring us? Takes all of the fun out of it. 🙁

    • @Brynn – I’ve shared your comment with the Shop Disney Parks app team. At this time, there are no immediate plans for a Canadian version of the app. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you.

  • Where can I find dimensions for the Princess Keys tote?

    • @Tiffany – Here are the dimensions for Princess keys tote – H 10” x W 4.25” x L 11.75”

  • Is there somewhere where we’ll be able to see larger pictures of the patterns before they release?

    • @Jessica – Your best option for now would be to look for bags once they are released on the Disney Parks online store. They offer a zoom function for certain product images.

  • Are the large letter carriers actually larger than the current LC bags Dooney makes? Love the new patterns!

    • @Carolyn – We currently carry two sizes of lettercarriers from Dooney & Bourke. The Disney Cats silhouette is the smaller size which is the same size as our current Sketch lettercarrier. The Walt Disney World Toile, Sticker Collage, and Princess Keys styles are the larger size. They would be the same size as the Haunted Mansion wallpaper lettercarrier.

  • Steve,
    Could you possibly post the pricing on the collections stated above.
    Excellent new styles coming out!
    Will the App Release “Princess Key” and Disney CAT themed only be released on the Shop Dieny Parks app?

    • @Deric – Those designs will premiere on the Shop Disney Parks app. I don’t know of specific release plans for those two designs beyond the app.

  • I LOVE the Princess Keys & the Disney Cats. I must get them. 🙂

  • How much will the items in the cat collection cost?

    • @Allie – Here are retails prices for the Disney Cats collection. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.
      – Pouchette – $158
      – Lettercarrier – $178
      – Zip Zip Satchel – $268

  • Can you share the prices of these collections? Thanks!

    • @Nikki – Here are retails prices. Please note that all retails are subject to change without notice.
      – Lettercarrier – $198
      – Tote – $248
      – Hobo – $268
      – Wristlet – $98
      – Large Lettercarrier – $198
      – Tote – $248
      – Lettercarrier – $198
      – Tote – $248
      – Zip Zip Satchel – $268
      – Pouchette – $158
      – Lettercarrier – $178
      – Zip Zip Satchel – $268

  • I love your posts about new Dooney purses but it would be nice if we could zoom in on the photos or make them larger to see the details of the patterns better. Thanks.

    • @Jennifer – Select styles may be found on the Disney Parks online store at a future date. I know they offer a closer look at certain products.

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